6 Essential Skincare Tips

6 Essential Skincare Tips
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    Jan 29, 2020

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  • Fit skin is way more essential than just showing off your full-of-makeup appealing face. Acne, dark spots, suntan, pigmentation…however you name them; for me, it’s the same-disaster. They suddenly pop up out of nowhere and then all you can do is cry. Ugh. Sometimes, this disaster is inevitable but other times, it comes because of your own mistakes. You may be making some serious skincare blunders and not taking enough care of your precious skin. Believe me, your skin is all that matters. According to research, beautiful women tend to get more jobs than other average looking ones. Unfair, right? But that’s how the world goes, honey!

    Promise yourself today that from now on, you will treat the queen you are, just the perfect way. Buy genuine products online from Farosh.pk. Here are some basic skincare tips to get you started:

    Use toner: Washing your face too often can result in loss of natural oils, throwing your skin color’s balance out of whack. Excess use of face wash may also cause extra face grease and make you suffer from breakouts…and eventually, the great depression! So, now what? We can’t obviously roam around without using our face wash but what we can do is replace it with a better option. A toner! Get your hands on a good face toner which will balance your skin’s pH value and hence, make it just the way you want... neither too oily nor dry. Find the best toners at the new online shopping portal in Pakistan, Farosh.pk and rock!

    Make regular facial appointments: the biggest mistake we all make is waiting for our skin problems to start and then treat them. We forget the basic proverb we learned in our childhood- prevention is better than cure. What we should actually do is take care of our skin prior to the problems, so that they never happen. One thing that most women neglect is facials. No matter what you do, facials will always be necessary for your skin. Getting monthly facials can help in cleansing your pores and healing as well as prevent a lot of damage. Cut out from your bills and head to a parlor!

    Moisturize and stay hydrated: water is seriously the key to everything, be it your skin or your health. Make sure you drink eight glasses of water on a daily basis and stay hydrated throughout the day. Drinking maximum water helps to remove toxins from your body and result in radiant, glowing skin. Other than this, moisturizing is super important too. Not sure where to buy good moisturizers from? Buy genuine products online at farosh.pk and chill. A good, genuine moisturizer cleanses your skin and heals the dry patches, making your skin clear and wrinkle-free. All you need to do is grab one and use it at least twice a day. Follow this tip religiously and you’re on the go!

    Avoid sun: summer is just around the corner and the best way to make sure your skin stays healthy is to avoid the sun. In just a few days, we will again be exposed to the devilish sun rays. They are one of the greatest problems for our skin. Sunspots can make us go crazy in just a few seconds. Try your best to avoid the sun and if you can’t do that, take an umbrella and apply a handsome amount of sunscreen. Sunscreens help in blocking UV rays. The oxides present in them reflect back the rays and helps protect the skin. Don’t have time to stroll through skincare aisles looking for the best sunscreen? Shop online with Farosh.pk and enjoy free home delivery. Now the only problem left is that using it once a day won’t help. Apply it after every three hours when you’re exposed to sun and happily wave goodbye to sun spots and pigmentation.

    Sleep well: sleeping helps your skin a lot. Sounds stupid? Maybe! But it actually helps. Sleeping for good eight hours at night makes your skin appear fresher and neat. The only way to not look tired is to not be tired. It is a difficult thing obviously since everyone is always on the go nowadays, but there is definitely nothing more important than yourself.

    Home remedies: Home remedies and DIY skincare hacks are a life saver, to be honest. I know it’s easy said than done but these hacks really are beneficial. Apart from helping your skin, they are cost friendly, too. All you need is a few vegetables and fruit peels- just your kitchen, basically. Here is a list of few DIY skincare hacks that will get you on the go:

    • Aloe Vera gel: Aloe Vera is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. It helps in reducing acne marks and spots. Other than that, it protects and heals your skin by removing dead cells. Just not this, Aloe Vera also increases the elasticity of your skin and makes it more even and supple. It even helps tighten your skin…in a nutshell, aloe vera gel heals all of your skin problems and applying it on a daily basis is very effective.
    • Potatoes: This starchy crop is most people’s favorite. Almost everyone loves eating it but have you ever thought about applying it on your face? I bet, no. However, you should start thinking about applying it on your face... In fact, start applying it from today. It helps in clearing your skin as well as lightening your dark spots. Get ready for an even skin tone with nothing but your favorite veggie

    Final Word 

    These are, I guess, enough to give you an idea of what exactly you need to do. By the way, just don’t worry about all the time that would be wasted looking for skincare products in the market. Surf through Farosh.pk, the online shopping portal in Pakistan and shop online. Cheers to the carefree, glowing days ahead!  Farosh brings you well-picked skincare products that will give your a next level glow.