Keep the Heat from Ruining Your Skin

Keep the Heat from Ruining Your Skin
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    Apr 03, 2020

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  • Keep the Heat from Ruining Your Skin 

    Summer makes us want to rock good skin, to have that beautiful glow so we can look absolutely gorgeous in all those eye-pleasing summer prints and breezy outfits. Sadly, what we want and what we get is entirely different. Pakistan’s summers come with high humidity, which leads to extreme sweating, which in turn leads to clogged and sebum filled hair follicles. When this combination is worsened by the face bacteria, the result is a severe breakout. 

    Even blessed people with perpetually good skin end up suffering from flares in the summer. The only ones who remain safe are the ones who prepared in advance and prepare their skin to take the heat of the summer.

    Yet, our skin is always welcoming to some pampering and even if you are starting out late, don’t worry. As long as you are giving your skin what it needs, acne flares and aggravated skin conditions will remain at bay.

    Face Wash

    First off, if you are not in the habit of washing your face every morning and before you go to sleep, then create one. 

    Throughout the day, our face gathers dust and pollution, bacteria and sweat and the piled-up sunscreen. Make sure to wash your face thoroughly before hitting the lights so that your skin gets a chance to replenish and breath. 

    In the morning, our skin needs to start anew, and needs to be properly washed, toned, and moisturized and SPF-ed before anything else.

    That said, it is pertinent to understand that face wash you used during the winters won’t be as effective during the summers. Aim to switch to a more summer-friendly face wash, such as ones with salicylic acid, that will mildly exfoliate your skin chemically and clear the pores that get clogged quickly in the summers. Use facewash that doesn’t dry out your skin, and keep it cool. Try one with Aloe Vera or Cucumber extracts like this one by YC. 

    Some suitable options are Clean & Clear Facial Wash - Oil Free and Fiabila Acne & Oil Control Face Wash. If the weather has affected your skin color, you can also try the Karis’ Gold Radiance Face Wash

    A Refreshing Toner

    Like facewash, toner should be a part of your skincare routine each day every day. And just like facewash, you need to invest in a more summer-appropriate toner that is more refreshing and cools down your heated skin. Where excess production of sebum opens up pores, a good toner helps close it and give the appearance of a more even out skin. 

    If you are looking for a cheaper option but just an as effective option, then place your spray bottle of rose water in a refrigerator and spray it on your face after washing your face and you’ll never feel more refreshed.  You can get your bottle of rose water from Farosh.

    Swap Heavy Moisturizers with Lightweight Ones

    You do not want to make your skin suffer from any more shine and oil than it already is, the less is always more when it comes to summer skincare products, except for the SPF of course. 

    Swap your heavier moisturizers with super lightweight ones, but never under any circumstances skip on moisturizers. The harsh sun, chlorine, and saltwater can completely dry out your skin and make your acne worse. So make sure you treat your skin with some light and effective moisturizers. You can try out the cooling Aloe Vera Soothing Gel if you have super sensitive or acne-prone skin, or you can opt for Vaseline Intensive Care Aero Lotion.  

    Never Forget Sunscreen

    One thing that you can never skip out on, at any time of the year is sunscreen. Whether it rains or shines, make sure you cover your exposed skin with SPF. However, during the summer, go out of your way to find a mattifying, non-comedogenic broad spectrum SPF and apply it on your skin every 1 to 2 hours. The UV rays from the sun can permanently damage skin, make you wrinkle faster, cause sunburn, create fine lines and lead to premature aging. It can also darken your acne scars, even more, making it almost impossible to get rid of them. 

     Apply a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF, to beat the scorching sun. You can check out YC Sunscreen UV 90, or Etude House Sun Prise Natural Corrector with SPF 42. 

    And don’t forget to wear sunscreen under your makeup too.

    Go Easy with The Makeup

    Heavy makeup and the hot season doesn’t mix well and often lead to really bad skin problems. However, you don’t have to completely give up on makeup, what you need to do instead is use summer-friendly makeup. 

    Tinted moisturizers, BB creams, and face powders are your best friends when it comes to making your look flawless and protecting your skin in the summers. Keep the application simple, and avoid layering of products after products. Whatever you are using, make sure they are non-comedogenic and have a light texture. This will keep your pores from clogging. And at the end of the day, always make sure to cleanse and wash your face before sleeping. 

    For BB creams, you can check out MAC BB Sheer Shimmer Foundation or Fair & Lovely BB Sheer Shimmer Foundation. 

    Treat Your Skin Once a Week

    We recommend using the least amount of products on your face in the summers, except for the basics we mentioned earlier. However, once a week, make sure to treat your skin, replenish it with moisture, get rid of dead skin and even clear out the clogged pores, blackheads, and whiteheads. 

    You can use Spin Spa Cleansing Facial Brush with your face wash to gently exfoliate your skin physically and remove dead skin cells. To brighten your skin dulled by cruel heat, use Olive Skin Care Natural Beauty Charcoal Mask.  

    If you have been a little delayed with your summer skincare regimen and the clogged pores have already taken residence on your face then we suggest you invest in this Blackhead and Acne Removal Kit and start afresh. Once your skin is clean, you can maintain a solid routine to keep it that way. 

    If the blackheads have only attacked your nose, then all you need is this Black Head Remover Mask to get them out. 


    Micro-needling is an excellent skincare routine for the seasoned skincare freaks who apply actives on their skin. Micro-needling allows better penetration of these actives and makes sure they hit the mark, and target problematic areas. Micro-needling is also an excellent solution for mild texture on the skin due to previous skincare problems. 

     If you are interested in trying this modern solution to skin care problems, you can purchase this Skin Therapy 540 Micro Needle of 1 mm, or you can get Skin Therapy 540 Micro Needle 0.5 mm. If you are a beginner, start with the latter one and move to the former once your skin has settled to micro-needling.


    The best way to keep your skin healthy is to drink lots of water. Lack of water leads to dehydrated skin, and dehydrated skin produces even more sebum to cope up, causing the pores to clog and cause acne. 

    The best way to remember to drink water is to set a reminder and keep a water bottle next to you at all times. Whether you are travelling, or working non-stop at your desk, don’t skip out on keeping yourself hydrated. Water also flushes out toxins from our body, leading to clean skin. If a bottle is keeping you from staying hydrated, check out these water bottles at Farosh. 

    1. Don’t Neglect your Feet

    Your feet are just as important as your face and your neck. Summer heat doesn’t forgive your heels either. Give yourself a pedicure at home to remove dead cells, and moisturize it for some silky soft feet.

    All you need is the Pedi Mate 18 pieces Handheld Pedicure set and a good moisturizer. 

    Your skin is one of your most defining features, make sure you research and visit a dermatologist to take care of it in the best way possible. Always make sure to use only the highest grade of original products on your skin. Every skin is different and reacts differently to different products and ingredients, what might work for one might not work for another. If you feel there is any product that seems to be making your skin react, stop it altogether. 

    Final Word 

    Another tip you need to remember when introducing a couple of new products into your skincare routine is to incorporate them one by one. Start with one product, use it for at least two weeks to make sure there is no negative reaction before starting another one. Skin takes time to adjust to new ingredients and sometimes rejects it altogether. 

    When you are careful about your skin and treat it lovingly, it will react right back at you and give you exactly what you have been wishing for all summer, healthy, glowing skin.