6 Reasons to Buy Online in Pakistan with Farosh.PK

6 Reasons to Buy Online in Pakistan with Farosh.PK
  • Whenever the topic of “online shopping” is discussed, the lack of reliability the customers have regarding online stores becomes prominent. People often prefer to make purchases in-store, as they have a more satisfactory experience. Winning the trust of the customer is the core challenge that most E-commerce businesses battle with today. Receiving wrong orders and lost deliveries of prepaid purchases, are a few of the issues that withhold the consumer from putting their money into products from an online store. Farosh, an online shopping store, is aware of the struggles an online shopper faces.


    Keeping these challenges in mind, the Lahore-based company ensures to provide genuine products and impeccable after-sales services to its customers. It is working hard to enhance the online shopping mall so that E-commerce can grow stronger in Pakistan and act as a time-saving and convenience tool for its consumers. While browsing the website, you can see the prices offered are calculated after conducting an easy price comparison from the market.  Without much further ado, allow me to share with you the following perks offered by Farosh that not only makes e-market a reliable platform but also smartly eliminate the norms of fraudulent acts.


    1. Everything Under One Roof 

    2. Customer-centric Policy

    3. Attractive Deals and Discounts

    4. Easy Payment Methods

    5. Cost-effective and Attested Delivery

    6. 7-day Return Policy Plan


    Everything Under One Roof

    You can find everything under one roof when you log on to Farosh.pk. Those who are shifting into a new home can purchase a wide range of kitchen appliances from the online store. Similarly, if someone is hunting down long-lasting perfumes, they can easily purchase one from Farosh Mall without compromising on their budget and the quality of the product. The online store is home to various games and toys, exclusively available for children, and also stands out for trust-worthy online dress shopping. You can easily shop for essentials such as kitchen tools, bedsheets, clothes, toiletries, and much more from the e-marketplace. Most importantly, if you are mulling over buying a reliable beauty product or a hardware tool, even one that is available on the platform for you to purchase. Once logged in, you will discover a new world where the choices are endless and prices very low.


    Customer-centric Policy 

    Customer Support Team at Farosh.pk is dedicated and attentive when it comes to customer satisfaction and is all ears when a customer approaches them with an issue. The reason behind the customer-centric policy is that the company strongly believes in maintaining a long-term relationship with its customers. Unlike the other eCommerce brands operating in Pakistan, Farosh strives to fix the complaints without any delay, ensuring the consumer is pleased.


    Attractive Deals and Discounts

    Farosh understands how much purchasing power has lowered since the pandemic of 2020. The online store provides the best deals and discounts possible that don't cause a dent in the customer’s wallet. Who doesn't loves discounts anyways? Easy price comparisons are made with the competitors, and budget-friendly options are provided so that customers shop with enthusiasm rather than with budget concerns. Also, smarter bargains, make customers feel good about themselves and help Farosh gain their trust and valuable time. 


    Easy Payment Methods

    Not all customers are comfortable paying with cash on delivery. The online shopping mall offers multiple payment methods, that are easy to apply for its consumers. Those who have a restricted budget can easily opt for credit/debit cards. Since not everyone has ownership of bank cards, Farosh also gives the benefit of paying through digital mobile wallets such as JazzCash and Easy Paisa. Easy access to various payment methods, gives flexibility to the customers, to complete the purchase, however it is convenient for them.


    Cost-effective and Attested Delivery

    Well-examined product delivery is one of the smartest strategies of Farosh.pk that allows the online shopping store to win the trust of its customers and registered sellers. The team at the fulfillment center also evaluates the product before delivery. Unlike other online businesses in Pakistan, Farosh is much more concerned about being identified as a trustworthy platform rather than earning big bucks by scamming its dedicated customers. Quality assurance is something, that is taken seriously on the digital platform. Delivering the right product and timely deliveries are one of the many priorities that the company follows efficiently. Lastly, the e-market portal guarantees delivery in the minimum period and provides cost-effect delivery through its ethical logistic partners.


    7-day Return Policy Plan

    The 7-day return policy stands out to customers and lead’s to the brand’s success. After delivering the right product that the consumer has ordered, the online shopping mall promises to entertain the customer in the best possible way. 7-day Return Policy Planwe offers an opportunity to return the product if it is not accurate or damaged. To achieve a successful refund or return, the product must be eligible, for the terms and conditions of the plan. Some product comes with warranty cards, which can be used to claim a replacement or a refund from the product’s brand. 


    Farosh and Its Role in the Society

    Farosh is dedicated to offering the best quality of products and services to its clientage. The brand doesn't want to compromise or scam its consumers unjustly. Understanding the importance of E-commerce, its mission includes, making online shopping more common than the physical one. Not only it provides opportunities for customers to purchase a flawless product but also shares its platform with verified sellers, where they can earn a good income to support their families. The whole idea of buying and selling is quite mundane and needs to be revived with fun and trusting ways. Pakistan needs to see growth in E-commerce and companies like Farosh are trying their level best, to enhance it further. Lastly, the e-marketplace is fully dedicated to promoting women's empowerment. 

    The brand has various home-based female sellers, who are privileged to sell their hand-crafted creations and make the profit they deserve. It is no hidden fact, that women in Pakistan are multi-talented and are ace when it comes to multitasking. Along with boosting the use of E-commerce, the company wants to send the message of how strong contributors women are to Pakistan’s economy. Such steps are mandatory for businesses to follow so that the country can benefit from them rather than fighting unfruitful sex battles. Farosh not only stands for selling products but for making women stand up for themselves.