Uses & Differences of Face masks, Respirators & Cloth Covering

Uses & Differences of Face masks, Respirators & Cloth Covering
  • When Covid happened, the world was unsure how serious a threat the disease is going to be to humankind. Many speculated it will fade away in a few weeks, other suggested it will go away in summer, while many thought it doesn't even exist. Soon, hospitals started filling with people diagnosed with the deadly infection and the world was stump to speak. While many lost their loved ones, the experts in the medical field announced wearing a face mask can protect from or minimize the risk of Covid19. Soon, pharmaceutical companies and medical stores targeted selling much-needed respirators, face shields, and facial covering at a price that was way higher than what the product should cost. 

    Nonetheless, people had no choice but to buy face protection to keep themselves safe from the danger lurking around. A lot of the conversations around that time were exclusively centered around which mask is best for protection. Many suggested that surgical masks were a better choice as they were loosely fitted and breathable, while some opted for respirators such as N95s as the companies claimed it has the most efficient filtration system. Fast forward to 2022, now that everyone is vaccinated, people’s conversation has moved to food, fashion, or travel. But the chances of contaminating Covid 19 are still out there. People have incorporated wearing face masks or cloth covering in their daily routine to protect themselves from allergies and other impurities around them.  But the mystery still remains, which one is better? Read the complete blog to find out the answer to the frequently asked question.

    Surgical Face Masks 

    Many companies claim to sell the best surgical face mask but never elaborate on its benefits and cons to the consumer. A surgical face mask is a covering that has a loose fit. The face mask is used to create a barrier between harmful impurities in the air and the face to eradicate any chances of catching diseases like Covid 19. The mask is disposable and is not meant to be shared with anyone to maintain hygiene. It is often used in medical fields such as dentistry to minimize the risk of patients coming in contact with saliva or other respiratory secretion. A lot of pharmaceuticals put on posters that say “ effective surgical face mask for sale” which is certainly true as the face mask has a strong in-build filtration to block large particles of droplets or splashes that may contaminate the other person. To avoid mild infections or germs, it has been proven to be effective, but when it comes to Covid19, this might be an average protector compared to other options available in the market. 


    Respirators are more trusted and effective compared to the face shield, cloth covering, and black surgical face mask. These are the most popular ones as they have a strong filtration system that blocks out airborne particles efficiently. The facial clothing is designed with a fit-to-face fitting and is ideal to be worn in the environment of construction sites and medical grounds. The face mask grants you a strong defense against threats like Covid 19. During the pandemic of 2020, these were sold at an abnormal price as it was proved to be the most successful solution. However, despite being a safer option, many opted for the traditional face mask as respirators such as N95s and KN95s didn't allow the wearer to breathe comfortably due to their tight fit.

    Cloth Covering

    Not as suitable as the best surgical face mask, cloth masks have proven to be somewhat reliable to protect you from an unhealthy environment. The covering has dual layers with a thread count of 180 while having a close fit around the face providing productive protection against germs. However, with a surgical face mask, you have a 95% chance to be shielded from deadly COVID-19 while the bacterial filter in the clothing mask is less likely efficient. Regardless of its weak defense mechanism against Covid,  it can secure the wearer from mild infections. One of the reasons why it is worn commonly is because it is reusable, washable, and cost-effective compared to other products.

    How to Select the Right Mask for Yourself 

    With so many variations in the market, it can be a tough decision to choose the right kind of mask to shield yourself from unwanted bacteria. You can easily make a purchase on and buy the one that is suitable per your requirement. The ones mentioned above are used commonly, even though the risk of Covid has lowered. To choose the right mask for yourself, you should consider the following factors:

    • Quality
    • Fit
    • Comfort
    • Effectiveness


    Even if you are opting for a surgical face mask in black it is important you take its quality of fabric into consideration before completing the purchase. The ideal pick would be one that is manufactured with durable fabric and delivers value for the money paid. Keeping durability in mind, many opt for N95s or KN95s as they are designed to survive in harsh conditions too.


    Regardless, of how durable the fabric is, the facial covering is of no use if it doesnt have a comfortable fit. As mentioned earlier, many choose N95s as they had 95% efficiency to fight off Covid infections but the thick layering caused breathing difficulties for commoners which did not allow them to wear it for a longer period, which defeated the purpose altogether.


    When trying to choose the right face shield it is suggested to ensure that the mask is made from fabric that doesnt cause any skin allergies or irritations. The mask must have a comfortable closure point, such as hoops rather than headbands that need to be tied. Use strap clips to hold the hoops instead of the delicate ears, and relief them from endless pain.


    Since the goal is to protect yourself from infections, it is essential to choose the kind that has efficient results. Choosing a cloth mask or a surgical mask might not be a wise decision as respirators have proven to be more beneficial and powerful against deadly diseases.

     The Ending Note

    Even after receiving the dual vaccination and a booster, the risk of getting affected by Covid is still out there. It is a smart decision to add face masks to the daily routine as a precautionary measure. People around the world, the far-east in particular has been practicing wearing mask even before Covid existed. In Pakistan, people still question its importance, even after knowing its significance in battling the Covid threats and protecting you from an unsafe environment. Maybe, it's time we should take upon the much-needed practice and grow ourselves stronger from the unseen health threats of the future.