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    Apr 18, 2020

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  • Online Shopping in Pakistan has grown a lot since the e-commerce revolution in Pakistan. This revolution was not big and loud as it was supposed to be but there was a considerable amount of power surge in the online shopping in Pakistan. is a fast growing and customer satisfaction oriented marketplace fulfilling the needs of its customers for over a year now. It has come a long way since its birth but the room for improvement is always there. It is said that there are a small bunch of items that basically run a business. Products like Master Jet Foam, Citizen Chairs, Bell Bottom Trousers, YC hand and foot cream, and Baby Carrier Waist Belt for Kids helped to a jump start in the online shopping in Pakistan.

    Let’s discuss these products in detail to get an overview of each product.

    Master Jet Foam

    Master is probably one of the most trusted names in bedding, furniture and healthcare industry for a long time now. Farosh is a major seller of Master products in the e-market of Pakistan.

    Master Jet Foam is one of the best selling products on It is the only high-pressure foam in Pakistan. It offers superior quality comfort at the most affordable price and the active support system allows your body to really relax. The steadiness of the mattress makes it long-lasting and durable.

    Citizen Chairs

    Citizen is the biggest plastic manufacturer in Pakistan and its collaboration with farosh has been quite fruitful for both Farosh and Citizen. Citizen plastic chairs are made of high-quality material and known for their durability all over Pakistan. Citizen is offering a lot of different variants and models of these chairs and furniture products through Farosh.

    Bell Bottom Trousers

    Bell Bottom Trousers have been in out of fashion over the last couple of decades now. Even though they have been around since the 1850s but it was the 1960s when bell bottoms became the go-to pants and major part of the fashion industry.

    Bell Bottom Trousers are still recognized as an iconic dress to wear on several occasions. When farosh took onboard a seller that was selling bell-bottoms, orders started pouring in and both farosh & seller experienced an upside curve in their sales.

    YC Hand and Foot Cream

    YC Hand and Foot Cream is a skin soother and moisturizer for women. It was introduced in the market a while back and got a very good response from women all over Pakistan. It is enriched with protein ad vitamin E and Goat Milk. It leaves a long-lasting effect on your skin and makes them smooth & soft.

    Baby Carrier Waist Belt

    New Born babies bring an infinite amount of joy and happiness to the parents but they also need a lot of attention and care. Parents get tired carrying around their little babies all day long but then the baby carrier waist belt was introduced and made life easier for thousands of parents.

    It is ideal for carrying babies and it comes with a waist belt and adjustable head support for the baby. It is a safe and extremely reliable carrier, which is made of soft and reliable material which makes it comfortable, stylish, and useful. Farosh sold hundreds of these to the parents all over Pakistan and got excellent feedback from the users. It is perfect for newborn babies and parents as well.

    Final Word 

    These are some of the items that were sold in big numbers and helped to overcome the startup difficulties into a new era of online shopping in Pakistan.