This Is The Perfect Way To Cover Your Dark Circles

This Is The Perfect Way To Cover Your Dark Circles
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    Mar 31, 2020

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  • Dark circles tend to be the most annoying things that a girl can experience. It just takes away that glow from your face and makes you appear dull and weary. Luckily, these are one of the very few things in life that can be fixed so people who have dark circles don’t have to worry about it. There are is a broad range of makeup products available helping you cover your dark circles. In fact, one doesn’t have to step out of their home and all thanks to the online shopping in Pakistan you can get all these amazing beauty products delivered at your home only. 

    There are many ways that you can cover your dark circles, but still, there is this one perfect way that will not only eliminate any trace of dark circles from your face but will also provide a better glow. Dark circles tend to be the worst in the morning, however, you just shouldn’t only cross your fingers and hope they get better, but you can go for cover-up makeup products to hide the circles. We will provide you a step-to-step guide on how to perfectly hide your dark circles, but before that have a look at these handy tips and tricks that will help you out a long way! 

    Address the Puffiness First

    So you need to know that puffiness and dark circles go hand in hand, most of the time and that is especially for people who suffer from it due to allergies, aging or thinning of the skin. You might notice that there is swelling under your eye, every day. Well, in that case, try applying ice to the area for a good 10 to 20 minutes. 

    Or if you want to give yourself a skin-quenching treat then you can always cut a few cucumber slices and apply them on the lower eyelid. 

    Keeping the Makeup in Place

    Now everyone knows that applying concealer hides the circles, but one thing that you need to make sure is that your makeup stays on place. Rubbing your eyes, or if you have oily skin or excessive dryness then your concealer can very soon wreak havoc that we need to avoid. 

    You can always go for an eye primer that will keep your concealer in place. If you have oily skin then you can also put your concealer with loose powder.  To prevent caking, you can dip a makeup sponge in water and then dab it in a small amount of powder to apply it on your face. 

    Use Color Correctors

    If you have darker circles then you can take help from color correctors. Too much discoloration will make even your concealer to look darker than the rest of your face, which will bring your entire look down. You can use a reddish color corrector that will help to cancel out the coloration on your face and when you will apply the concealer, it will only brighten your eyes without pulling them more down. 

    If the under eyes look very dull and pasty, but you don’t have any discoloration on it, then you can apply a purple color corrector that will liven up to your complexion and you wouldn’t have to worry about ruining your entire makeup look. 

    You can always experiment with different colors and see for yourself that which color works the best for you, but remember you always need to blend the color correctly very well before you apply your concealer on it. 

    Master the Art of Applying Concealer

    Now many of you must have heard that you should always apply concealer before applying foundation, but if you put a bit of concealer first on your dark circles then you would have more coverage. You can use your fingers, a concealer brush or a sponge to gently just tap your concealer without rubbing it on your face. Always remember that if you want to have full coverage then you should go with soft dabbing rather than an aggressive rubbing all over your face as it will just take the product and make it out of place, which is the last thing you want to do. 

    Now moving on to the step-to-step guide on how you can perfectly cover those dark eye bags and circles and make yourself glowing. Keep on reading

    Washing your Face

    Now a lot of people would say that this is such a basic thing to mention, but you never know how these little steps make a big difference. Always start your makeup with a fresh face as washing it with cold water and a good cleanser decreases the blood flow in your face, reduce puffiness, and can also minimize the look of dark circles. 

    Apply a Moisturizer

    Apply a moisturizer all over your face and dab an eye cream under the eye, avoiding the lids. It will help to apply your makeup smoothly and if your skin is in any way irritated, the moisturizer will help it to calm. 

    You can even use a special eye moisturizer that will help with the appearance of your dark circles too. 

    Use a Primer

    Primers are the products that will help your makeup to stay. It acts like a glue that keeps all your makeup intact and on place, which is why it is very important. It also helps to smooth the skin tone. Use your fingers or an applicator to apply the primer on your face, in the same way, you would apply foundation. You can find a bunch of variety in primers and should always pick the one that best match your skin needs. 

    • If you have dry skin, then go for a moisturizing primer
    • People who have dull skin want to go for more illuminating primer, adding a glow to their face
    • For people who have oily skin, they can always go for a mattifying primer
    • You can even go for skin correcting primers that will also help with the redness of the skin. Go for a green-tinted prime to neutralize the redness

    Apply Foundation

    As the general thumb rule, always choose a foundation that matches your skin tone and your skin type as well. You don’t have to go overboard because this is the base for your makeup and the dark circles would also be covered with the help of the foundation. Applying the foundation first will help you not to have creases on your face. If you have oily skin, then always go for a matt foundation and vice versa. The full-coverage or light coverage option totally depends on you and your preference. 

    Choose a Concealer Lighter than your Skin

    You will start at the corner of your eye near your nose, and dab tiny dots of concealer under your eye till the outer area of your eye. You can use your finger, a makeup brush or brush too to gently apply the concealer till it is completely blended in your skin. You don’t have to rub the concealer on your eye as it will just take away the coverage. If you still see the dark circles after applying the concealer then you should try going for a color correction concealer. 

    Stick concealer is thicker and has a creamier formula that covers the dark areas more effectively. However, keep in mind that a stick concealer may trigger a breakout or acne if you have oily skin. If this is a concern then you should always go for a liquid concealer. 

    Set your Under Eye with Powder

    Take a puff and load with a loose setting powder and gently press it under your eyes. It will not only set the concealer in place but will also add more coverage to your makeup as well as your under eyes. So, even if you are heading out and it’s hot out there you wouldn’t have to worry about your concealer moving out of place as the loose powder will lock it down. one more benefit of setting your under-eye is that it helps it to prevent from creasing. Notice how after a bit of time, your eyes start to have these wrinkles and line, well the powder will prevent it from happening. 

    Blend Well

    Now, this is the part that you have to make sure to do well.  It will hold your entire look together and will properly hide your dark circles. Blend the edges of the concealer really well until they are not even visible. These shouldn’t be any lines left from the concealer on your face. 

    Apply Shimmer to your Tear Duct Area

    This is the trick that will immediately brighten your eyes and make you look more awake. The brightness will also draw attention away from the dark circles. Go for a shimmery beige or gold shade to get that glow. 

    Final Word 

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