Answer to All Your Makeup Worries and Queries [PART 1]

Answer to All Your Makeup Worries and Queries [PART 1]
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    Jan 25, 2020

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  • Aren’t we all worried about what to get in the makeup and what not? Which product serves what purpose and how exactly to use it? Going to a makeup store is a challenge in itself. It is an entire new world inside that spins your head and you come across a lot of products that you have never used before. Same happens when you watch all those makeup tutorials and beauty hacks on YouTube. These bloggers go on adding layers after layers on their faces without considering our cursory knowledge and our poor limited budgets (Sob Sob! Let me get my tissues first). 

    So, before you go crazy trying to figure out what do you actually need to buy and what can be skipped, we thought to come up with a complete guide for you to know all these details. So, get ready to get all your queries answered and knowing finally, once and for all, that how you can get those Instagram worthy makeups, yet keeping it in budget. We have also backed up this research with a few hacks, tips and advices for you to achieve a flawless skin and makeup look. Please know that looking good does not at all require you to go bankrupt. You of course cannot get everything available over the counter, plus there are so many options available that it gets confusing what to get and what not to. This piece of advice is going to answer that and much more. 


    Taking Care of your Skin First

    Understand that the first and foremost important thing is to take care of your skin in order to look good in makeup.  No matter how much you invest on your makeup products, and how fine your skills are, if your skin is not good enough, you will never be able to achieve that flawless look that those of tutorials. Every flaw of your skin doubles when you apply makeup and somehow becomes more prominent. Dry patches, uneven skin tones, dark circles and large open pores are some of the biggest enemies of your makeup. Make sure you take up all necessary measures to avoid these flaws in your skin. Here are some tips for you to keep your skin healthy, glowing and perfect for the application of makeup:

    • Hydrate yourself

    Water is your skin’s best friend. The more you take it, the better it is for your skin. Skin reflects your overall health and to have a better skin, you must keep yourself healthy. Water is not just good for your skin but for your overall health as well. It balances the pH levels and helps the body get rid of the toxic agents that harm your health, and ultimately your skin. So, make sure you take in at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. 

    • Cleanse, tone and moisturize

    CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing) routine should be followed ritually. Do this at least once or twice daily. This helps your skin get rid of all the dirt and dust that lands on your skin on daily basis. People who do not cleanse and tone properly tend to have more skin problems, like open pores. When the dirt keeps settling into your skin and you do not cleanse your skin, the pores on your face become enlarged and the accumulation of dust leads to breakouts and acne as well. Similarly, moisturization is just as important for your skin as water is for your body. Make sure you apply a generous amount of a high-quality moisturizer every time you wash your face. 

    • Sun Block is a must!

    Yes, sun block is a skin care step that you simply cannot take for granted. Keep yourself safe from those harmful ultraviolet radiations by protecting it with a sun shield, which is provided by these sun blocks. The problems like hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tones all occur because we do not understand the importance of sun blocks. Start using it on regular basis and you will soon start noticing how your skin changes. 

    • Sleep well

    Like the rest of your body, your skin too needs rest. Give it the right amount of rest to make it function well. The skin cells degenerate and regenerate while you sleep, so make sure you give it the ample time to do so. Sleep long enough and sleep at the right time to have the healthier fresher looking skin the next morning. People we stay awake till late hours of the night and do not sleep well tend to get ageing signs on their skins in earlier years of life. discoloration, wrinkles, breakouts all can be triggered if you do not sleep well. Make sure you do not do that to your skin. 

    • Eat well

    Do not assume it is any less important if it is coming at the end. This is one of the most basic things you need to ensure for a healthier, glowing skin. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthier skin. Include green leafy vegetables in your diet. Skip all those junk and fast foods and of course the carbonated drinks because they are so harmful that they can just overcome the u good effects of your other skin rituals. No matter how much you take care of your skin and how many home remedies you use, if you do not eat well, all your efforts will be of no use. 

    The skin care remedies and tips are never ending, but these are some of the most basic things you need to be careful about. Once you are used to of these, your skin is then ready for the makeup. Then is the time to start thinking about and planning your makeup essentials and learning those diva-like flicks and tricks. We all know hoe difficult it is to shop for makeup. I always get confused when I go for my cosmetic shopping, so I always go with my homework done. This helps you identify what to get and saves a lot of time and money. So, while you do your research for your next makeup haul, following is a quick guide for you to make your decisions somewhat easier this time. 


    The Basic Makeup Products You Need

    The basic products that you have got to have with you for your routine makeup and that almost all of us always have in our makeup drawers, include:

    • Foundation

    Foundations come in some much variety that this one product alone is enough to make your head spin. You are lucky if you can answer the question that inquires your favorite foundation, because despite years and years of using and buying makeup, I am still trying my hands on different forms and brands of foundations. There are liquid foundations, cream foundations, mousse foundations and the famous tv/camera sticks. It depends on your skin type and texture which foundation would suit you best. Those who have an oily skin should avoid using liquid foundations and should try sticks instead. Similarly, those with dry skin should not be using sticks and go for the liquid foundations. Those with the combination skin have an edge to try their hands on various different products. Mousse and cream foundations usually work best on such skins, but that cannot be said with 100 percent confidence, because this skin type is so dynamic that you never know what would suit it. This skin texture usually varies from season to season and it is recommended to these people to keep a couple of options in their stock to switch from situation to situation. 

    Once you have successfully identified your skin type and are ready to buy a foundation, make sure you try it on your face before buying it. A major mistake we all do is trying the foundation on our wrists. Never do that! Not only is your skin of different shade on your wrists, but is different texture as well. You can never identify by applying it on your wrist how it would work on the skin of your face. So, when you buy your foundation this time, try it on your face and get the right shade and type. 

    • Setting powder 

    I love setting powders. Make makeup professionals do not recommend it because your skin tends to get dried when you use setting powders. I still use these because they are just too good to be skipped. All your makeup flaws and mistakes can be conveniently covered up with this miraculous product.

    • Liner

    Who does not like a liner? This one product can completely transform your entire look. Keep it bold or keep it natural, it enhances your look in every way. Start with a marker liner if you are not a pro at it and then gradually move on to the gel and liquid liners to achieve the flawless line over your lashes. 

    • Mascara

    Mascara is a product that is like garnishing on your food. Of course, you can have your food without garnishing too, but the right presentation changes the complete feel of your food. Similarly, mascara may not feel essential but a single coat adds so much of glamour into your look that you would not want to miss it once you have seen and felt the difference. Girls that go to college of office daily can use this and see how fresher it makes you look. 

    • Lipstick

    What is makeup without lipsticks anyway? A sharp bold color or a natural nude one, lipsticks make you stand out either way. 

    • Eye Shades

    Eye shades are something that you may not need on daily basis, but you have still got to have a few basic shades for the special occasions. Keep a few of them in your stock for these events where you want to change your look slightly from the routine. 

    • Eye Pencils

    Eye pencils are the magic wands, literally. Get the black and white ones for your inner lash line and the colored ones to be used on your eyelids to match your outfits. The pop of color on your eyelids lifts up your look and makes you look fresher and more geared up for the day. 

    For more details on the further advanced products that you need to invest in, and the products that you can probably skip, please read on to part 2 of the blogs. 

    Final Word 

    The Farosh's category of beauty and health will optimally fit into your needs. You will find a lot of quality products that you will ultimately love.