Essential Skin and Hair Care Tips for this summer

Essential Skin and Hair Care Tips for this summer
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    Feb 13, 2020

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  • It is March already and summer is just around the corner here in Pakistan. In a few cities, there is cold weather whereas in some cities the summer has already started to make people sweat. The extreme scorching heat of summer in Pakistan is no joke at all, it dehydrates your body, makes your skin look dull, damages your hairs and kills your energy level every day. Everyone wishes to stay back at their homes and lay down on their beds with blasting AC on, but no, life goes on and we all have to deal with the natural hot sauna no matter what. Fortunately, there are a few things that can help you in taking care of your skin as well as your hairs in this sweltering heat, making sure you remain comfortable and fresh.

    Sunblock – Blocking Blistering Sunlight

    There are plenty of people who have never used any skin protection cream or lotion. But ideally, all those areas of your body that are exposed directly to the sunlight must be well protected with a sunblock. At least cover your hands, face and neck, as the skin of these parts are more sensitive as compared to other parts, and they are more prone to wrinkling with long-term sun exposure and damage, resulting in you aging faster! It is recommended to use high-quality Sun Protection Factor (SPF) creams. It is researched that SPF 15 can block 93% of ultraviolet rays, whereas SPF 30 can block 97% and SPF 50 can block 98% of unwanted heat radiation from your body. Treat your skin smoothly and enjoy the summers with no damage to your skin.

    Keep Yourself Hydrated

    Consume liquids as much as you can. We never realize that the heat actually pulls out the moisture from our body, leaving us irritated and dehydrated. It is important to keep water with you while you travel, grab some fresh coconut water whenever it is possible, try to consume fresh juices, lemonades and sweet-savory yogurt drinks (lassi) to keep yourself hydrated and skin glowing every time. Avoid high consumption of tea, coffee and caffeine. Kindly avoid sugary beverages too, you don’t want to obese this summer right?

    Don’t Attack on Food – Eat Light

    By consuming a lot of highly spiced, fried, oily and rich creamy foods, you are welcoming lethargic feeling for yourself in hot weather. Your immune system needs to get cooled down in scorching days therefore by eating heavy meals in summer you are simply putting yourself into hard times with extra exhaustion. It is recommended to consume light foods like vegetables, low-calorie meals and a lot of fruits to keep yourself hydrated. Prepare food at home and make sure you have salads, yogurts and seasonal fruit juices with you when you are having your lunch or dinner.

    Say Hi to Thin Cotton Cloths

    Wearing breathable material in summers is too important. Avoid wearing synthetics as they might cause rashes and itchiness on your skin, it happens due to sweating which the synthetics cannot absorb, resulting in irritation and discomfort. It is recommended to wear light layers such as cotton or lawn clothing’s as this light wears not only dries quickly but also allow the air to pass drying off your sweat swiftly. Don’t wear tight clothes as you might feel suffocated with them, instead, wear loose and covered dresses. You can find stylish and trendy clothes that are light to wear and gives you a complete fashionable look in Men’s Fashion and Women’s Fashion category at

    Wear Hats and Sunglasses

    Majority of the people living in Pakistan have dark hairs, and dark hairs soak up all the heat. We might have observed that whenever we are outside in the sun, upon touching our heads, we found it boiling hot. This is definitely not good for your hairs at all, as with this extreme hotness at your head you will get a severe headache and sometimes sunstroke too. From the past few years, Pakistan is already going through an extreme heatwave, resulting in deaths of many innocent peoples. To avoid your head becoming hot, make sure to wear a hat or a cap to shield yourself from blazing sunlight, along with adding a unique style to your looks. Prevent corneal flash burn by wearing sunglasses whenever you go outside, you will not only protect your eyes from burn but also get a glassy fashionable look for yourself. Remember to get a branded pair of glasses that has ultraviolet protection on the lens.

    Use Hair Serum

    One of the worst hair nightmare a girl can have is frizzy hairs. With extensive heat, your hairs become frizz and look like some bomb exploded on your head. To avoid annoying hair flyaway with weird hair volume caused by humidity, get some light weighted hair serums to sooth your hairs. By this, you can keep your hairs soft as well as tangle free all day long. For maximum impact, use a shampoo with creamy conditioner and make sure your hairs are tied loosely in braid or bun form in summers.

    Light Makeup

    Well, it is recommended not to use heavy makeup in this heat, as with thick foundations and your face full of products, you are only blocking the pores on your face, resulting in excessive sweating. Use light makeup, to get a subtle look, making you fashionable without exhausting your face with the burden of products. Use Kajal for your eyes that should be waterproof so that it won’t melt down in heat making you a vampire to look. After application of sunblock, use concealer on essential areas only and use a moisturizer to ensure smoothness on your skin. Use light compact powders, waterproof lipsticks and a light blush on to highlight your cheekbones. Keep it simple and waterproof, so that it won’t melt down unless you yourself clean it. Remove your makeup with a makeup remover cleansing water and then moisturize it for charming skin. You can get makeup for yourself from in discounted prices you never seen before.

    Face Mist

    We suggest you to use a water mist spray to calm down your heated skin with a refreshing look and freshness. Use rose water mist over your delicate skin and let it dry itself or use a soft tissue to dab it with soft hands. Using rose water mist is ideal when you have some burned skin due to sun or rashes. Keep it in the fridge ensuring it is cool every time you use it on your face. If you own an aloe vera plant at home, get a leaf from it and cut off it in between and store in the freezer. Once it is cool down, use it on your face to get a sensational chilled mask that helps in rehydrating your skin with brilliance.

    Exfoliate your Dead Skin

    While the pores of your skin get blocked, sweat and oil that is produced daily make your skin look dull and unattractive. Exfoliation is the key aspect to prevent black or white heads, uneven skin tone and acne on your face. Use scrubs and moderately grainy formulas to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. Either make scrubs at home or purchase natural and soothing ones suiting your skin type. Get your skin glowing and soothing this summer to enjoy every bit of your life.

    Indoor Exercises and Early Morning Walks

    Just become we are feeling down and sluggish in summer, it doesn’t mean to stop or skipping your workouts. In the hottest weathers, we prefer indoor exercises where you can use your own setting to avoid extensive sweating. Getting to a gym is also a good idea, but in extreme harsh weathers, getting out for the gym is hard anyways, and no one wishes to get drown in a pool of sweat even before doing any exercise. You can do yoga at home or get some exercising machines for yourself and complete your workouts with convenience and ease. You can find exceptional fitness machines at with 60% discount on various products. Login to and get to the Sports and Fitness category to shop online with the incomparable sale. Apart from exercises, you can do jogging or morning walks in parks in a light breeze. Don’t forget to take cold showers after workouts and jogging and keep yourself hydrated all day long.

    Final Word 

    You can enjoy summers if you know the tips and tricks to keep yourself fit and relaxed in this weather. The heat of the country will continue rising, all you need to do is avoid extreme heats, don’t let your body get dehydrated, wear caps and sunglasses to keep away from burns, and stay cool and calm. Even getting extra angry in summers causes damage to you, so remain calm and happy and drink a lot of cold water with cold showers to release the intoxicating pains. If the summer is bugging you a lot and you need immediate therapy than nothing can be better than shopping. Oh we know it is hot outside, so why not shop online from and avail amazing discounts while sitting next to your chilling AC. Happy Summer Folks!