5 Trends That Will Shape Online Shopping in 2018

5 Trends That Will Shape Online Shopping in 2018
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    Jan 21, 2020

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  • The growth of e-commerce globally is mind-boggling. In the last few years, new records have been set by this industry with sales surpassing $2 trillion mark. By the year 2020, it is expected that the sales will reach $27 trillion making this industry more profitable one. In the world of online selling, e-commerce is playing some increasingly diverse roles and since the inception of Amazon, it has come a long way forward. This industry now offers a vast range of services besides products ranging from groceries to even properties.

    Creating an e-commerce store today is one of the most highly returning investments if it is properly managed and operated. By properly managing, it means that you have to make sure your store is following all the latest trends that are capable of driving more sales. In this post, we have compiled a list of 5 trends that will drive online shopping in 2018. The owners should be looking to keep a close eye on these trends because these can prove to be a real boon for your businesses.

    Responsive Website Design

    Statistics suggest that more than 50% of web traffic is mobile based. Besides suggesting that the number of mobile phone users has increased, it means that the design of an e-commerce website should be responsive. A responsive website design means a website that can be opened on the device of any screen size. The pages should load smoothly without omitting any information – something that developers have to contend with – in order to improve the user experience.

    Templates are Back in Action

    Using a pre-designed template was once considered as a sign of laziness but today, the mentality has changed and a lot of businesses are using the same templates because of their tested functionality. Since the evolution of smartphones, there are many designs coming out at regular intervals which makes it difficult to make amendments in self-developed design. Using templates is a better and fruitful option in this case.

    The Evergreen Grids

    From smartphones to laptop computers, grid designs are always the go-to option for e-commerce website owners. Online shipping, even after changing to a great extent, works on some classical concepts and one of them is a proper exhibition of the product which is only possible with the grid design. If you are making an e-commerce store, make sure you have this design that makes it easier for your customers to know more about a certain product.

    CTA Buttons

    What’s the point of operating an e-commerce store when there is no visible option available for the customers to purchase it? One of the most important aspects of an e-commerce store is the proper placement of CTA (call to action) buttons. Using these buttons, the customers are able to buy the product without any delay. These buttons include Add to Cart, Buy Now, Add to Wishlist, and Click Here etc.

    Email Subscriptions

    Creating a large customer base is one of the primary elements of success for an e-commerce store. For this reason, besides offering attractive products, it is vital to get customers on board in a way that makes them share their email addresses with you. Integrating a subscription widget at the blog or offers’ page to create interest of the customers.

    Trends keep changing and this is why you have to step up if you want to keep up with the industry. Online shopping in Pakistan can only be made successful if global trends are followed and a major focus is on quality.

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