6 New Year Gift Ideas for the Men in Your House

6 New Year Gift Ideas for the Men in Your House
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    Jan 27, 2020

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  • What can be better than celebrating the New Year by giving presents to those we love and those who have made our lives better? Yes, you got it right! The men in our homes who work day in and day out just to make our lives comfortable and allow us to enjoy the life in its true spirits. They can be anyone i.e. father, brother, husband, or even your son. This New Year, as a gesture of love, why not buy them a present to tell them how much they mean to you? 

    Finding a gift especially for men can be tricky but you don’t have to worry! Here we have assembled a list of 10 New Year gifts you can choose from Farosh.pk for those who provide you with a sense of protection and do whatever it takes to make your life beautiful. 


    In this digital age, nothing compares to the utility a smartphone adds to our lives. It is not just a product but it is slowly taking the shape of necessity and rightly so. This New Year, you can add a touch of class and style to your loved one’s personality by gifting them a new smartphone. The best thing about smartphones is that you can find one in different price ranges so, there is no chance of it proving a heavy stone on your pocket. From Huawei, Samsung, QMobile, Nokia to Apple iPhone, you can choose anyone that you find interesting. At Farosh.pk, you can find smartphones from all the top brands at very low prices. Follow the link below to buy one. Rush now because we have some exclusive discounts available. 

    Farosh's smart phone category 

    Computer Accessories 

    Men, in general, are obsessed with gadgets and computer accessories – whenever they find the time, they like to play computer games or just browse the internet on their laptops. Computer accessories can prove to be a valuable gift item for men because they are always seeking new and advanced accessories that can enhance their computer usage time. There are different computer accessories to choose from including a new gaming mouse, headphones, Bluetooth keyboard/mouse, tripods, and others. Any of these items can easily make their day and bring an instant smile to their face. Choose from a wide variety of computer accessories online from Farosh.pk and save your time of going out.

    Computer Accessories on Farosh 

    Cricket Equipment 

    Cricket is something that literally flows in the veins of more than 75% of the Pakistani men. The obsession with this sport is unbelievable and never-ending. If your son or brother is also a cricket fanatic, nothing can be as delighting for them than a new cricket bat or complete cricket kit. When it comes to the cricket equipment, the choices are immense – from a cricket bat to new pair of gloves and pads to stumps and spikes, you can get confused as to which product to choose. However, one thing is for sure, it will be worth it for the person you are buying a present for. There is an extensive range of the best cricket equipment on Farosh.pk and that too, at incredibly low prices. Check out some great stuff and make your dear son or brother the cricket star they always wanted to be. 

    Sports & Fitness Items 

    Men and fitness can be termed as synonyms for all the right reasons. Ever since the trend of achieving those heavy muscles started, men have hit the gyms and there is nothing wrong in that. Even if the men in your home are not obsessed with bodybuilding, fitness is a must-have for everyone and men in particular. This is what makes sports & fitness items a great gift option for men. There are tons of products you can choose from. You can either go for dumbbells, workout items, massagers, and other exercise machines that can help them stay fit and active. At Farosh.pk, we are offering a large range of sports & fitness items from top brands. Browse through the website and choose the best fitness item online.

    Farosh fitness and health Accessories 


    Winter demands to stay warm and it is the only season when we can bring out the stylish side of our personality. Talking about style, one thing that comes to our mind is winter apparel including jackets, hoodies, blazers, coats, mufflers, scarves, hats, beanies, and sweaters. If you want the special person in your life to look trendy in the New Year, get them the best winter fashion accessories online from Farosh.pk. There are different apparel items that you can choose at very reasonable prices. 

    For men's clothing, you can visit Farosh for gifting to pick a right gift for your male friends, brothers or husband.

    TVs & DVDs 

    What do men do on the weekends? Yes, you got it right; watch movies or sports. Nothing can be more exciting for them to watch all their favorite shows without anyone asking them to change the channel for a serial or news but that does not happen very frequently. Not just as a New Year’s gift but as a life-changing gift, you can give them a new LCD TV or a DVD player that they can use anytime they want without any disturbance. It is not necessary that you choose a big-sized LCD TV for them but a small one can be a good choice, to begin with. Don’t know where to find the right products at the best prices? Look no further, Farosh.pk is the place: 

    Smart TVs and DVD  

    Final Word 

    Please note that the value of the gift is not measured by its cost but the feeling with which you give it to the other person. Since you are buying for the men in your home, it is the best feeling you can have watching them smile on the New Year’s Eve. Don’t waste any further time because the discounts are for a very limited period of time. Visit Farosh.pk now and avail exclusive discounts today.