6 Mistakes You Make While Choosing Valentine's Day Gifts

6 Mistakes You Make While Choosing Valentine's Day Gifts
  • Buying Valentine’s day gifts is stressful but it doesn’t have to be. As soon as we start approaching, 14th Feb, the air fills with love exclusively. Each couple starts planning unique ideas to surprise or treat their loved ones. However, when it comes to gifts. Some of us make some dumb choices, either reflecting on being the kind of life partner we are or hurting the person we actually want to please badly. To make it easier for you, we have gathered the most common mistakes people often make while gift shopping. Ideally, buying gifts for your soulmate should not be a difficult task. But, it doesn’t come naturally to a lot of us, and that’s completely OK! You need to take care of a few things before you blindly use your Debit/Credit card. For instance, you don’t have to put too much pressure on yourself mentally, by aiming to buy a gift that doesn’t fit your budget. Making someone happy doesn’t have to come at the cost of your mental health. To learn about such mistakes and how to avoid them read the blog till the very end.

    Don’t Wait until the Last Minute to Order Valentine Day’s Gifts


      We procrastinate. We all do. But it often makes us miss a chance to grab the right kind of gift for your valentine on time. While planning to order it is smart to order it at least a week before the main day. For instance, placing an order on 7th Feb would be better than placing it on 12th Feb. One of the most prominent reasons to follow this rule is because you are not the ONLY ONE who is placing an order online. Majorly because of this reason, online deliveries take much more time, especially when a festive period is going on. Unless you place an order from Farosh Mall, which delivers products instantly, it is wise not to keep the chosen gift in the cart for a longer period. Delaying such things can result in you standing empty-handed in front of the love of your life, and you certainly don’t want that, not on Valentine’s day at least.

    Choose a Gift That has Emotional Values



    A lot of the time when people are browsing through valentine’s gift ideas for him or her, they often overlook the fact, that the gift should hold some emotional value. Clearly, buying her pair of kitchen scissors won’t earn you the award of the best husband and vice-versa. An ideal choice would be to buy a customized T-shirt that has a picture or a message that has an emotional element. Moreover, you can also choose a photo frame, that depicts the special moments you two have shared throughout your life. Make Valentine's day 2023 about expressing the warmth and intensity of your love.

    Buying Cliché Gifts is a Bad Idea


    This rule applies to both genders. While going through the stores in the mall, always search for something unique. Remember it is all about defining how special and unique your relationship is. Don’t opt for obvious choices such as Teddy bears or Flowers. For such occasions, you need to think outside the box. Maybe plan a memorable getaway, or bake some cutesy musty Valentine-themed cookies. In the end, it all depends on you how creative you can get. Some people are capable of making simple things more fun than gifting some plain old boring stuff, wrapped up in a valentine’s gift box

    Not Adding a Greeting Card


    Greeting cards have been around forever. It is one of the simplest yet most valuable things you do for your Valentine. People these days tend to leave it out and give wrapped-up gifts simply. As old-fashion, as it might look to many, choosing a thoughtful card from the collection of handmade valentine cards, holds more importance than we think.  With the right words of love written on it, the card is capable of reliving the sweet moments of your life hundreds of times. Wrapping up an expensive gift with an elegant greeting card, would not only make you look nice but thoughtful too.

    Leaving It to Spouse to Buy Valentine's day Gifts


    Ok, so this one is more applicable to men these days. Giving her your credit/debit card and asking her to buy the gift herself, is the worst thing you can do as a life partner. As mentioned earlier, the special day is all about spoiling your partner to the fullest. Make them feel the importance of their existence in your life. When you run around to get the accurate gift for them, it shows how much they matter to you. Take time out, to go out and purchase one of the best perfumes for her. Even if you get them a simple self-stirring mug, your efforts will be much more appreciated, rather than you shoving the digital cards in their hands.

    It is Not Necessary to Measure Your Love with an Expensive Price Tag


    We often hear people quote “When you are in love, money doesn’t matter”. Well in reality it does, it absolutely does. It is your hard-earned money and you don’t need to splurge like there is no tomorrow. The thing is love doesn’t come with a price tag, it does come with drama but that is a topic for another time. For example, you don’t need to purchase overpriced AirPods if you can’t afford the heavy price tag. The person who truly loves you will be equally happy if you get them a copy of the same AirPods. In the end, what matters is the thought, not how much you spend on the much-awaited gifts.

    Understanding the Art of Gift Giving

    Not only Valentine’s Day, but all occasions are important. Whether it’s birthdays or anniversaries each of these occasions requires you to surprise and spoil your loved ones with various kinds of gifts. To be an excellent gift giver, you should understand the art of gift giving. The points mentioned above highlight the mistakes people often commit while trying to please their soulmates. It is completely normal to have a miss, as you get perfect in this with the passing of time. However, ensure that you don’t compromise your mental health and self-worth in order of pleasing someone.