Best Wrist Watches For Sale

Best Wrist Watches For Sale
  • Watches are accessories that beautify your attire and add charisma to your personality. Let it be for men or women, regardless the gender, the time-telling machine adorns your existence overall, just by resting on your wrist. Pakistan has a broader market of watches and especially the ones that are copies of the well-known luxury brand. With a weak economy, most of the population opts to shop for budget-friendly ones. But it does not mean that the country doesn’t possess a certain percentage of the elite class. Luxury is not accessible to everyone but these products do exist in the market for two reasons. One, for those who can afford it, and second, to encourage people to work hard, to own the best stylish and smart wristwatch in the world. While many may argue that a cheap wristwatch brand doesn’t show a different time than a pricey one, which is fair enough.


    But these luxurious wristwatches do motivate a person to work with dedication to gain a successful future. Although celebrities and entrepreneurs are more commonly spotted wearing these, however, people who are watch enthusiasts have a guilty pleasure of exploring and admiring expensive watches. Brands like Cartier, Piaget, Patek Philippe and many more create some of the finest exquisite timepieces, that might bring out the heart emoji in your eyes similar to how it is depicted in cartoons. These creations also represent why the price tags of such brands are so high. For using materials like diamonds, gold, and fine attention to detail, the brands charge a whooping amount for the perfection they deliver. With that thought, I decided to gather the following beautiful pieces of craftsmanship that are better than any of the best men’s watches and are pride on a woman’s wrist.


    •       Limelight Watch- Piaget

    •       Panthere De Cartier Watch- Cartier

    •       Code Coco Pixel Watch- Chanel

    •       Calatrava Skeleton Watch- Patek Philippe

    •       L’Heure Du Diamant- Chopard


    Limelight Watch- Piaget

    Out of all the wristwatches for men, this one speaks elegance and sophistication at its best. The Swiss-manufactured is water resistant and adorned with brilliant and rose cut diamonds. Both the unique cuts of the precious stones reflect the beauty of the analog watch. It is made with 18 K of white gold and allows the wearer to conveniently put it on the wrist with a fast folding clasp. Coming in an exclusive presentation box, the branded watch is marked with a hall marking seal, which indicates the authenticity of the purity of the materials used. Such a seal clearly shows why it is one of the best men’s watches. With a thickness of 27mm, the gorgeous luxury watch is one of the popular articles from the limited edition. The unique cuts of diamonds label it as the unique and exclusive smart wristwatch in the world.


    Panthere De Cartier Watch- Cartier

    Panthere De Cartier is an exclusive collection of the famous French luxury goods brand. In English, it means, Panthar of Cartier, and the accessories made under this collection are made with an abstract face of the animal. The French brand represents, Impression, Luxury, and Allurement while the Panther depicts women’s empowerment. Being the oldest Cartier watch from the Panthere collection it caught the most attention when Kim Taehyung aka V of BTS was spotted wearing it in a recent Vogue Korea Photoshoot. Although the accessory is from a women’s collection, the way the K-pop singer carried it, the female watch has been reincarnated as a Unisex accessory. Cartier’s timeless classic brings refinement to another level, as the case is dipped in yellow gold and has a thickness of 6 MM.  The double-loop bracelet adds more elegance and exclusivity to the product as the crown set holds sapphire that earns it the title of the best bargain under the category of the wristwatch for ladies and men.


    Code Coco Pixel Watch- Chanel

    Channel is one of the most popular fashion houses. Whatever the company creates, it ensures to add classiness and uniqueness to the product. With Karl Lagerfeld gone, not sure what the future of the brand is. Although, the creation of Code Coco Pixel is a clear indication that the brand is here to stay. The Code Coco comes in a combination of gold and diamond. With the use of 18K gold and a brilliant-cut diamond, the watch’s movement is supported by Quartz. Its buckle clasp has a turn-lock which makes the closure of the clasp easier for the wearer. An ideal pick for females, the watch also holds a princess cut in the middle of its dial, adding more elegance to the timepiece.


    Calatrava Skeleton Watch- Patek Philippe

    Patek Philippe has earned a respected name in the Fashion industry with its creative designs and craftsmanship. The Calatrava is a series made by the Swiss watchmaker and has immense popularity among wristwatches for men. Its Skeleton watch is water-resistant and ultra-thin in design. Having a rose gold color, and a case of 39 mm, the accessory exposes its inner workings to the wearer which makes it exclusive more than any digital wristwatch on the market. The skeleton wristwatch for men is decorated by hand and has self-winding mechanics. Moreover, the fold-over clasp makes sure, the time-telling machine stays fit on the wrist, eliminating its chance of fall-off. Last but not the least, each component of the watch is made with pure gold. If this isn’t a high-end creation, then I don’t know what is.


    L’Heure Du Diamant- Chopard

    “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” Carol Channing said in a jazz song and Chopard agreed with her. The wristwatch brand exhibits a small manual oval-shaped watch that has a dial surrounded by priceless diamonds. If that wasn’t a good reason to pick this over any Cartier watch, the scratch-resistant front glass will change your mind. For the price it costs, the flawless accessory deserves a top spot under the category of a wristwatch for ladies. Apart from cliché features such as water resistance, the watch’s crown is dipped in 18K of rose gold and supports the hand-wound mechanical movement. If a Greek goddess had to shop for a watch, I bet she will choose this one as it reflects grace and dignity.


    The Bottom Line

    I have to admit one thing, this blog is targeted toward the love for a collection of luxury wristwatches, and those who love browsing the latest creations. They don’t care about affordability but want to stay in touch with their passion. However, I am sure many of you will enjoy the read, as it is informative and gives you a broader look at the new level of creativity that the people in the Fashion industry have achieved. The industry has surely managed to achieve uniqueness to the common accessory which beats the demand for a digital wristwatch. While for many of us, watches are just a product to tell time, it certainly holds more significance than that. As mentioned earlier, the accessory adds volume to your existing overall and highlights your exclusivity to the world. Even though it is worn on your wrist, the object works in miraculous ways to increase the X-factor in the wearer’s persona.