Best Exercises to lose weight in 30 Days

Best Exercises to lose weight in 30 Days
  • Maintaining health and fitness is important in order to achieve a strong body and mind. Many of us want to lose weight but hardly put in any effort to achieve the actual goal.

     We tend to procrastinate even though gyms are now available at every nook on the corner. We still manage to make excuses and skip on a chance to achieve a healthy body.Physical fitness not only boosts your body’s health but provides you with a happy and refreshed mind.

    Exercising can be fun and it is possible to lose weight in no less than 30 days. No, this isn’t an exaggeration, and to prove my point let me write down some workouts to lose weight.

    Go Slow and Cardio it up

    If you are new to the fitness world then you might want to start up your routine with light exercises. The easiest way to lose all that extra fat is jogging, cycling, and power walking.

    Since you are a beginner you don’t need to start with high-intensity exercises. You can start slowly and gradually increase the force of the workouts. All these activities can be easily done in your own yard or in a park nearby your home. You don’t need to join a fitness center to fulfill these workouts.

    Aerobics is another light exercise that can help you lose weight in less time with desired results.

    Jump High with Ropes and Hopes

    Back in our childhood, jumping rope used to be the favorite kind of activity on which we would spend hours during school recess.

    Friends would take turns and we would challenge each other with the highest number of jumps made.On sports day, it was the only sport I used to participate in and look forward to. Now that you are in adulthood, allow your inner child to come out once again to jump the rope high numerous times while screaming with joy as the dream of losing the chubbiness on your tummy becomes a reality. 

    It is the best workout program because it improves coordination and cognitive function. It also elevates your heart rate resulting in you burning at least 1300 calories in an hour. If you do it every day religiously you can achieve your goal in less than 30 days.

    Burp those Calories Away

    If you are a health and fitness freak, then you must be familiar with Burpees and how it works wonders to trim all those curves on your body. It is a full-body workout that combines squats, jumps, and push-ups.

    This workout causes effects mainly on muscle groups like the chest, legs, and core. It is an intense way of burning calories and is only advisable if you are well-trained in High-intensity Cardio.

    HIT (High Intense Training) like there is No Tomorrow

    This is an ideal way of burning all that extra fat around your body. It makes your body shed extra pounds by elevating your heart rate with a minimum interval of 15 seconds.

    The biggest advantage of this exercise is that you don’t require to bound yourself to an hour-long session. You can easily add this to your busy routine as you can plan this as a 30-minute workout routine.

    You can add movements like butt kicks, jumping lunges, burpees, and mountain climbers to increase the intensity of the workout. You can design the set by assigning 45 seconds to each movement with a minimum interval of 15 seconds. This is one of the most flexible workouts to lose weight quickly with end results shown in less than a week.

    Swim the Fat Away

    Swimming is one of the easiest ways to maintain physical fitness. First of all, it is not boring like working out mind-numbingly on machines like a zombie in a dead environment of a gym.  

    The best part about swimming is that it is a full-body workout that not only encourages you to use all your muscles but refreshes your mind from stress and anxiety.

    • It makes our body strong by strengthening our muscles and a healthy heart.
    • Needless to say, it allows you to maintain a healthy weight and your lungs stronger.

    Dance to Shed those Extra Pounds

    If you are a Bollywood buff like me, then there is no way of stopping your body from grooving to the beats of popular upbeat party numbers.

    Not everyone likes to spend time weight lifting in a boring fitness center for hours or jogging lightly around nature. Some of us like to swing our hips dramatically from left to right when our favorite tune comes up on our playlist. The idea is to make your muscles move non-stop while you are having a blast as you shake your hips like Shakira on your favorite song.

    To make it more interesting, you can start hosting dance parties every Sunday at your place. Invite your friends to join in this madness and let them also avail themselves of the chance to lose weight while having fun like there is no tomorrow.

    Trust me, this will be the best workout program that you have ever participated in.

    Superman Plank is a Lifesaver

    No, you don’t need to learn to fly like a superhero to lose weight. Planks are your best friend when it comes to reducing calories in less time and maintaining a healthy body posture.

    Three sets up to 60 seconds are enough to strengthen your back, chest, neck, and abs. It makes your shoulders and lowers back stay in a neutral position while sitting and standing. Superman plank is one of the most popular variations of a standard plank. It improves your hand and leg coordination. It encourages the improvement of your stability and motor control.

    Crunch your Muscles 

    The easiest workout has to be the crunches. If you want to get rid of a bulging tummy, then this is an ideal exercise. 

    It works heavily on your abdominal muscles and allows you to lose extra kilos gathered around your stomach. It is easier than sit-ups.

    In sit-ups, you have a chance of hurting your back if your posture isn't correct, while doing the crunches the chances are less for such mishaps to happen.

    As they say, Health is Wealth

    There are numerous benefits of exercising. You need to decide which workout suits your body type and stamina best. Let it be Aerobics, Cardio, or Burpees, what matters is you reduce weight in a healthy manner.

    You must have heard a lot of times from your elders that “Health is Wealth” and there is no lie in that statement as maintaining good health and fitness allows you to improve your mental health, reduces the risk of diseases, and strengthens your muscles.

    Exercising actually improves your ability to perform your daily chores without any interruption. It boosts your metabolism which makes your digestion better. A survey suggested online when you exercise in the evening the quality of sleep gets better.


    Every one of us wants to look good. Having a fit and lean body definitely gives you a boost of confidence that leads you to high self-esteem.

    Try to incorporate a 30-min workout into your routine to boost good skin health and a healthy weight.

    There you go, follow these best exercises and enjoy the transformations.

    Phew! Who can say I wrote this while eating a bar of chocolate? Anyways, Chao!