About to Get Married? Here is the Complete Shopping Guide for you!

About to Get Married? Here is the Complete Shopping Guide for you!
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    Feb 10, 2020

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  • The wedding season is going on in full swing and we know how hectic it is to shop when you are getting married. Whether it is your own wedding or any of your siblings, there is a complete list of your shopping goals that you need to get done with. As the weddings are getting more and more extravagant with each passing year, the shopping lists are also getting longer. Many a times, we even forget some of the essentials in all the hassles of wedding preps. So we thought to make it easier for you by compiling a list of what you need to shop for in case you are also getting hitched in this wedding season.


    The weddings are not just about the couple of functions pre and post the event. In Pakistan, we celebrate the weddings long after and for that you will need a handful of formal dresses to attend all these post wedding functions and feats. Make sure you are well supplied in case you have aunties in your family who expect you to be all loaded with heavy clothes and makeup for a few months after your wedding.


    Along with all the formals, do not forget to have a few semi-formals too, just to breathe a little in between those heavy dressing days. Semi-formal dresses are a great option as they make you look a little made up without making you uncomfortable like the fancy ones.


    Since you are getting married, and are most probably going to a new home, make sure you have the casual daily wear for all seasons and weathers. Do not just get the ones for the current weather, but for the coming season as well, so you will have something to wear in case the weather changes abruptly and suddenly. Buying new clothes and getting them stitched takes some time, so make sure you have a thing or two for the changing season as well. For a great variety of women’s casual clothing, visit the link given below.

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    Yes, you would definitely need new makeup if you are getting married. You need to be well equipped with this weapon to deal with the bombardment of all the family dinners and feats that you will be welcomed with right after your wedding. Of course you cannot run to the parlors and salons every other day so you will need a handful of makeup to give yourself a full glam look at home. To know what to buy to do a full-fledged makeup at home, read this blog. You can also shop at the link given below for high quality genuine makeup products.

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    Jewelry and Accessories

    Jewelry and accessories are also another essential, especially with all those heavy clothes that you usually wear after getting married. Get a range of accessories, from heavy pieces to the delicate lighter ones, to suit all kinds of occasions and dressing. Also, so not forget to add a few pieces of belts, wrist watches and sun shades. Check out the link given below for a beautiful range of jewels and accessories for women.

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    Who does not love bags? With the kind of varieties that are now available in markets, all of us girls want to buy as many bags as we possibly can. So when you are getting married, bags are another thing that you want to be a little extravagant on. Get a couple of clutches, a few semi-formal bags with chains. There should also be a casual bag too and a full-size bag for you to keep your accessories and essentials while traveling.


    It might look simple to shop for shoes on the face of it, but when you actually come to do it, you realize how difficult it is to find the right shoes for you. A footwear that is according to your requirements, looks nice, fits well and is comfortable as well is no less than a dream come true. Make sure you add in a blend of fancy and casual footwear, and that of heels and flats to complement all your occasions and looks.


    Not everyone can identify between good smell and bad smell, but trust us, this is one thing you should really invest in. A good scent is something that really adds in to your personality so make sure you make wise choices. Get advice from any of your friends who know about perfumes and make sure the perfume you wear is pleasant to others as well.

    Skin Care Accessories

    With the amount of makeup you will be required to apply on daily basis, you will need to pamper your skin a lot. For that, you must have a handful of high quality skincare product to keep your skin from damage of makeup. Do not forget a good cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, and of course a sun block. Invest in good quality night creams to let the skin repair overnight. Check the given link to get reliable skin care products.

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    Hair Care Accessories

    Along with your skin, your hair too need some pampering. While you may not get time for proper oiling and massaging in a few busy days after you get married, make sure you have the right hair care products to continue taking care of them before there is a damage that cannot be repaired. Moreover, keep the right kind of styling brushes, combs and hair accessories for your hair dos and daily hair styling.

    Final Word 

    Now that you have a list of what you need essentially, we hope you will enjoy a better shopping experience. With the new online shopping portal called farosh.pk, shopping is even easier now. Browse the website from the comfort of your home and get everything delivered to your doorstep without paying extra for the deliveries. Yes, this new online shopping portal offers free home deliveries and delivers only the genuine and authentic products. Here’s wishing you a great shopping experience and a fantastic life ahead!