7 Necessary Steps to Take before launching an online store

7 Necessary Steps to Take before launching an online store
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    Mar 17, 2020

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  • It can be overwhelming to gear up for the big launch of your online store. Yeah, there are many factors to take in consideration. Your website, and products both have to be attractive enough. User experience has to be ultra-high in quality. You should choose hosting very wisely.  

    You have to care about these things when you are in the early stages of planning. For this post, we are going to talk about the things you have to do just before you hit the publish button. 


    Plan Site Monitoring


    This is the very first thing you have to think about. Figure out how you are going to track site traffic and conversions. The most popular way is Google Analytics.

    All Google Analytics require is just inserting a brief bit of code into your site. Rest of the procedure is straightforward. However, you will need to configure e-commerce tracking and establish your sales goals. It is very important to keep an eye on the performance of your site across a variety of metrics. 

    You can find plenty of detailed tutorials about this on YouTube. 


    Build Newsletter

    Establish a newsletter before the site goes live. This is one of the most effective marketing tools. Nothing is comparable.

    They keep you in the inboxes of the subscriber’s on a regular basis. This is the most friendly reminder that keeps you fresh in the subscriber’s mind. The email marketing campaign is a good opportunity to offer coupons and discounts, announce new products, and provide helpful information.   

    There are multiple options for choosing an email-marketing platform. The most popular options and most recommended option is Mail Chimp.

    Next step is to select your template and customize it. Write the high-quality welcome email content, and add the subscriber form to your website.

    All this setup has to be completed before the store is launched. If you launch the website without subscriber form, and any visitor likes it he will not be able to subscribe. That would leave a very non-professional image on his mind. He would be expecting a welcome email, which he will not get. 

    Whereas ideal condition is that, you have a number of follow up emails pre-written to minimize the risk of falling behind the schedule.


    Setup The Brand On Social Media

    Yes, your online store is a brand. Presence of a brand on social media is mandatory. 

    That is how many people will find out about your products for the first time. Establish a compelling profile as possible. Use the same name on all social websites. 

    One important thing to remember here is that making a profile on each social media website is not a wise policy. It results in wastage of time and money resources. Narrow down the list of social media websites. Choose some of the top websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    Have a rock-solid profile on a couple of sites. It is enough to resonate your name in your potential customers.  

    Develop Concrete Backup System

    No matter what platform you are using for website development, backup is necessary. Either it is WordPress, WooCommerce or anything. 

    Though back up is very important for a website for every niche, this importance multiplies when the website is e-commerce based. Make it the top priority. 

    You might argue that what to take a backup of when the website is not even established yet. Then be clear that what we are recommending for right now is to develop the backup plan. It is just like you before traveling, you arrange extra tire for your car, and search for mechanics shop, which will come in your route. 


    Inaugurate Your Shipping Options

    Shipping is what can make or break your online store. There is no exaggeration. Customer can even change his mind after adding the products to cart if shipping options do not suit him. This probability would further increase if you were selling something that is available on an online big box store like Amazon or Walmart.

    Therefore, it would be wise to offer flat rate shipping or to absorb shipping (or at least part of it) as an expense on your end to keep customers on the path toward conversion. Yes, in case you are drop shipping than you do not need to worry about this step. However, businesses that manufacture a product or sell wholesale products will need to think about shipping before the store goes live.

    Double Check Every Thing

    It is always good to double check. This is the last time for checking the website so make sure to take full advantage of it. Evaluate every small detail. Proofread all the content. Ensure that all links work. Check if contact information and social media information is correct. 

    Plan The Announcement

    For the announcement, you need a robust plan to have the attention of as many people as possible. Public loves to hear new things and you have to decide what different and new you are going to provide. Just opening a store like many other stores would not attract an audience. 

    It may be a contest of some sort. Alternatively, you can offer a discount. Some people prefer to build an online community on social media and then plan the announcement. 


    Yes, you have to put a lot of effort after you launch your online store. Road to success can be long. However, if you take some necessary steps before the venture, things would go a bit smooth after launching. 

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