Are Shopify stores failing in Pakistan? ( Solutions Inside)

Are Shopify stores failing in Pakistan? ( Solutions Inside)
  • Pakistani entrepreneurs choose Shopify as the foundation for their online venture. But even though there are more companies using this platform, many are having trouble succeeding. There are many things that can be preventing Shopify stores to expand in Pakistan, from bad website design to few payment choices. Additionally, the e-commerce market has seen a considerable rise in competition recently, making it more challenging for new enterprises to stand out. In this blog, we'll examine the difficulties Pakistani Shopify accounts are having and offer some advice on how to get over them. You will also discover helpful tips on how to thrive in the cutthroat world of e-commerce, whether you are a new business owner trying to launch a Shopify store or an existing company owner looking to enhance your online presence.

    Overview of the e-commerce industry in Pakistan

    E-commerce in Pakistan is growing rapidly. With an estimated 76 million internet users, the e-commerce industry has a huge potential customer base. In 2023, the e-commerce industry in Pakistan is estimated to reach up to $2.7 billion, with an expected growth rate of 30% annually. However, despite this growth, Shopify store owners are facing failure compared to other Shopify stores worldwide.
    Challenges Faced by Shopify Stores in Pakistan

    Lack of online payment options

    The absence of online payment methods is one of Pakistan's main problems for Shopify stores. Due to a lack of trust and security worries, customers in Pakistan continue to be hesitant to use online payment methods. Due to this, COD payment methods are now often used, which presents challenges for e-commerce companies. COD payment methods can cause payments to be delayed and costs to rise, as well as putting the firm at risk for fraud and returns. Dropshipping stores in Pakistan should think about providing a variety of online payment alternatives, such as e-wallets and credit card payments, to get around this problem. Providing a range of payment choices can aid in increasing sales and fostering client trust. To foster trust and encourage clients to use online payment methods, it is also crucial to make sure that the website is safe and that customer information is protected. 

    High shipping costs and unreliable logistics

    Coming up with fun business name ideas for Shopify is all fun but a real challenge comes up when you have to set shipping costs and deal with unreliable logistics. These are two other significant issues that e-commerce entrepreneurs in Pakistan must deal with. This is a result of the nation's poor infrastructure, which makes it challenging to provide dependable and reasonably priced shipping choices. Furthermore, Pakistan's absence of a postal code system makes it challenging to precisely trace and deliver parcels. Shopify store owners in Pakistan should think about collaborating with reputable logistics providers and providing a variety of shipping choices in order to overcome this difficulty. Customers might be encouraged to make purchases by providing free shipping or reduced shipping for greater buys. To foster trust and guarantee the timely delivery of items, it's also critical to give clients accurate shipping and tracking information.

    Limited access to marketing and advertising channels

    Dropshipping business ideas must succeed in marketing and advertising. However, Pakistani Shopify stores have a reserved number of marketing and advertising options. This is because there aren't many digital marketing channels available, and traditional advertising is expensive. Shopify entrepreneurs in Pakistan should concentrate on establishing a strong social media following and using SEO strategies to raise the rating of their website on search engines in order to overcome this difficulty. Through these channels, a wider audience can be reached and brand awareness can be increased by collaborating with influencers and bloggers. Utilizing email marketing and other direct marketing strategies can act as a helping hand for reaching potential customers.

    Lack of customer trust in online shopping

    The lack of confidence in online shopping is one of the greatest issues Pakistani Shopify stores confront. Due to worries about fraud and security, many Pakistani consumers are apprehensive about making transactions online. E-commerce companies may find it challenging to draw in and keep customers as a result of this lack of confidence. Shopify stores should concentrate on developing trust with their clients if they want to overcome this difficulty. This can be achieved by providing safe payment methods, precise shipment information, and a transparent return policy. Furthermore, it's critical to deliver first-rate customer care and respond right away to any complaints or other issues raised by clients.

    Possible solutions for Shopify stores in Pakistan

    Despite the challenges faced by Shopify stores in Pakistan, there are several possible solutions that can help these businesses to succeed. Some of these solutions include:

    • Providing a variety of online payment choices to foster client trust
    • Boost sales by collaborating with trustworthy logistics providers to provide reasonably priced and dependable shipping options
    • Putting an emphasis on developing a robust social media presence and employing SEO to increase website visibility
    • Building client trust by providing safe payment alternatives, precise shipment information, and top-notch customer service
    • Shopify store optimization can help in building brand awareness and receiving quality traffic

    By applying these solutions, Pakistani Shopify businessmen can overcome the challenges they face and succeed in the competitive world of e-commerce.

    Alternative to Shopify in Pakistan

    Don't be concerned if establishing a Shopify store in Pakistan doesn't work out. You have a good substitute such as Farosh that offers the same service as Shopify and is much cheaper. Farosh was launched post-covid in an effort to revitalize entrepreneurship in Pakistan. While the country was still dealing with the impacts of the fatal virus, Farosh stepped forward to provide e-commerce entrepreneurs with an online platform where they could launch their own brand for nothing or for a very small monthly cost. Here are a few advantages that demonstrate why it is an excellent substitute for the well-known dropshipping website:

    • You don’t need to pay a costly monthly subscription
    • Your products are promoted on Social media
    • You can upload unlimited products
    • Your products are SEO-optimized
    • Your shop gets a custom domain

    Is Shopify profitable?

    In the competitive world of e-commerce, Shopify stores in Pakistan encounter a number of difficulties. The absence of online payment choices, high delivery prices, inefficient logistics, restricted access to marketing and advertising platforms, and low customer trust in online buying is a few of these difficulties. However, Shopify businesses in Pakistan can overcome these difficulties and be successful in the e-commerce sector by putting into practice solutions like providing a variety of payment choices, collaborating with reputable logistics firms, and establishing a strong social media presence. Hopefully, the coming year will see some stability, and Shopify businesses can flourish and achieve the success they deserve.