How to Keep Your Hair Fresh in Summers – A Guide for Hijabi Girls

How to Keep Your Hair Fresh in Summers – A Guide for Hijabi Girls
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    Jun 03, 2020

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  • Summers are at the peak in Pakistan at the moment and it is becoming really hard to manage every activity along with proper dressing and taking care of the skin. But the hardest time is for those who cover their heads, the hijabi girls. No matter how much they try to take care of their hair, the truth is the damage is done to their hair each and every day. People around can only sympathize but yeah they can never empathize.

    The struggle is real hard. Covering the head when leaving the house, covering the head when amid strangers, covering head while being in the kitchen in front of severe heat, etc. Covering the head in the winters is not a big deal as they protect you from breezy air and also shield the hair as well. But in summers, it is a real fight as in summers when you cover your head there comes a lot of hair problems such as bad hair fall, constant sweating creating the worst type of sebum and deteriorating health of hair leading to dandruff. But guess what, we have got your backs, girls, therefore we will share some everyday hacks that will help you in taking care of your beloved hair in this scorching summer.

    The Issue with Hijab and How to Take Care

    The biggest problem hijabi girls faces is that by wearing hijab for a longer period of time in bad heat, it causes bad odor and a sense of stickiness and oily feel to the hair. In heated days under the hijab, the girls sweat a lot causing germs and bacteria attack the health of hair easily. The girls keep on scratching their heads that definitely doesn’t look good when being outside the house.

    The first thing to remember is to take regular showers and usage of a quality shampoo to rinse your head. Just use a mild amount of shampoo everyday as using shampoo more than it is required also effects the health of hair. Remember not to cover your head after washing it as moist hair and scalp leads to severe damage to hair in the long run like giving birth to dandruff and even welcoming lice. Don’t tie your hair tightly as it also produces sweat more than average. There are some other important aspects that should be considered by every hijabi girl out there. Check out an exceptional range of shampoo in affordable prices at under category Beauty & Health with name Hair Care.

    A Big No to Nylon and Polyester Fabrics to Cover Head

    In severe heat, days try to use softer fabrics such as cotton or lawn that is breathable and light in weight. These fabrics absorb the sweat, minimizing the damage to the hair. Chiffon head covers are also good only if they are made of light material and allows your hair to breath.

    Covering heads with fabrics made of nylon and polyester only causes more damage to the health of the hair. These fabrics are not breathable and don’t allow any air to penetrate inside, resulting in the death of follicles and therefore worst hair fall.

    Rinse, Massage and Dry your Hair Properly

    One of the biggest misconception hijabi girls have is that when it comes to taking shower they feel like their hair were not much exposed as they were covered, hence need no cleanse. This is a wrong practice and it needs to be corrected at the earliest. It is important to behave properly when it comes to taking care of your hair. We are not suggesting to take showers every day. Nope never! Immense washing of hair is also problematic suffocating the hair follicles and resulting in their dryness and hair fall.

    It is important to rinse your hair after one day or two days. It is also crucial to massage the hair before as well as after washing them. For drying your hair use some light fabric such as t-shirt instead of a towel. Don’t tie your hair right after taking shower as wet hair when tied up can loosen their strength. Damp hair under the hijab can result in the birth of lice, dandruff, and foul smell.

    Brush Your Hair Regularly, Please

    If being a hijabi girl you think that you don’t need to brush your hair regularly, then dear girls this is wrong thinking. Brushing your hair helps in increasing blood circulation that is extremely useful especially for hijabi girls as they cover their head all day long. By brushing hair regularly you can provide ample nutrients to your scalp as well as nourish them. By exposing your hair to natural air, moisture along with proper sunlight while brushing your hair, the growth of your hair also improves.

    Expose Your Hair to Proper Sunlight

    When you are wearing hijab all day long, it certainly means that your hair is not seeing enough daylight. In the scorching sunlight, you must be sweating really badly. In such state, allowing your hair get some sunlight and natural air is crucial for their health and long life. Vitamin D is actually the fundamental nutrient for the growth of your hair and your scalp.

    Of course, when you are out of the house you are wearing hijab, but when you are in the home it is recommended to open all the drapes and blinds in your house and sit there to enjoy some sunniest moments of life. On a lighter note, make sure you are sitting away from strangers so that you can actually enjoy some sunlight on your scalp, rather than running like a manic to cover your head in front of strangers when they come out of nowhere.

    Don’t Forget to Trim Your Hair Regularly

    It is a bad concept that since you are wearing hijab, therefore, there is no need to trim them, as no one is going to see. Of course, you are right that no one is seeing but taking care of your hair is definitely your responsibility. It is vital to trim your hair every 3 to 4 months just like prescribed medication.

    There are split ends too and if they stay for a longer period of time in your hair, they loosen the strength of your hair too and make them look dull. They can actually be more fatal to the health of your, therefore it is recommended to trim your hair to give them shine and health.

    Don’t Be Harsh on Your Hair

    As per the new hair and hijab tutorials on the internet, the young girls are taking the suggestions seriously and tie their hair too tightly. The problem is when your hair is tied tightly, the can’t breathe properly, the sweating becomes more dangerous inside and the follicles also become weak due to firm grip and friction between the hair.

    Ladies, please be easy on your hair, kindly tie them loosely and use bobby pins to tie them perfectly under your hijab. Loosely tied hair tend to breathe better beneath hijab. Make loose buns and loose ponytails to give your hair strength to relax better inside.

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    Final Word 

    These are some ways where you can ensure the health of your hair, especially when you are covering them. Don’t forget to take care of your hair and use a high-quality shampoo and light fabric head covers. Get amazing deals on shampoo at today where you can get up to 70% discount too. For more information about the products you are looking for, email at [email protected]