5 Times When soft drink Companies Became TOO Experimental

   5 Times When soft drink Companies Became TOO Experimental
  • When It comes to creating something new, no one can beat soft drink companies. They dedicate themselves to experimenting with weird flavors and even bear the criticism from fans for ruining their favorite drink. Whether it’s Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or any other popular beverage company, they always manage to surprise their audience. The companies definitely follow strong marketing strategies, given their status in the world. Also, they know their soft drinks go literally with everything! Whether it’s beef burgers, cold sandwiches, sushi, or kimchi fried rice, the generic flavor compliments everything.

     After creating strong brand equity followed by customer loyalty, they know whatever they are going to put into those bottles, is going to SELL. But that isn’t the case really. In today’s blog, we are going to look over the strange soft drinks list that had the weirdest flavors and despite being popular brands, their consumers rejected the idea brutally. Hold on to the edge of your seats, as this is going to be one crazy ride. In the next few minutes, you are going to read Pepsi and cucumber in the same sentence. Do you think we are kidding? Let’s read ahead to find out.

    Coke with Orange Flavor

    Coca-Cola has been the most popular brand in the history of soft drinks. Needless to say, it is also the biggest competitor of none other than – Pepsi. Initially launched as a medicine for nausea and headache, the drink is everyone’s favorite. Being an American company, Coca-Cola has always ensured that its flavor compliment junk food. They don’t say it in the commercial but that is the goal. However, being a worldwide famous brand, it experiments with wide flavors. In the past, some of these have been incredibly successful such as Cherry Coke. But then Coke decided to go ahead with the weirdest flavor, which was ORANGE! Now, one would definitely get nauseous at the sight of it. Orange has a citrusy and sour flavor, not sure how the company thought the two can go well together. Nonetheless, it was an epic fail.

    Pepsi with Cucumber

    Yes, we were not kidding! There it is! The oddest flavor ever to be made in the history of beverages. Similar to Coca-Cola, Pepsi doesn’t need an introduction. It has its own fandom and rules the world happily. Being one of the most popular soft drinks, it works by mixing new flavors with generic ones to please various countries worldwide. So, when Pepsi had to create something unique for Japan, they came up with the idea to put cucumber in the iconic drink. The exceptional mix-up was backed up by the idea, that it will remind people to stay cool in the summer heat. Even though the theory was smart enough, the drink was not really a success. In fact, Pepsi Twist, which had extracts of lemon, had an instant success when it hit the shelves in the hot summers and definitely kept people cool.

    Fanta with Banana

    Once again, Coca-Cola- the company played with the flavors and delivered another strangest drink combo to the world. This time they infused bananas with their evergreen and citrusy soft drink, Fanta. Unlike other drinks, this one is still available to buy but in selected parts of the world. The drink saw success in tropical places such as Hawaii and Jamaica. Surprisingly, the citrusy and fruity drink gained fans as much as the ones that were dedicated to the original Fanta. Nevertheless, it was a definite success compared to Pepsi Ginger Cola.

    Jones Tofurky and Gravy Soda

    Jones Soda is a popular American company, that is exclusively famous in the USA. Their sodas are known to have fine extracts of sugar cane. So far, the famous flavors it has paired up with are root beer, cola, and cream soda. However, the company decided to come up with the most unique soda flavors, compared to other soft drink companies in the world. Proving itself to be a healthy and vegan-friendly option, the soda company dared to add the most unique elements in their soda -Tofurky and Gravy. We don’t even need to give you the reason why it failed. The savory drink was released during Thanksgiving. Although it didn’t receive the attention they were looking for.


    Coca-Cola Does It Again

    The newly launched soft drink from the American company is known as Coca-cola Star Light. The unique thing about this drink is, it is dedicated to space. Instead of experimenting too much with flavor, the company has changed its traditional caramel color to red hues. While many consumers have described it to have a cotton-candy-like taste. It is still a mystery if it’s a hit or a miss. However, you might want to give it a try before it is discontinued like other experimental flavors.

    One Soft Drink That Goes WELL with EVERY Flavor

    Now that we have gone through the list of various soft drink names, there is one soft drink that has the ability to bear ALL kinds of strangest flavors. Yes, you guess it right, it’s Sprite! Apart from Pepsi and Coke, Sprite shares fame with many other famous soft drinks. The drink is popular to be consumed after heavy meals to discourage indigestion. Originally, flavored with a hint of lemon-lime, the drink is quite flexible compared to other drinks. Whether you mix it with ginger, cranberry, orange, or vanilla, the drink doesn’t fail to give a pleasant taste. One of the reasons why this happens is because it does not have too many ingredients but simply plain old lemon. And lemon compliments almost every flavor. In fact, the new combination of mint and lemon-lime in Sprite Lemon-Lime-Mint has been a roaring success in Pakistan.

    In the end, these soft drinks companies have attained a good reputation and fame around the world, and even weird addition of flavors cannot decrease their demands from the consumers. Even though, their new experiments fail but no matter what, people will keep coming back for the original taste.

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