Best Wedding Gift for Best Friend In Pakistan

Best Wedding Gift for Best Friend In Pakistan
  • Pakistani weddings are fun and over the top. Celebrating with big gestures and an unlimited number of events are the core ingredients of any Pakistani wedding. When it comes to weddings the guests are only concerned about one thing: the menu for the dinner and the wedding couple is only focused on the unforgettable wedding gifts they will be receiving from their loved ones. Gift-giving is a tricky business. While buying wedding gifts for the couple there are a lot of factors that you need to think about before you make a final purchase. It is somewhat easier to decide if it is a distant relative's wedding, a box of mithai, and an envelope of money that can sort you out.

    But the real problem strikes when the wedding gift you are trying to decide on is for none other than your best friend. The tricky business turns into a daunting quest that you wish to tackle effortlessly but fail to do so. The pressure is enormous because you don’t want to give something cliché to your “jigar ka tukra”. Whether you want to choose an ideal surprise wedding gift for friends or a unique wedding gift for your best friend the task is challenging and quite mentally exhausting.

    You can visit hundreds of stores and you would just end up running around in circles with zero decisions made. You always can opt for a funny wedding gift for your best friend but then it might not be a clever choice as you want them to cherish a wedding gift for a long period rather than giving them some knick-knack for the sake of fun. Your best friend’s wedding is an affair that you want to make memorable and so the present given by you should be impressive and remarkable.

    Correction: After researching, some top-notch ideas for nikah gifts for the bride and less likely to be unforgettable wedding gifts for your life-long bestie which are much better than relying on obvious options such as money envelopes have been mentioned here.

    Help her Plan the Perfect Getaway

    If you have a best friend who is a travel enthusiast and cannot even stay home for the weekends and ends up planning a staycation now and then, then plan a super-fun all-girls getaway before she says “I do”. Try to make it more attractive by adding a travel voucher which will be counted as an extra unique wedding gift for your best friend as she can redeem it while on the go without any hassle. Try to choose the destination that suits her personality and make sure you include all the extra add-ons for the hotel stay, so she can relax her soul to the maximum before she commits to a man-child for a lifetime. It is a much better choice compared to some best wedding jewelry gifts.


    The ideal Gift for Him & Her

    By any chance, if two of your best friends are tying the knot after dating for several years then you need to choose a gift that is most likely Uni-sex and can be used by the newlyweds. The task of choosing one of the most thoughtful wedding gifts for the couple is slightly complex, as you want to choose something that fits both of their personalities. If you have a certain budget then a delicious wedding cake could be a potential yet best surprise wedding gift for friends if both of them are foodies. And if you are flexible with your spending power, then a home appliance such as a coffee machine, preferably an espresso, can also be a practical yet useful present. It could prove to be a nicer option if they are coffeeholic.


    Curate Something Special for Them

    This is an option that is way better than any one of those typical best wedding jewelry gifts where you can have some fun while planning it out for your best friends. If they are art lovers and can interpret the hidden message in the painting then buying them a nice knowable artwork can be your best bet. If you are not as rich as Elon Musk then you can get any aspiring artist to create an authentic yet mesmerizing artwork that most likely depicts their life stories in it or a message that signifies the importance of commitment and love. Trust me, this idea will earn you the award of the best friend of the year and will be one of the most unforgettable wedding gifts in the history of weddings.


    The Nikah Gifts for the Bride and Groom (Affordable version)

    Everyone has a budget restriction. I do and so do you, which is completely fine. But when it is a nikah of your best friends, you cannot let it slide with some petty cash gifts or typical couple watch sets. It has to be special yet affordable. The pain of digging the market restlessly for that one gift is quite fatiguing. Sometimes you can choose a simple gift idea and make it glamorous by adding one of the most creative best wedding gifts flower décor available on the market. Here are some of the budget-friendly present options for the newlyweds and quick tips on how to put them together.

    •       A Customized Stepping Stone

    •       A Spa Basket

    •       A Date courtesy of you

    •       Interesting Collection of Books

    A Customized Stepping Stone

    A stepping stone is a perfect choice to celebrate the unification of two souls because it signifies a stone that allows you to step closer to success. Have any reliable custom shop, engrave their names with an inspiring nikah quote. The happy couple would love it and can place it in their backyard as a keepsake. It is a meaningful present which is better than any funny wedding gift for your best friend.


    Spa A Day Keeps All the Stress Away

    The couple must be exhausted after going through the stressful planning of their big day. A cute basket with all Spa must-haves can be the most caring yet affordable gift that you can give to a happy couple.  It will be one of the best wedding gifts for the couple and help them relax after months of traumatic planning and discussions regarding the wedding.


    Book Them a Date

    With so many arrangements to look after and to decide on various menus for the wedding, the bride and groom can take a break and treat themselves to a nice meal paid for by you. You can easily choose an affordable voucher for dinner for 2 and present them before the main day, so they can spend some quality time together and relax, all courtesy of you. Adding some best wedding gifts and flower décor to the dining table would be the icing on the cake and also, set the pre-wedding vibes for them.


    Books are your Best friend and so are the Newly-Weds

    Books are the most affordable yet respectable gift that you can present to your loved ones. If they are two nerds in love and enjoy reading, then you can buy an interesting collection of popular books that fall under the genre they have an interest in. If this gift doesn’t earn you a little extra credit for being an exceptional gift-giver then I don’t know what will. These unique wedding gifts for your best friend and her groom will make their quality time together more special and precious.


    Ending with a Love Note

    To be part of the wedding party is important but what’s more important is for the gift-giving ritual to be executed perfectly, especially when the wedding is of your best friends. I hope with all the suggestions provided above, you can now easily choose the perfect gift for your loved ones without any hassle. From affordable options to pricey ones, the ideas are easy to acquire and present to the lovely couple on their big day. The last thing you might want to add to their wedding is your blessings that shower on them as they step into a new phase of their lives.