Best Protein shakes in Pakistan

Best Protein shakes in Pakistan
  • Are you struggling to gain weight? Or want to build muscles but have been unsuccessful so far, even though you exercise hard? Many people spend hours at the gym trying to build up a bulkier body but are left with disappointing results. To be honest, it could be soul-crushing too if you don’t get your desired results after months of dedicated workouts. So, where did you go wrong? The right answer to this question is the lack of proteins in your diet. Protein is the key to success that you need to gain muscles and body tissues.

    Sometimes people avoid protein due to taste preferences or for health risks it may cause. But if you are trying to put on weight then protein is a must-add as lack of it makes your body unable to repair and gain muscles. However, Protein shakes are an ideal way to consume an appropriate amount of protein daily. The much-needed substance is found in the following forms,


    •   Whey

    •   Casein

    •   Soy

    •   Egg


    Whey protein powder is one of the most popular types as it provides faster results and is used after intense workouts. Whereas Casein is slower compared to the former type and is advised to be consumed before bedtime. Soy is an ideal option for vegan lovers and Egg one is a perfect choice for bodybuilders as it is animal-based. A protein shake bottle has a shelf life of 2 years and comes in different kinds of yummy flavors. To those who are wondering how all the best protein shakes available on the market work, here is a quick answer before I share the top 5 protein drinks with you today.

    As mentioned earlier, Protein helps in building muscles as it consists of Amino Acids. These acids play a primary role in muscle growth. When you work out, it causes your small muscle fiber to be torn, and Amino Acids repair them. The repairing process is what makes your muscles stronger and better. The constant repairing process due to Amino acids present in the Protein shakes makes it an essential part of your daily life. However, adding exercise to your routine is mandatory if you want desired results. You can choose the best protein powder from Reflex Nutrition but it won’t produce the desired result if you won’t exercise regularly.

    Without wasting much of your time let’s have a closer look at some of the best protein shakes that you can consume to build muscles and have a healthier body.


    Slim Fast Advanced Energy Caramel Latte Shake

    Slim Fast was released in 1977 as a category of meal replacement shakes. The company later released a range of snacks and products, especially for people who are diabetic and people who are followers of the keto diet. The Caramel Latte protein shake is one of the best in the market currently as it features 20 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. The best part about this protein drink is that it also contains a decent amount of caffeine, which means it can be an ideal morning beverage for coffee lovers. Out of all the protein shakes available on the market, the Slim Fast Advance Energy Drink has 2 grams of carbs which makes it a perfect choice for a low-carb lifestyle. It is also efficient for weight loss.


    MET-Rx RTD 51 Vanilla Shake

    This pick has to be named a powerhouse of protein shakes as it is filled up with 51 grams of protein that helps support stronger and bulkier muscles. Along with Amino Acids and required vitamins plus minerals, the low-fat creamy vanilla protein shake contains the minimum amount of sugar. The high-quality proteins used in the product strengthen your muscles. It is advised to consume one protein shake bottle immediately after the intense workout to gain your target. It is ideal for bodybuilders or for those individuals who want to increase muscle mass. Not sure if this one is better than UK-based Applied Nutrition protein drinks but it delivers what it advertises.


    OWYN Chocolate Shake

    OWYN targets the set of audience that prefers soy-based protein shakes compared to those that like animal-based ones. Vegan lovers can rejoice as they can enjoy the delicious and healthy drink without worrying about where to find a vegan-friendly drink that boosts healthy metabolism and produces lean muscles. The dark chocolate flavor protein shake is not only suitable for vegan lovers but also for those who are sensitive to dairy products. OWYN also offers practical and the best protein powder on the market.


    Labrada Lean Body Shake

    If you are struggling to gain a lean body, then you need to add this protein shake into your daily routine. The yummy vanilla-flavored drink is an ideal pick as it contains no sugar and is gluten-free. It supports nutrients that are mandatory for gaining lean muscles along with the buttery and yummy taste that hits the right spot every time you have a sip. It keeps your tummy fuller and satisfies your hunger which will discourage you to visit fast food drive-thrus often. It is much more convenient as it is ready to drink and saves you from the hassle of making a shake from scratch by using whey protein powder from various nutrition brands such as Reflex Nutrition. It is available in numerous delicious flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel, and many more.


    Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Shake

    Last but not the least, Optimum nutrition is made for those who want to consume a high-protein drink with low fats and no sugar at all. Along with appealing taste and no artificial colors added, it makes a good addition to your balanced diet and promotes healthy living for you which is a mandatory requirement in protein shakes to generate a preferable verdict. A perfect choice for those who are allergic to dairy, this protein shake provides excess required carbohydrates and fats. However, it is advised to use the protein shake bottle within 3 days.


    The Conclusion

    These were some of the most popular and best protein shakes on the market, that you can easily rely on for better results. No matter how many jars you have purchased of whey protein powder or consume protein drinks in a month, you can only achieve your goal if you follow the guidelines properly, which means adding an intense workout along with the intake of the protein drink.

    Choosing an expensive bottle of protein powder from costly brands such as Applied Nutrition and Reflex Nutrition won’t help you meet your target and a protein shake bottle on its own also cannot help you to build stronger muscles. For a more satisfactory result, you need to add a natural source of protein to your diet. From red meat to poultry to Fish, it is quite important to add these essentials to your nutrition if you want to attain what you desire.

     A quick tip, it is ideal if you drink only 1 or 2 bottles of protein shakes per day as it may cause you bloating, indigestion and constipation. Nonetheless, in one way or another make sure your protein intake is sufficient enough for you to have a healthier mind and lifestyle.