9 Best Products to Sell in 2019

9 Best Products to Sell in 2019
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    Jun 28, 2019

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  • If you want to succeed in e-commerce you need three things; in-demand and profitable products to sell, skills to market them and the drive to succeed. 

    It is said that when people start with their own online store, they have the winner’s mindset already because taking risks isn’t easy too. You can find many online stores in Pakistan that have started from scratch and now then have a good market share. You are constantly learning, researching and preparing for success. However, 2019 is the year of action, and you need to buck up for it. It is certainly going to be the year to commit to start a new business, to test new products, create new ads, content and even market. It is time for you to implement what you have learned in the past years. 

    You can check out the business model of farosh.pk that will give you a descriptive overview of how to categorize your products and place them initially. Since the boom of online shopping in Pakistan, various e-commerce sites in Pakistan can be found that have followed the recipe for success the right way. 

    To give you a good head start, we have compiled a list of the top trending products in 2019 that you should consider selling and what you should do to market them. All the trending products can be found on farosh.pk that you can easily order from. 


    Shapewear is definitely shaping to be one of the most demanded niches to start with. It is expected that by 2022, the shapewear market is going to be around $5.6 billion in sales. The transition from an undergarment to a piece that is worn every day has certainly made a significant change. Fashion retailers are also going up with stocking the bodysuits that allow to create a slimming silhouette. You can find these bodysuits on different online stores in Pakistan that offer a wide variety of it. The shapewear offers women with different styles that can either be worn under the clothing with different cuts or with a top that contributes for a nice shape. 

    It offers a lot of variety, you can add it to your existing women’s fashion or lingerie category or even store it in the general apparel for the customers. You can place them in different colors, sizes, and style that will diversify your customer base on your website. 

    Men’s Plaid Shirt

    In late 2018, shoppers from all around went for plaid and made it one of the biggest fashion trends of the year. In fact, you can check it out on even in the international stores where they are stocked up with plaid shirts. And honestly, this trend isn’t showing any sign of slowing down. Since it is a broad category, you will be able to stock it up on your online store and offer it in a bunch of colors and styles to attract more users. 

    There is a common myth that people usually go for plaid in the autumn or the early winter, but it is certainly not the case. And even if you are starting your store in the summer or spring then you would have a few months to build up your search rankings. You would even be able to capitalize on the sales at a fraction of cost as organic traffic coming from SEO is cheaper than paid advertising. 

    You can create a standalone category on your online store in Pakistan or you can even place them under your collection of shirts. You will also be able to capitalize on the seasonal trend and promote other fashion styles as well. 

     When it comes to plaid patterns, you should search a little for the best-sellers that everyone is selling too. 


    The trends are constantly changing in fashion. However, athleisure or athlete apparel is one trend that will stay. It is worn as an everyday look rather than for athletic purposes that involves going to the gym. Within this category, you will be able to sell everything from the sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings, sports bras, tank tops, headbands, shoes in a lot of colors and styles. 

    There are various e-commerce sites in Pakistan that offer an extensive range of athleisure. You can even take it as a standalone store, as the product collection within the fashion niche or market the products within the fitness subcategories. Depending on how you position your brand, there can be an opportunity to expand into other product verticals such as accessories like yoga mats. You can check the yoga bodysuits available on farosh.pk to add to your collection of athleisure. 

    The target market for athletic apparel is female millennials whereas platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the ideal channels to grow your brand regardless of the fact that you pursue organic growth or use their advertising platforms. Influencers can model your athleisure and give it a shout out. 

    Travel accessories 

    With the rise of more and more travelers, it isn’t a surprise that business owners are going for stocking up travel accessories to increase their sales. 

    You can offer various accessories that are needed in traveling like water bottles, flasks, torches, mats, tents, mosquito nets, etc. The best way that you can place these products on your online store is to look out for the keywords that have been most searched monthly and then you can use those in your blog post. It will automatically create a backlink and also offers better visibility for your product on your online store.  

    SEO is a long term game but you will have to validate the product by making it more visible for your customers. By driving traffic to your blog instead of the product page, you will have a lower ad cost and a higher conversion rate, helping to warm up your leads. 

    Automotive Accessories 

    The more cars are becoming digital, the digital accessories are also becoming more popular among the consumers. There are a lot of digital products used in the cars that are in demand with the customers and make their drive to be even more smooth. 

    However, usually, these products are an impulse buy so you would want to advertise it on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. 


    Around 1.2 billion watches are sold globally each year and the number just keeps rising. Last year has proven to be a great one for the smartwatches category and it is predicted that the trend will continue to go upward. You can go for different kinds of smartwatches that can be starting from low priced to higher prices or from having one functionality to having many. 


    Minimalist jewelry has been seeing the strong sales growth for online retailers in the jewelry space and you can find many online stores to be stocked up with it. Google trends have shown higher volume searches for this jewelry and specifically this type of jewelry. 

    The ideal place to market these products includes Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest where people are constantly searching for such products or seeing them in ads and posts. You can create videos that feature your products and since the videos get bigger slots in Instagram search and explore pages, it will create more visibility for the posts. 


    Footwear is another niche that is not only growing in Pakistan but all over the world. You could go for different footwear variety and that could include getting with some traditional as well as international designs. You can build your entire store on the footwear variety or you could add it on your footwear category that will expand your customer base while you could also complement it with seasonal accessories. 

    You can go for platforms like Facebook and Instagram that will provide visibility for your products and you will also be able to capture more users. 


    Gadgets are another niche that people are heavily investing in and the market is just going upwards. The number of users who use gadgets are growing over the time and since there are a lot of options available for the consumers from low priced to various brands, people are buying gadgets from online stores where they even get to read the reviews before they go and make an actual purchase of it. You can use Instagram or Facebook to market your products and get more users on your store. 

    Final Word 

    So here are some of the best products to sell in the year 2019, but there are many others too that you can choose from. Finding the right products that have a high demand among your target audience is very crucial if you want to be successful in your sales. However, another secret to be successful in selling the products is to market them right. If you’re just starting with your online store, have a look at farosh.pk where you will be able learn how to categorize the products in a manner that will also be useful for the web store interface.