Good Posture and its Benefits

Good Posture and its Benefits
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    Mar 27, 2020

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  • We have heard so many times, our teachers telling us to sit upright or parents asking us to sit straight. It's worth paying attention to. Good posture is extremely important to maintain balance and save you from numerous injuries as well as make you more attractive and active.

    What is Good Posture?

    While Standing, good posture means; head straight, chin parallel to the ground, shoulders rolled back and down, chest up, neutral spine, abdominal muscle or core tight, hips even neither pushed back or forward and equal weight on both feet.

     While Sitting, good posture means; head straight, chin parallel to the ground, shoulders back and down, neutral spine, the weight of abdomen equal on both sides of your hip, knees are aligned with hips, knees, and toes point straight ahead.

    There are very few people who have the correct posture and many studies have shown than correct posture keeps you active, healthy and reduces the chances of back or spine pain.

    Drawbacks of a Poor Posture:

    There are numerous drawbacks to poor posture. Poor posture can lead to several health issues. If you sit or stand with your head bent forward and hunched neck as the case is mostly when using a mobile device or tablet. It may result in headache and neck strain because that puts pressure on your head and neck. Avoid using mobile while walking. Use mobile without bending your neck looking straight ahead. Use a mobile stand to use mobile. There are several mobile stands available in the market and you can order yours just sitting at home from

    Another health issue due to bad posture is back pain, back pain is very common and that is because, most of the pressure shifts to your back when you sit with bent head, neck, and shoulders. So, correcting your posture can save you from several health issues in the long run.

    Common Myth about Correct Posture:

    People believe that good posture is rigid and takes a lot of hard work. People start imagining a rigid straight back and neck as the correct posture which is completely wrong. Good posture makes you feel relaxed and easy. When you have a good posture, your body looks upright and balance and at the same time, your muscles are relaxed because all the weight is balanced and no muscles or bones are stressed on too much.

    Benefits of a Good Posture

    1. Portrays a more Confident and Better Image

     Good posture helps in increasing your confidence. Practice in front of the mirror and you will see the difference. First, stand as you normally do and then straighten up your back, core tight, shoulders back and down, chest up and look in the mirror. You will look smarter and confident as compared to your normal posture. You can observe people around you; those who have a good posture appear more confident and smarter as compared to those having slouched back and humped neck.

    1. Good Posture makes you feel powerful and energized

     You must have seen air force, navy and army officials, they appear so powerful, active and energized all the time. It is not because of their uniform but because of their posture. They exercise a lot and during their training, they are asked to correct their posture a lot of times. Many studies have proven that good posture affects the way you feel about yourself and it makes you feel stronger and powerful as well as active and energized. You must have observed animals how their posture changes when they are ready to take action and attack their prey. They appear more dominant, powerful and active. Similarly, a good posture makes a human feel more powerful and confident.

    1. Improves Breathing

    Whenever we visit a doctor and he/she starts the diagnosis; we are asked to sit up straight and take deep breaths while he/she uses a stethoscope to analyze our medical condition. When you sit with slouched back, your core gets crumpled and lungs cannot expand properly because lungs require more space to expand and take in oxygen for all the parts of your body. A straighten up posture helps you to breathe deep and get in more oxygen in a single breath as compared to humped back posture.

    1. Improved Blood Circulation

    You must have noticed that when you sit with folded legs for a longer period they tend to get numb. This is because the blood is not flowing properly to the legs. So, when you do not sit right up and nice, the blood will not flow properly to all parts of the body which can have a bad impact in the long run affecting your nerves and body parts which do not get properly oxygenated blood.

    1. Improves Digestion

    We have numerous times that proper sitting posture can help us to digest better. When we sit with curved back our core gets crumpled and so does our intestines due to compression affecting the normal flow and functioning of gastrointestinal organs. It can have a bad impact and can cause acid reflux and constipation. Sitting upright can help you maintain a sound flow and functioning of your digestive system.

    1. Improves outlook and Appearance

     Improved posture leads to better digestion and metabolic rate which results in losing weight and appearing slimmer and taller. When you sit or stand with slouched back your belly tends to look bigger and you appear fat. A straight back and tight core make you look slimmer, taller and better personality.

    1. Better Functioning of Muscles and Joints

    When our posture is not right our muscles and joints are affected and we develop muscular problems and joint pain. The wrong posture puts pressure on our joints and muscles. On the other hand, good posture helps us keep our bones and joints in correct alignment which helps our muscles to relax while reducing abnormal wear and tear of joints that could result in arthritis or joint pain. It is also beneficial in reducing the stress on the ligaments of the spine which minimizes the chances of injury.

    1. Eliminates back and neck pain

    When you sit in the correct posture your body is properly aligned and balances. There are fewer chances of accidental fall or neck and back pains. Proper posture can efficiently balance and support your body weight. Improper posture puts extra effort on muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This extra effort can lead to neck and back pain as well as migraines. 

    Back support is essential for people who have to work sitting in front of computer systems in an office chair throughout the day. There are many back support cushions available in the market. also has back care foam which you can order online right now which can be very beneficial in improving your posture and easing your back pain.

    1.  Make you feel happier and Improves Mood

    The right posture can do all the right things for you. It makes you feel more confident, powerful, stronger and good about yourself that can reduce stress and depression. It will boost your happiness because when you sit upright and straight it opens up your chest letting out all bad vibes and breathing deep in all the good ones.

    Whenever you are feeling feel depressed or stressed about something try correcting your posture and take a deep breath; it will give the energy and strength to deal with the circumstances you are facing bravely. Good posture lets you breathe properly and providing oxygen to your body easing out any tension and stress and makes you feel relaxed. There are many types of yoga practices which can help you to improve breathing and posture. So, order a yoga mat right now from and start doing yoga at your earliest before it is too late.

    1. Improves Focus, Memory, and Problem-Solving Skills

    Many studies have proven that students who had a good posture tend to score higher as compared to others. Another study proved that better posture makes you feel more confident and powerful which improves a person’s ability to concentrate and resolve problems more efficiently.

    Several studies reveal that better posture improves your learning and retaining abilities. It is because when you sit straight the flow of oxygen in the body improves resulting in improved mental skills because around 25% of oxygen is used by the brain.

    So, sitting or standing in proper posture is essential which is ignored by most of us.  It allows us to work more effectively and efficiently reducing fatigue and strain on the body, ligaments, and muscles. The first step is the realization of your bad sitting or standing posture and the second one is taking steps to improve your posture so that it does not stress your back and joints causing you medical problems. By doing this, you can prevent several medical issues. Several postures correcting products are available in the market; that has proved fruitful for many people. You can order yours right from the comfort of your home by visiting Our wide category of tech products and fitness products always focus on improving your health. We always include quality products that could be a good fit for you.