All the makeup and beauty essentials you will need this summer

All the makeup and beauty essentials you will need this summer
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    Jul 12, 2019

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  • With the heat wave hitting us real bad lately, we have wanted nothing but a long vacation to the northern areas where it’s comparatively cooler. Or, a swimming pool would work too! Imagine spending the whole day, carelessly lying around in a swimming pool… wake up! That’s not happening. 

    No matter how much you hate going out in summers, you have to wake up and head out to work every day. You have to wear a dress. You have to do your hair and you have to wear makeup and look good and decent. Too many haves, right? Well, don’t worry! We have just the right beauty and makeup essentials to make you feel hydrated and cool all day long.

    Beauty Essentials

    You usually tend to forget how exciting summer is once you have to step out of your air-conditioned house and experience sweat, dry and unevenly tanned skin, frizzy hair and even skin irritation. And while some elements are ever ready to wreak havoc on your skin and hair during the baking months, there are also beauty products that can save your life. Here is a list of beauty essentials that you can obsessively use if you’re looking forward to having a hassle-free summer. 

    1. A refreshing shower gel: After spending eight to ten hours in the blazing heat, your skin needs a bit of relaxation and cleansing. All the sweat and heat that you suffer from, all day long- makes your skin quite dehydrated. With a refreshing body wash, you’ll get the scrubbing you need while leaving your skin super soft, moisturized and refreshed. Whenever you are picking a shower gel or body wash, make sure to buy the one that will fuel the senses, give you a fantastic bathing experience and leave you with a stimulating feeling. Don’t know what to grab? Open and find your favorite shower gel right from your comfy bed. 
    2. A revitalizing face mist: Skipping sunscreen should not be in your dictionary; not only for summers but for all year round. It’s a no-brainer! However, just a mere sunscreen can’t be your ‘be all and end all’. There has to be more to your beauty routine than just a sunscreen. Save that glow, girl! Start using a face mist after your sunblock application to get a dewy look all day long. A revitalizing face mist not only gives you hydrated skin but also plump it. Moreover, it helps in faster absorption of nutrients from your sunscreen and other beauty products you are using. Definitely a yay, right?
    3. A versatile body scrub: There is no doubt in the fact that summers are pretty intense. Not just that, they’re quite harsh for your skin.  Your skin becomes flaky, dry and badly sunburnt. It’s almost like you name a problem, and it’s there. If you want to get rid of all these problems, you need to buy yourself a multitasking scrub as soon as possible. It will help you get your silky smooth skin back by removing all the dead cells and flakiness. Choose a multipurpose body scrub that won’t only unveil your clear skin, but also helps in nourishing it. If you’re thinking about not buying it just because of the fear of getting attacked by the sun, here’s a solution. Start online shopping! Check out the best online beauty products at and enjoy. 
    4. A lip balm: Lip balms are much underrated. Not a lot of people give importance to it but then hello, not a lot of people have smooth, shiny lips either. A lip balm is something that you should carry in your bag 24/7. Chapped lips are very unsatisfying and believe me; nobody wants to see your dry flakey lips! Other than looking bad, they can be a great pain for you as well- they can cause inconvenience and discomfort. Even worse, dry lips also affect the result of your lipstick. You can’t put so much at stake just because you are lazy and don’t feel like putting on a lip balm. Hence, do yourself a favor and add a good, moisturizing lip balm in your vanity right away!
    5. The much-needed shield- a sunscreen: A good summer essentials’ list can NOT have a sunscreen in it. It’s like a ray of light in an unlit room. As mentioned previously, sunscreen is a no-brainer! You have to use it no matter what. You can’t let your skin go out unguarded. The sun will take away its glow and happiness in no time. Applying sunscreen in summers is as important as brushing your teeth every morning. You can’t step out of your house without it. Since your face, body and hair all need different types of sunscreens, it’s almost impossible to keep all of them in your bag all the time. What you can rather do is get your hands on a multitasking sunscreen that comes with additional benefits and carry it all day long. Believe it or not, but you’re doing your skin a huge favor if you apply sunscreen religiously! 

    With the extensive range of beauty essentials to choose from, packing your summer bag can be quite a challenge. Hopefully, this short list will come in handy this season. Keep reading if you’re looking for some makeup essentials too.

    • Makeup essentials: Most of the Pakistanis are not really fans of the summer season, especially the girls who love wearing makeup. Of course, who wants to spend two hours doing makeup just for it to melt away in the sun? The heat usually leads to makeup mishaps. With the humidity combined with crowded, sweaty commutes, it becomes almost impossible to look good during summers. Not to fret though, we’ve got you covered! Here is a list of few makeup essentials that will help you fight the heat stroke. 
    1. Primer: After decades, most of us have now finally accepted what makeup artists have been telling us all this time: priming your face makes everything else look better. In summers, your skin is usually on the greasier side and therefore, using mattifying primers is the best solution. Make sure you buy a primer that works as a moisturizer too since layering isn’t something you want in summers. Your skin keeps shouting
      “less is more”. So, try to find something with multi purposes. Not sure where you can find it? Head over to 
    2. Your base- foundation, concealer, setting powder: as mentioned above, you don’t want layer thing on during the warm days. Therefore, instead of buying a foundation, concealer and setting powder separately for your skin, go for an all-in-one powder foundation. It will help you cover your flaws along with keeping the oil in your skin at bay. If you want to look natural, make sure you buy it in the right shade. Wearing a wrong shade foundation is a sin in the beauty industry. 
    3. Blush: Who doesn’t like a nice tint on the cheeks? I bet no one. Women have been using and loving blush-ons from centuries now and the love is only growing more and more every passing day. If you are also a blush fan like most of the other girls, you need to get your hands on basic liquid tints this summer. They are super easy to use and give your face a perfect flushed look that you can rock both at night as well as during the sweltering daylight.  All you have to do is dab a little on your freshly moisturized cheeks and blend with your fingertips. Your pores absorb the pigment leaving you with beautiful, tinted cheeks. 
    4. Eyeliner and mascara: They say if a girl with winged eyeliner is late a party, never ask her the reason for showing up late. Eyeliner application can be a huge mess sometimes but if you apply it perfectly, there’s nothing more beautiful than that. Grab waterproof marker eyeliner this summer along with waterproof mascara and make sure your cat eye isn’t locked up in hibernation until winters. Using waterproof eyeliner and mascara during summers is the key to your happiness. You surely don’t want the sweat to wash away either of these things so make sure you get your hands on good quality products. Buy makeup products online from and unveil the diva in you! Make online shopping your habit and you’ll never run out of things. 
    5. Lipstick: Let’s go a bit over the board this summer! Throw away all those nude shades of lipsticks you have been using lately. It’s time for the corals and reds. Summer is the season of bright colors. Choose a bright color of lipstick for yourself and rock it without any worries this season. Along with nudes, say good-bye to glossy lipsticks as well. Mattes are the new cheese of the day. Wearing a matte red lip color makes you feel unstoppable and powerful. Don’t believe it? Try it out yourself! 

    Even though playing around with makeup is super fun and makes you look gorgeous on the outside, you shouldn’t make it your complex. Yes, do your makeup and look pretty but only when you feel like doing so. Don’t think that you NEED to do anything just because of the unrealistic beauty standards set by the beauty industry. With or without makeup, you’re beautiful in your own way! Now hurry up and start getting your favorite beauty products for this summer! 

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    Final Verdict 

    If you’re worried about where and how to find all these things in such blazing heat, go and check out It’s a one-stop station. You can find everything there from your favorite beauty products to makeup to jewelry. Shop online and save your precious skin from the heat!