7 Cs of Customer Interface of your E-Commerce website

7 Cs of Customer Interface of your E-Commerce website
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    Apr 12, 2020

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  • You must have heard of the famous 7Cs of communication. So, when you are trading online, your e-commerce site is where you communicate with your buyers and other target audience. It is then this platform you need to communicate effectively with. Technically speaking, it is the customer interface that plays the role of a sales man in online shopping scenario. Just as a good sales person can potentially sell more than other ones, a good customer interface of your e-store can also lead to higher sales. To wrap up the basic elements of a good interface, we summarize them in 7Cs. 


    Context is about the layout and design of an e-commerce site. A good layout demands a proper breakdown into subcomponents and allows users to use filters. The structure is understandable and it is easy to navigate among the sections and pages. It is also about the aesthetic aspect of a site. The extent to which the look-and-feel is appreciated by the users determines the level of sales generated from it at the end of the day. 


    This particular C highlights the capability of the site to enable commercial transactions. 


    Connection means the degree to which a site is connected to other sites, like the connection to social media sites. 


    The features of a website that enable two-way communication i.e. between the user and site is referred to as the communication feature of the site. 


    The quality of content i.e. pictures, animation, text and descriptions also add in to the quality of an e-commerce site. The colors, graphics, pictures and font choices add in to the overall presentation of a site. 


    Just as the communication aspect is the ability of a site to enable user-to-site communication, the community feature is its ability to enable user-to-user communication. This happens to be one of the most authentic ways of quality check of the products available at an e-commerce site, and this is also why very few e-commerce sites allow spaces for user-to-user communication. 


    Customization on a site can be in any way. It can be its ability to tailor itself according to the users e.g. showing the products according to user preferences traced from their past uses. It can also be a feature that allows the users to customize the packages or deals on the site, like offering discounts on bundle shopping, where shoppers can create the bundles and see the promotional options available. 

    Final Word 

    Some general tips to optimize these 7 elements of an e-commerce site is to make sure that your site is quick and responsive, as a slow website can eventually bore the shopper and he or she may navigate away quickly. E-commerce demands speed and responsiveness.  The site should also be easy to use. If a user has to dig in to find the required options or pages, the visit might not turn into a sale. Once a website is ready to be launched, an outside opinion must always be taken to see how it looks to a general user. With that, we hope that your e-commerce site brings in the sales that you wanted it to.

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