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    May 01, 2020

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  • Summertime is considered to be the best time because we are expecting lots of festivals like Eid. But with summer also comes the harsh sun rays which can be dangerous for our skin and there are several skin problems we are prone to during summertime. Ultraviolet Rays can be really dangerous for our skin; they can cause tanning, sunburn and in some serious cases skin cancer. In addition to that UV rays can accelerate the skin aging process. It can increase the wrinkles and fine lines on our skin, increase age spots and skin sagging. 

    As the rains start the situation tends to get more difficult for our skin. During the monsoon season, the humidity also increases with the temperature causing our skin to get more oily, shinier and prone to acne and pimples. 

    That is the reason why it is considered important to focus on your skin and give it proper protection from sun, heat, and humidity. It may be challenging to maintain a proper skincare regimen. It can be difficult to decide when to change the products and what to look for when changing the skincare products you are using. So, here we are proving you with a handful of tips and techniques to keep your skin healthy during the summer because it is necessary to change your skin regimen with the changing weather to protect it from all types of harms. Following are a few tips and techniques to take care of your skin properly during the hot and humid months and your skin will be healthier and gorgeously glowing even during summers in the harsh sun rays.

    1.   CLEANSING

    During summers you need to cleanse twice daily. Especially during monsoon because the atmosphere is hot and humid, your skin tends to get oilier. During summers we sweat more because of heat which makes it difficult to keep our skin clean all day and night. So, it becomes necessary to cleanse your skin twice daily; once in the morning after all night’s sleep, the oil surfaces on our skin making it look shinier and dirty and once at night before going to bed to cleanse away all the dirt, dust, smoke pollutants, oil and sweat of all day. There are different types of cleansers available in the market, foaming gel cleanser, double-action cleanser, cleansing milk. You can use any product suitable for your skin. is an online shopping platform in Pakistan where you can get a variety of skin cleansers which you can order right away.

    So, order your cleanser now and start cleansing twice daily. First, in the morning cleanse your skin and then, at night before going to bed after taking off your make up.

    1.   EXFOLIATE 

    The second must-do is exfoliation. When you exfoliate your skin, it opens up your pores and takes out all dirt and oil and makes it clean. You can use several products for exfoliation of your skin. You can use a facial scrub, glycolic acid or a silicon pad with bristles for proper skin exfoliation. All these products are available at different stores in the market and online. You can order from the comfort of your home by visiting and get several skincare products delivered at your doorstep. 

    Exfoliation helps in removing all the dead skin cells that make your skin look dull and saggy. It removes all the dirt and dead skin making your skin look healthier and glowing. Exfoliate your skin once before bed every day.

    1.   TONING

    We often ignore toners but they are essential especially after cleansing and exfoliating your skin. A toner is applied to maintain the pH balance of your skin, and also contract the pores that are opened and cleaned during the exfoliation process. In addition to that toner should be applied twice a day once at night after exfoliation and once in the morning after cleansing this will help your skin remain tighter and firmer. 


    Moisturizer is a must for your skin whether it is winter or summer. It keeps your skin softer and smoother, however; during summer avoid using oil-based moisturizers if your skin is oily or combination skin. Oil-based moisturizer makes your skin look oily and dull. Moisturize your skin twice a day after cleansing.


    As we all know that UV rays are harmful to our skin. During summers the sun gets hotter and UV rays are stronger and more harmful so, sunscreen is a must before leaving your home. Certain guidelines need to be followed when using a sunblock. Firstly, you should apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen, at least 30 minutes before leaving your home. Secondly, your sunscreen should be water-resistant because in summers we sweat a lot and when we sweat and clean our sweat the sunscreen will come off if it is not water-resistant. Lastly, the sunblock should be at least 30 SPF. But sunscreen application does not mean that you can overexpose yourself to the sun. Avoid sun exposure as much as you can during summers. 


    We normally tend to ignore our lips. Our lips need the same care as our face. Do not forget your lips when you are cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing or even applying sunblock. Our lips have really sensitive skin and need an equal amount of care as any other facial skin area. Apply lip balm and sunscreen before applying any lipstick on your lips it will keep your lips soft and smooth and natural color. Lipsticks tend to darken the lip color and applying lip balm and sunscreen not only protects it from getting darker due to lipstick but also protects from the sun.

    You can find several lip care products and lipsticks on an online shopping website in Pakistan that offers a wide range of skincare products.


    Avoid stepping out in the sun without goggles or dark glasses. Our eyes are the most sensitive area on our face. They need proper attention and soft hand treatment. Always make sure that your hands are clean before touching your eyes because during summer eye infection is a common thing as we use our sweaty hands and rub our eyes and the harsh sunlight makes them itchy too. Wash your eyes with clean and cold water. Wear dark glasses and a big hat or take an umbrella if you are walking out in the sun.

    1.   FACIAL MIST

    It is a must-have during summer. as our skin gets oily and sweaty a facial mist helps it to look fresh. Just one to two sprays on your skin and bam! You look fresh and feel refreshed. You can have a look at a variety of similar products by visiting and order the right product now. You can get any product delivered within a few days at your doorstep.


    How can we forget, the most essential thing during summer is water. Drink lots of water. Keep yourself hydrated! If you keep yourself hydrated your skin will glow more and will look fresh. Drink water after every hour, drink water on an empty stomach in the morning, it does not only makes your digestive system works better but it is also good for your skin.


    During summers tea and coffee should be avoided. these beverages are for winters. they tend to dehydrate you and your skin too. So, switch your tea with detoxifying water by adding lemons and cucumbers to it and feel more refreshed and give your skin a new glow. Make sure you drink the detoxify water at least 2-3 times a day. Drinking detoxifying water on an empty stomach can give you the best and noticeable results.


    Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. We all know that fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants and nutrients that are good for health and our skin. These nutrients keep your skin looking fresh. We all know several advantages of anti-oxidants for our skin. It keeps our skin younger and also slows down the aging process. So, eating lots of fruits and vegetables is also essential for healthy and glowing skin naturally.


    We have heard our great grandmothers telling us several natural remedies for our skin that we commonly ignore. But do not underestimate the power of natural ingredients in your kitchen which can help make your skin look brighter and healthier. Lemons contain citrus which is high in Vitamin C which is considered best for skin brightening and tomatoes are also considered very good for keeping your skin fresh and tightening the pores of your skin. 

    Take an ice tray blend tomatoes and add lemon juice; pour the mixture in the ice tray freeze it and rub it on your skin. You will see amazing results. 

    Final Word

    So, do not worry about your skin now and get the most amazing products delivered at your doorstep in no time by ordering on an online shopping portal; and start your summer skin regimen today!