Farosh Order Statuses & their Meaning

Farosh Order Statuses & their Meaning
  • Online Shopping in Farosh has been made easier and more affordable for the comfort of its dedicated customers. By upgrading the look of Farosh shop and Farosh mall, the company plans to make the E-commerce experience smooth for the sellers and buyers of the platform. All though shopping online is no longer a foreign idea, still, many buyers are doubtful while placing an order online. While having concerns about Farosh processing their orders and Farosh’s return policy, many hold themselves back from placing an order online. In the past, the company has successfully guided its sellers by uploading tutorials with the label “How to start your online business in 5 minutes”? And by writing blogs on various online business ideas for beginners, it is easy for people to learn how to earn a living for themselves.

    It is no longer a hidden fact, how Farosh benefits sellers by opening platforms like the Farosh shop. It is now high time, that the E-commerce company guides its buyers to gain their confidence by sharing how their orders are processed and how Farosh delivered multiple orders successfully in the past months without any complaints from loyal customers. To have a depth understanding of how the company works and why online shopping in Farosh is hassle-free allow me to guide you on what steps are followed when Farosh is Ready-to-Ship your order and how it delivers to your doorstep with zero hassle.


    How Farosh’s Order Management works

    The whole idea behind the existence of the Lahore-based company is to enhance the shopping experience for its user while making it reliable and efficient. From the moment the order is placed the following crucial steps are taken care of by the team at Farosh who execute it without any errors to ensure the order has reached the buyer accurately.

    •       Processing and Confirmation
    •       Ready-to-Ship and Shipping
    •       Delivery
    •       Return & Refund


    Processing and Confirmation

    Once the customer places an order, the Farosh Processing department receives the transaction and confirms the purchase by calling the buyer. Along with confirming the decision of the customer about buying the item, the support team also confirms the other order details as well. Once the buyer authenticates their order, an email confirmation is sent on the registered id of the customer, where they are provided with the estimated time of delivery and as well as a tracking ID through which they can track their order smoothly. After the confirmation of the purchase by the buyer, Farosh confirms the order to the seller, which brings the transaction to the next stage of the buying process which is Ready-to-ship.


    Ready-to-Ship and Shipping

    Once the support team has confirmed the order details from the buyer, they pass the confirmed details to the seller. Through his shop dashboard, the seller receives the details and prepares the order while creating a booking to notify third-party logistics through the support team to collect the order from their physical address. As soon as Farosh is Ready-to-Ship the package is picked up by one of the reliable third-party logistics teams and heads out for delivery.



    Once Farosh ships the order, under the responsibility of its trustworthy logistic partner, it is made sure, that the order is handled with care and no damage occurs to the product in the process of delivery. With big names such as Leopard, MoveX, and PostEx in Farosh’s logistics wagon, it is safe to say, the deliveries are always done in a timely manner and without damaging the items.

    Once the package reaches its destination, the logistic partner asks the buyer to check the product thoroughly. Farosh not only allows the customer to open the package at the door but also encourages them to make an unboxing video while doing so, which can help out to analyze later if the customer asks for a refund.


    Return & Refund

    If the customer finds an issue with the product that Farosh Delivered, then they need to share the unboxing video on the company’s corporate WhatsApp Number. Keeping in mind, without the unboxing video, it is difficult for the company to generate a refund for the customer. Once the unboxing video is received the support officer will forward the video to the operation manager, who will analyze the product to see if it qualifies for the terms and conditions of the Farosh Return Policy. Suppose the product matches the requirements of the return policy, in that case, Farosh confirms the possibility of a refund, and a return booking is created to pick up the defective order from the customer’s doorstep. The logistic partner delivers the product back to the seller and the buyer receives a refund in a few working days.


    Other Benefits Provided by Farosh for Buyers

    While proving how the Farosh shop has helped struggling sellers by giving out online business Ideas for beginners and how Farosh is beneficial for Sellers, the company has made sure to make the online shopping experience effortless and reliable for the buyers too. By launching platforms such as Farosh Mall, the purchasers can avail themselves of multiple benefits including Multiple Payment Options, a 7-day Return Policy Plan, and receiving genuine products. Apart from this, you can compare and contrast the prices of the same item uploaded by different vendors. This option gives you the flexibility to choose the product according to the strength of your budget.

     As mentioned earlier, multiple payment options are a blessing for the online shopper and keeping that in mind, the buyer can make the purchase with their own preferred type of payment method. With a 7-day return policy plan, the company makes sure the customer has a satisfactory shopping experience and is happy to execute the policy plan if the shopper’s case matches its terms and conditions. Farosh ships and only promotes genuine products, buyers are less likely to find copies on the shopping platform. Last but not least, you will frequently find the bestsellers added to the daily deals with eye-widening discounts and genuine product reviews. And on that note, it is quite evident why shopping in the online mall is a good idea and can make you fall in love with online shopping all over again.