Best Platforms to create your online shopping store in Pakistan

Best Platforms to create your online shopping store in Pakistan
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    Dec 30, 2022

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  • Do you know running a Farosh online shop is easy and affordable? If not, you might want to read this beautiful piece of information until the very last line. Online businesses are booming, ever since Covid came into our lives. This era has proven beneficial for the digital marketplace. The scary pandemic has given us a good understanding of how to make money online. Isn’t that why we are here? However, the dramatic change has led to competition becoming fierce in the e-commerce business. Running a digital marketing service might be the right time for you in the market but you should know how to stand out in the rush of millions of businessmen out there. 

    The challenge is real and daunting. While online shop shopping is fun for customers, it is an entirely different situation for the owner of a struggling e-commerce website. People often wonder, if an independent website is a good idea or if you should rely on a third party like Farosh. The reality is it is smart to invest in such platforms as you don’t need to require to maintain inventory or pay large utility bills. But the question arises which are the best options? For your convenience, here are the top 5 e-commerce platforms, that don’t need you to invest heavily and generate more revenue than a brick and mortar.

    •       Farosh
    •       WordPress
    •       Shopify
    •       Wix
    •       Daraz


    Own a Farosh Online Shop within 5 Minutes

    The caption is anything but not an exaggeration. You can easily create an online store on Farosh in a minimal time. Plus, the registration is completely free of charge. All you need is a shop name, CNIC, and profile picture, and you are set to rule the digital commerce world. Apart from providing you with personalized space, the Lahore-based company gives you various benefits such as an unlimited number of product uploads and a verified seal, that wins people’s confidence and trust to shop from you without any doubts.  The popular platform doesn’t charge your arm and leg and offers 3 budget-friendly packages to choose from, including one that is completely free.  If you want to increase your revenue in Pakistan, then surely give this one a try.

    No Need to Learn about Website Development, when Using This Platform

    WordPress is nothing less than a gem for people who are willing to grow in the digital marketplace. Popular for allowing its users to make websites without any hassle or certification in web development, the platform is extremely easy-to-use for beginners. It holds a large variety of themes, that help a person to adorn their online shop more efficiently. The open-source content management system owns a precious jewel called WooCommerce that eases up the art of managing digital commerce, not for thousands but for millions around the world. Apart from Woo-commerce, it holds other smart options as well that includes WP e-commerce and Ecwid E-commerce Shopping cart. As mentioned earlier, it is super easy to adapt and an intelligent way to sell your large collection of products.

    Online Shop Shopping is Never Dull on this Famous Website

    The world knows the importance of Shopify and the bond it shares with the E-commerce business market these days. One of the famous platforms for drop shipping, the company is all about making profits, regardless what is the size of your company. It might not be as user-friendly as our previous selection, but people still tend to stick to it as the Canadian multinational, as it does generate good profits. The only con, one might say, is that it isn’t free of cost. They do grant you a 14 days’ time trial and after that, you got to empty your wallet. However, they do have a smart inventory system and advertise your products across all social media.

    The One that leads You to all the Tricks to the Digital Shopping

    Having more than 110 million users worldwide, Wix has made its name larger and better than its old-school competitor, WordPress. The drag-and-drop website builder has added some popular enhancements, to perform more powerfully than its competitors in the market. Unlike others, it has only one disadvantage and that is having a mediocre inventory and analytics system, which isn’t ideal for a business to grow. But aside from this one little point, the site offers you some awesome services that allow you to earn more and live happily. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should build an online store on this platform:

    •       Provides you with recovery about abandoned carts
    •       Showcases what your storefront will look like
    •       Advertises on Instagram
    •       Builds strong brand personality
    •       Includes product videos for the ease of the audience

    Daraz- A Must Need for Every Pakistani These Days

    A full fledge competitor of big names like Farosh in Pakistan, the international company has more than millions of loyal customers on board. Starting in 2012, the e-digital marketplace has been booming more than ever before. You can easily build your personalized shop online without putting a dent in your wallet. The only con it carries is, it requires sellers to purchase packaging for the deliveries as they handle logistics on their own. Apart from this tiny disadvantage, registration is completely free and hassle-free. Understanding the lack of computer literacy in the country, the Chinese company has a user-friendly store builder, through which you can customize your online shop. Furthermore, it encourages the sellers to participate in their popular campaigns such as the 11.11 sale that generates profits on a large scale.


    The Reason Why Should You Switch to E-commerce Business

    Whether you choose to open a Farosh online shop or on any other platform, the essential thing is, that you do open one. Brick and Mortar are not convenient as before and they do require you a heft amount, let it be utility bills or enormous monthly rent. Whatever you earn, washes away at the end of the month. Bringing your brand online assures you that your profit ends where exactly it should be-- in your hands. With that being said, I hope today’s blog has made it easier for you to make the right decision and you pick the platform that suits your needs in the best way possible. On a lighter note, choose the one that creates an online store merely in 5 minutes.