Online Shopping Mistakes: Find out where you are wrong!

Online Shopping Mistakes: Find out where you are wrong!
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    Jan 30, 2019

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  • Despite the rising statistics on online shopping, there are still people who are found averse of the idea of shopping online, particularly in the context of Pakistan. What is it that makes them hate online shopping so much? It is probably their own terrible experiences or the terrible experiences of others that they might have witnessed. However, if we come to think of it, the fault is not of online shopping itself, but of your ability to do so. At times, we do not understand what to order and what not to. Identifying the right thing to buy online and spotting the online retailers that you can trust is an art, and you can easily master this art with the little extra care. Following is a quick review of the common blunders that people make while shopping online. Give it a read and make sure you do not repeat them when you shop next. 

    Placing a huge order in the first go

    Never, I repeat Never, place a huge order from a site you are trying for the first time. Just buy something smaller to check if the page really does fulfill the promises and claims it makes. I have seen people ordering electronics and furniture from the online retailers they have never tried before and then crying over the disappointment they had to face at the time of receiving it. So, to keep yourself from facing this disappointment, make sure you do not buy something grand or expensive from an untrusted site. 

    Not comparing the alternatives

    Always compare the alternate options available. Impulsive buyers tend to just add in the cart the first option they come across. Before you make the final purchase, compare the options available all over the internet. If it’s something as simple as a bag, make sure you are getting the thing which is worth the money you are paying for it. 

    Buying from retailers other than the official sites

    Many a times, the products of certain brands are available at multiple sites, although those brands have their own official websites. This is so common in electronics, mobile phones and computing and makeup products. If you have an official site of any certain brand or products, there is no reason to buy it from anywhere else. 

    Not reading the reviews of previous buyers

    Make sure you go through the reviews of previous buyers before you place your order. These reviews give you a genuine idea of what to expect from the products ordered. These reviews are also sometimes accompanied with the non-professionally taken pictures which give a more realistic look-and-feel of the products. 

    Not reading the descriptions and details properly

    People at times end up ordering the wrong size of clothing items. Also, they do not first properly read the details of the fabrics and dimensions and then complain about the quality when it does not match their expectation. This is plainly your own mistake if you do not first read the detailed description of the product before ordering it. Every clothing item comes with a detailed size chart that gives complete dimensions of each given size option, which must be consulted carefully before placing the order. 

    Not checking official presence at social media sites 

    Social media presence is one of the most authentic sources to check the individuals as well as businesses. If you want to get an idea about the caliber of any brand or retailer, you can check the social media accounts of them. Also, this is the place where you can get to see some genuine reviews of other users and buyers. 

    Final Word 

    With these handy tips, we hope you now have an idea of what to keep in mind before checkout. Avoid these blunders and we are sure you would love your online shopping experience. Looking to buy 100% genuine products? Check out our website, we have great deals waiting for you! Stay tuned, keeps updating you with the new topics that will clear your ambiguities while buying online.