Pro Tips for your Everyday Makeup in Summers

Pro Tips for your Everyday Makeup in Summers
  • It is that time of the year again when humidity not just makes you miserable but your makeup as well. But that does not mean it can stop us from putting on our makeup. Right Ladies? So, we have done a little research to bring up the most useful tips for you to rock your makeup for hours, even in this season. Whether it is the college you are going to, your workplace, or an evening party t attend, you have got to make sure that your makeup stays for as long as you stay there. Let's quickly jump on to what these tips are.


    Moisturizer is what keeps you safe

    A lot of people think that if it is the kind of weather when your skin tends to be sweatier, you should not be using the moisturizer. Well, that is entirely wrong. Moisturizer is just as essential for your skin as water for your body. Whether you have oily skin, or dry, or even combination skin, find a good quality moisturizer for your skin type and make sure you moisturize your skin at least twice daily. For the makeup to look good and to stay, your skin needs to be well hydrated and moisturized.

    Use sunscreen

    Again, if the sun is not shining too bright because of the clouds in the monsoon, it does not mean you can skip your sunscreen. Do not forget your sunscreen if you are going out during the daytime. Apply it almost 15 to 20 minutes before the application of your makeup products, allowing it to sit on your skin properly. Once it settles in and feels a little absorbed, you can then go on applying makeup.

    A liquid foundation is a better option

    I have seen girls who use stick foundations in routine. Please stop doing that, especially if you have dry skin. Stick foundations are likely to get cracked as soon as your skin starts sweating, and since sweating seems unavoidable most of the time in weather these days, you must go for a liquid foundation instead. It stays longer, does not crack, and gives you better coverage as well.

    Do not skip the primer

    No matter how unimportant or useless a primer is, you must still use it. Yes, it does not show on your face and the look that turns out is almost always the same with or without a primer. However, when you do use a primer, your makeup stays longer. Instead of giving your foundation a chance to get absorbed in your open pores, use a primer and prepare a canvas for your makeup to stay on.

    Set your makeup

    Makeup setting spray is also said to have the potential to increase the duration of your makeup by about 2 to 4 hours more. If you are a person who works 9 to 5, goes to the workplace with a fresh look, and comes back home looking like a zombie, trust me it is this spray you need. Do not look like a zombie. You may be called to an urgent meeting in the last hour of your shift and you have got to look your best and be presentable. Also, this makeup setting spray gives a fresh dewy look to your face which is not otherwise there.

    Powdered Compacts may also work

    People with oily skin can use powdered compacts to control the oil. Although I do not personally recommend the use of these compacts most of the time, and for most skin types, weather like this does sometimes asks for it. And yeah, the retouching is also super easy with it.

    Final Word

    So, these are the tips that we researched for you and have tried as well. Farosh also has a category of beauty and Spas that will help you get quality products. We wish you beautiful health and skin with Farosh's quality products.