Brace yourself; the season of sweet tooth and sweet treat is here!

Brace yourself; the season of sweet tooth and sweet treat is here!
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    Apr 03, 2020

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  • Do you ever wonder what the world would be like if certain things weren’t there? Imagine if you will; a world without mangoes! How sad would that be? Mangoes are like a reward for being good the entire year, for working and surviving in summers just like online shopping platforms in Pakistan; both of these blessings come hand in hand. Life without either of them (God forbid) would feel incomplete, unrewarding and in short unfulfilled! This sounds a bit too extreme but LET’S celebrate mango appreciation day! Here is how you are going to execute this plan like a PRO!

    Mango; sweet little treat or angel from heaven landing into your kitchen with your mother having a knife in her hand, sounds familiar? You are returning back from school/college, frustrated and exhausted feeling stinky because of the heat hoping to see air conditioner turned on landing into the dining room when you see your father holding a plastic bag with a bunch of yellow little angels, doesn’t that bring a wide smile on your face? Suddenly you hear a squawking yet comforting noise ordering you to change your clothes and get fresh before lunch could be served, now you are hoping to see some of those yellow angels on the table as well so you rush into your room and come back quickly as possible to finally have the treat you were waiting for all year long! 

    Love comes in all shapes and sizes, living in Pakistan have its perks; Pakistanis tend to celebrate and appreciate every little blessing. The divine manifestation of this could be witnessed at our schools. Remember having a mango day when you were little; the talent and creativity were inspiring how the teachers and students used to team up in order to create sweet delights! Mangoes could be seen in many shapes and sizes as well, some were cut into zigzag shapes, some in cubes some on a stick and some in a cream fruit cup. The nostalgia is real, and even if you missed out on this magical day then no need to worry; we are here to make it up to you!

    Tips to organize/arrange a killer yet intriguing mango party and impress all your friends! For starters what you need is to be efficient, effective and organized. Secondly and MOST important you need a good internet connection and online shopping platform in Pakistan. Farosh is one of the greatest online shopping platforms in Pakistan which is an answer to all your prayers. It is like Aladdin’s genie in a magic lamp; ready to make all your dreams come true with a little twist and modification because this genie makes unlimited wishes come true, NOT three! All you have to do is rub your lamp and click on and start the preparations! Now take a deep breath and continue reading this if you want to know the answer to all your prayer!

    Things that humans have invented way sooner; the list is too long, however, Farosh offers lifesaving deals which are time efficient and will make you famous among your friends! The BEST thing about this season is mango shake. Who doesn’t love them? So what you need is a brand new stainless, anti-splash control, double action, and heat resistant, Multi Functioning Blender; this marvel would serve for many more purposes but mainly to make amazing freshening mango shake! Little drops of love from heaven! It also has some cool different features and could also be hanged on your wall which would save you a lot of space, apart from a milkshake you can also make mango puree from and serve them in little bowls with a cherry on top with a little spoon on the side.

    Second best friend will be this amazing yet cool Cookie Cutter Kit; having a verity of shapes which you can also use to cut the mango in different cute little shapes just for fun! However, cutting slices for bunch of people could be really time consuming and boring so sharp razor, rubber grip protection; Perfect Fruit Slicer is here for your rescue; so you can have perfectly, equally shaped slices of mangoes in bulk which would save you A LOT of time and energy rather than cutting manually; you can save this handy little device for other fruits too, it not disposable!

    While keeping the scientific theory that we studied in grade six about solid, liquid and gasses in mind and heart let’s not forget gas! Farosh got it all covered! Conquering the solid and liquid department moving towards gas is not easy but not impossible either, ICE release gas and guess what? Easy to use; Manual Gola Cutter; ice crusher is the reason to be alive! This divine goddess will perfectly crush your ice and help you in order to make amazing Gola’s at home with mango flavor that you can serve in cute little cups with straw and spoons. Beat the heat INDEED! Let’s not forget it is super-hot outdoors and the guest would love if you would serve them Ice Popsicle from the leftover mango puree. FLAUNT away with our super cool tricks! However if you feel tired already then there is no shame in asking for your help; ask your friends to help you out and make it a one-dish themed party, instead of dishes you would be enjoying mangoes, in this way you could increase the items in your menu because NOW your friends are also there for your rescue; just like Farosh!

    Invite as many friends as you want because now you can assign any of them to cut the mango into tiny little pieces with some cherry’s and other sweet delights and stick them all into little wooden skewers and in this way you can have mango on a stick. Is it this futuristic? BON APPETIT! Another great trick could be using your durable, stainless steel Ice Cream Scoop for making small balls mangoes and serving them on top of EVERYTHING! Whether it is Gola’s or puree or you can just serve them in a nice little bowl! Wouldn’t that make you fall in love with summers all over again? 

    Lastly but MOST importantly do remember to take care of your delicate hands, wear gloves and keep them moisturized and use a Miracle Peeler! After pulling off and organizing this amazing party who wouldn’t be captivated by your skill? Once you are done with all these purchases you can keep them aside for next summers or even can use them for other purposes, this isn’t one-time use items this FUTURE INVESTMENT! This shows how smart and efficient you are, these are lifesaving hacks! Don’t you agree with these guys? 

    After flaunting your skill and showing people what you are capable of; to put a cherry on top you can give away nice little baskets filled with mangoes decorated with cute little ribbons and cards to show you gratitude and make your party worth remembering! Decorate it all you want; then see your showering you with love and appreciation all year long! We love to share our guilty pleasures. 

    Decorate all the way! Decorate your tables, your house in a creative manner with a yellow theme. As promised; this is how you can celebrate mango appreciation day like a pro that you are! Set up some tables and chairs in your lawn or in your backyard so you can enjoy mangoes in fresh air! You can also use bean bags which are super comfortable and fun to sit on which will make your day even brighter. Furthermore, you can use little daisies, tulips and even leaves to create a nice aroma all around the house. 

    Final Stance 

    Sharing shows caring; as we do, we shared our secret with you, now it is your responsibility to share our secrets with your friends and family and make a tradition out of this. Let’s not forget the orphanage and old homes and drop a couple of mango baskets for them as well, make this summer about caring in order to create a better world for all of us! Spread smiles and happiness! With; one of the greatest and efficient online shopping platform in Pakistan in your pocket for your rescue nothing is impossible! Order up anything you want whether it is kitchen accessories, car accessories, beauty products or even electronics! We have it all covered for you! Gateway to convenience!