5 Rules of Linkedin Marketing Strategy to Enhance Your Business Page

5 Rules of Linkedin Marketing Strategy to Enhance Your Business Page
  • If you want to grow in the corporate world, following the LinkedIn Marketing Strategy is the hidden key to your success. Many businesses create their company’s page but have no idea how to optimize their LinkedIn account for better reach and leads. Before indulging in the journey of exploring the full potential of the platform, remember, that it is not Instagram or Facebook. To begin with, the content shared on the business-oriented network is way different than what we see on Instagram or Facebook. It is a professional network, built for professionals belonging to different niches. It isn’t a place where make-up tutorials and cooking recipes are welcome. The kind of posts that are welcomed on LinkedIn, includes How-to guides, articles, and educational carousels. A lot of companies that create their presence on it, tend to mix its personality with other popular social media networks. The funny thing is, LinkedIn holds a special power that a lot of businesses are still unaware of. But it’s never too late to learn something productive, right? We collected the most important 5 rules of LinkedIn Marketing, that every business should follow to gain sales and leads. Go through each one of these, and see if you have missed out on any of these yet.  

    Share Content Relevant to Your Niche

    This is kind of an important point. Extremely important. If you run an e-commerce store, then your content should be based on it entirely. Posting content that isn’t related to your area of expertise is a bad idea. Your profile will neither gain followers nor the reach you are aiming at.  For instance, telling your e-commerce-bound audience how to grow an indoor garden, will make your profile shed followers like leaves in autumn. But if you post about how a website plays an important role in running an e-commerce business, you will not only get your audience hooked but receive a good amount of engagement too. So plan smartly about what you are going to post in the following week and receive the audience growth on LinkedIn that your company is worthy of. As an example, here is a post from Farosh where the B2B model company, speaks to its audience who are likely to build an online shop with the brand.



    Study the LinkedIn Algorithm

    Once you have gone through the process of LinkedIn Profile Optimization, you can start easily posting content on your account. However, your content is monitored by LinkedIn. Believe it or, your content is filtered out on LinkedIn through 3 steps before reaching out to your target audience. Firstly, similar to Google, LinkedIn has bots that analyze your content to ensure it is not spam. Following that, your content is shown to a trial audience, to record their interest in your chosen topic. The post appears in other users’ feeds to see the engagements it receives. Lastly, a group of LinkedIn editors go through your work and show it to a much larger audience. To measure the performance of your content, always read the analytics provided in the dashboard of your account. It makes it easier for you to understand what kind of content is popular among your targeted audience. Lastly, make sure not to add too many links, as such posts are not acceptable by LinkedIn’s algorithm and it will end up hiding your content. 

    Encourage Employees to Market Your Brand

    Your employees are your unofficial brand ambassador. The way they are presented, people judge what kind of workplace you are in. In today’s times, people want big enterprises to communicate with them in a non-fancy and non-corporate way. Ask your employees to market on social media, by tagging your company’s name in the post. You can also ask them to mention the company’s name in their work experience area featured on their personal LinkedIn profiles. Your employees are not only a way to grow your enterprise but also to enrich your brand.

    Mention People in Your Posts

    The simplest trick to receive more impressions and engagement is to tag people in your post. It is the most effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. You can say, it is important for a business page more than the things mentioned above. When you mention or refer to someone in your content, you need to tag them following with an @.  Once they receive notifications so do, their connections and followers, which increases the post visibility, leading up to gaining a higher number of impressions and comments. Here is an example for you:


    Join LinkedIn Groups and Create a Newsletter

    Being a part of LinkedIn Groups is an excellent way to interact with your peers. This also gives your brand full exposure. You can also create your company’s group and invite like-minded people to generate entertaining yet productive conversations. Similar to groups, you can create a newsletter, that is released weekly or monthly. In an attempt to build a digital presence, casting a newsletter will not only allow your company’s page to gain more exposure but also, reach the latest information about your services or products to the chosen people. Needless to say, it helps in building a relationship between your company and the targeted audience.

    Market Your Brand Smartly

    Everyone online these days understands the importance of LinkedIn Marketing Strategy but doesn’t know how to imply it in the correct manner. As mentioned earlier, their many companies that mistake LinkedIn for other non-formal social media networks and post irrelevant content that drives the audience away.  The strategies mentioned above not only work like magic but also give your business page credibility. Apart from gaining, interaction with your target audience, you also create your brand’s personality online. The most popular way of engaging with your audience involves the use of carousels and simple text posts. There was a time when people use to only search for jobs on LinkedIn but now the platform has gained popularity as a marketing tool, where each business or brand can make their name within a few months. If you have not set up a business page yet, then right now would be the correct time because people tend to remember a brand that tells stories.