Best Products for Back Pain in Winters

Best Products for Back Pain in Winters
  • Back pain tends to make come back in winter, which can be frustrating. Whether you are an elder, or middle-aged adult, the unwelcome pain springs up making it difficult for us to function. The core reason why the pain appears in the cold season is that muscles stiffen up and become tense. To achieve instant relief, many of us rely on painkillers or muscle relaxants to get through the day, which is not a healthy option. Sometimes when the severity is unbearable, people often tend to get injected with high doses of painkillers which is again not a suitable solution.

    While enduring the pain is not fun, it is better to opt for products such as a back support belt, that enhances your posture and restricts movement to fasten the healing process. Similarly, choosing a heating pad for back pain is a wise option compared to relying on a high dose of ibuprofen. The idea is to achieve relief from the pain naturally, rather than making your body use strong medications. Consulting a doctor is advisable if the pain persists for more than a day. Or if the pain appeared after a dramatic fall.  In today’s blog, you will find the following best products for back pain that works like magic and provide effective results.


    •       Heating Pad/ Cold Pack

    •       Foam Roller

    •       Massagers

    •       Back Support Belt

    •       Lumbar Support Cushion

    •       Acupressure Mats


    Heating Pad/ Cold Pack

    When suffering from back pain, using a heating pad or a cold pack is as proficient as a back support belt. Before using either of them, you need to consider if the pain is muscular or neuropathic, as there is different treatment for both. If you suffer from a muscle pull, using a heating pad for back pain is ideal. But if you are experiencing pain due to nerve compression, then a cold pack is the suitable solution. In any case, both treatments are safe and sound to be used multiple times a day. Farosh has a wide range of heating and cold pads online, visit the website and buy one for yourself today.


    Foam Roller

    Foam rollers are another smarter pick to reduce back pain in winter. The equipment is designed to reduce inflammation and releases muscle knots. By doing different exercises such as Upper back and Spinal Alignment, you can increase flexibility and movement allowing you to boost circulation and lymphatic flow. It is one of the most used products for back pain and provides positive results without any side effects. Browse Farosh to purchase affordable yet durable foam rollers and exercise the pain away.



    The market has a wide range of massagers to offer. It can be confusing for you to choose the right kind for back pain. Whether you have muscular or neuropathic pain, the vibrating massagers tend to relax your muscles and calm the nerves with minimum effort. The vibrating handheld massagers provide you instant relief but for a shorter period of time. Also, when it comes to chronic pain, massagers won’t be a suitable solution. But as far as seasonal back pain is concerned, it reduces stress levels and allows your body to relax in a healthy manner. You can buy a back massager with a built-in heat pad from Farosh and gain relief from the throbbing pain in nanoseconds.


    Back Support Belt

    Support belts are quite beneficial for back pains. Apart from providing stable back support, the belt limits your movement allowing the injury to heal faster. While reducing the pain, a lumber support belt improves your posture too. You can wear the belt under your clothes without any discomfort. Wearing the belt, stiffens your spine and protects it from unnecessary forces. Giving it complete protection, the support belt has proven to be one of the best products for back pain on the market.


    Lumbar Support Cushion

    Similar to a support belt, a lumber support cushion plays a vital role in providing you relief from back pain as well. A lumber support cushion is designed with advanced technologies, to give coverage to the upper, mid, and lower back. Such cushions have extra contour cushioning, which helps you to avoid any unwanted effects from sudden jolts or shocks while driving or doing any activity during the day. The back care cushion is one of the popular and trustworthy products for back pain since it is portable and lightweight.


    Acupressure Mats

    If you are wondering what could be better than a lumbar support belt, then it is acupressure mats. The mats are designed creatively to help reduce pain not only in the back but also in areas such as the neck and foot. Acupressure mats help you to fight depression and anxiety as well. It is a therapist and a massager, all wrapped in one. The mat effectively eases muscles and relaxes the body overall What could be more convenient than this? It is easy to use and maintain which makes it a smarter bargain compared to other products.


    Make the Pain Go Away with these Tips and Tricks

    The list of best products for back pain mentioned above generates positive results, however, there are other tips and tricks that might help in easing the pain naturally. First and foremost, burst the myth of staying inactive while suffering from back pain. Doctors actually highly recommend; patients remain active while recovering from pain in the back. However, exercises that are discouraged during the recovery period, are jogging, weight lifting, and sit-ups.

    Secondly, taking ibuprofen is one of the most common solutions, it is advisable to try changing your sleeping position to cure back pain. If you sleep on the back, then place a rolled towel under the knees to relieve pressure. Or sleep in a curled position with a pillow between the legs. Sleeping positions play a vital role in curing discomfort in the back. Having a strong back, includes you having a healthy exercise routine that supports flexibility and strengthens the back.