Winter Gadgets List for your Car in Pakistan

Winter Gadgets List for your Car in Pakistan
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    Jan 05, 2023

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  • Purchasing winter gadgets for your car is mandatory to avoid any uncertain troubles in the cold season. You don’t want to be left stranded all alone on an unknown road. One must carry certain tools while traveling in a daily routine. In winter, a simple trip from work to home can face unexpected challenge middle of a foggy and icy evening. As much as winters are celebrated in Pakistan, the season has cons that sometimes label it as a dangerous time to be out in the streets.

    Most importantly, your car’s health can also be challenged at unexpected moments. To avoid such situations, one should be familiar with what car accessories are available in the market. As mentioned earlier, you need to purchase them and be well-prepared for a wintry catastrophe. For your ease, we have gathered the best car accessories list, skimming is highly discouraged because these products are mentioned here for your safety only. This means you should read it thoroughly and invest in the must-have safety measures.

    •   Jumper Wires
    •   Car Headlight Film
    •   Anti-fog Spray
    •   Portable Car Heater
    •   Double Cylinder Air Compressor

    Jumper Wires

    Imagine you are off to an important meeting and you need to be there sharp at 10:00 am. You sit behind the steering wheel and enter the key to start the car but the engine doesn’t make any sound, let alone roar. This right here is a brutal case of the cold dead engine, which many of us face during winter. And to be honest, it’s not fun, especially when you are getting late for something important. For such situations, it is always better to own Jumper wires. These are one of the most helpful and best car gadgets in Pakistan as it revives the dead engine without wasting any time. All you need to do is grab the wires, that have alligator clips at the end and have it interconnected to the dead battery of your car. It not only saves time but also eliminates stress in emergencies.

    Car Headlight Film

    Car headlight films might be used to protect your car’s gorgeous headlights from any damage but it also plays a role in protecting you from accidents in heavy fog. You can get a daredevil vibe while driving on a dense foggy road, as there is poor visibility and you cannot make out if there is any other vehicle coming in from the other end. Needless to say, safety is more important than being a stuntman. Car headlight film is one of the most bought car gadgets in Pakistan not only because it discourages accidents but also because it is highly economical to buy and maintain. People prefer to apply these on their car’s headlights before the winter kicks in to avoid any unwanted mishaps.

     Anti-Fog Spray

    While the yellow headlight film protects your car from the outside, the anti-fog spray keeps your interiors spotless from fog and smoke residue. It increases visibility while driving, as it keeps your windshield and side mirrors clean. Compare to other winter gadgets for your car, these are not costly and eradicate in-car condensation caused due to wet weather or higher humidity levels. Most importantly, it is easier to apply and safe to use. You just need to spray on the section you want to be clear and wipe the surface with a clean cloth to leave a streak-free coating. Purchase one from and make your journey during the cold season, safe and peaceful.

     Portable Car Heater

    Similar to the best car accessories in Pakistan, this one is a blessing in disguise indeed. Portable room heaters are common and used nationwide when winter steps in. However, you can keep your mode of transportation super warm too, by purchasing a portable car heater. The fan heater is incredibly secure to be used in a moving vehicle and produces warm air to deliver you a peaceful journey. Moreover, the car heater also provides cool air for the summery season for your comfort. Compare to other car gadgets, it is one of the economical choices for many buyers in the market due to its portability and affordability factor. If you wish to buy such a talented gadget, then head over to and protect your loved ones from the brutally cold temperature this season.

    Double Cylinder Air Compressor

    In winter, you most definitely want to avoid emergencies at all costs. As it is no fun to step out of the car in the mind-numbing temperature and repair whatever the damage is. Keeping such things in mind, it is always wise to carry Double cylinder air compressor with you while on a long journey. With so many bumps and potholes on the road, it is most likely to get a flat tire or lose air pressure from the tires. Because of such reasons, people often engage in accidents such as tire bursts while traveling on motorways in Pakistan. Carrying an air compressor eliminates the chances of getting hurt and standing on an isolated road in the chilly season. By far, it is one of the car gadgets in Pakistan.

    Some of the Other Winter Gadgets for your Car in Pakistan

    The ones we talked about above, are the ones that are must-haves for each individual. But there are a few that you should consider buying if you live in a place where it snows heavily. Here are the top 3 picks:

    Shovels: These are an absolute must, if you live in a snowy area such as Muree, as it allows you to remove the snow effortlessly from your pathway and drive your car peacefully.

    Car Cover: A car cover is essential as it protects your car, from being enclosed in a blanket of thick snow. It also relieves you from the hassle of using an ice scraper to remove the hard icy particles.

    Snow Brush: If you got too lazy to purchase a car cover then you need to own a snow brush to clear the snow from your car’s windshield and other windows.

    Regardless of wherever you live, you cannot avoid experiencing winters. It is indeed one of the most enjoyable seasons but challenging to drive safely. Many individuals who own a bike are thrown into more turmoil when they meet with slippery roads during the cold rainy season. Maybe next time, we can highlight some hacks for the bike riders, which will allow them to have a safe ride, and avoid unwelcome collisions.