An Online Shopping Portal Where Quality Exceeds Price

An Online Shopping Portal Where Quality Exceeds Price
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    Jan 03, 2020

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  • Online shopping is taking over the world with more than 60% customers using the e-commerce stores worldwide. There are many online shopping stores who are defying geographical boundaries and delivering products in different parts of the world. However, in Pakistan, the trend of online shopping has not gained much popularity due to a number of reasons. To begin with, the quality of products offered by e-commerce stores in Pakistan is very poor. There is no regulatory authority to regulate and monitor the prices of items sold by online stores and people often fell into this trap. Not to forget there is no concept of returns and refunds. All the stores claim to offer returns but none of them follow their policies.

    In such a scenario, it is difficult for a new company to enter the market where the trust of customers is already very weak. However, not all the fish in a pond are bad and the same holds true for Farosh – a new e-commerce store entering the market. Farosh is an online store based in Lahore and offering different items from vendors across Pakistan.


    Quality – A Top Priority

    At Farosh, there’s no compromise on quality. Only those vendors are registered who are offering top quality products at market competitive rates. The items are thoroughly inspected by Team Farosh for their quality and if a product does not meet the standard, it is not listed on the website.


    Checking Facility

    Normally, when a product is delivered to a customer, they are not allowed to open it before making the payment. The shipping staff is only entitled to hand over the parcel after taking the money and they leave afterward. However, Farosh is here to change the norms and set new trends for the rest to follow. One of the best qualities of Farosh is that a representative delivers the product to the customer and let the customers check the product before making the payment.


    Express Delivery

    Farosh offers express delivery service using which the ordered items are delivered quickly and safely. This service is managed exclusively by Farosh and there is no third party involved. Using this service, the customers can easily get their items delivered at their doorstep without worrying about any sort of damages.


    Making Online Shopping Easy

    Unlike other stores, all the policies of Farosh are clearly mentioned on their website. There is no ambiguity in their processes which makes it stand out from the rest. They are focused on implementing international practices within e-commerce industry in Pakistan so that the trust of the customers could be built.

    More than 12 categories 

    We hava more than 12 categories loaded with a set of unique and quality products. Like if you are looking for kitchen accessories, tech gadgets or home decor , Farosh is always there to fulfill your needs. 
    Final Word 

    With , it is clear that the perception of online shopping in Pakistan is about to change for all the right reasons. Brace yourself to experience international practices of online shopping in Pakistan where you, the customers, matter. Only time will tell how Farosh competes with other online stores but one thing is for sure, online shopping will never be the same again!