Bursting the Myths of B2B Marketing

Bursting the Myths of B2B Marketing
  • There have been several myths about B2B marketing, since the start of time. When people decide to go into business, they often lean towards the B2C model, as they believe, it is easy to market and gain sales. But people often don’t realize that B2B is not much different from it. Before we dive into the technicalities of B2B marketing channels, it is essential for you to understand what is B2B marketing in the first place. Simply put, it is the marketing of products to different businesses and organizations. Unlike B2C, it doesn’t target the consumer directly for advertisements and promotions. There are various types of B2B marketing, including telemarketing, Direct mail, and Personalized marketing.

     For as long as the corporate world has existed, it is labeled to be boring and less fun than the other business models in the market. Businesses find it challenging to market their products and services indirectly to the consumer. But with the advancement in technology and access to new methods, such as Social Media Marketing, business-to-business marketing is no longer dull and mind-numbing. In today’s blog, we will burst the most popular myths of the infamous marketing strategy, make sure to read the blog all the way through.

    Myth: Social Media results are Difficult to Measure

    Reality: Social media is the most popular marketing technique in today’s time. It is used by B2C businesses religiously. Similar to B2C, B2B businesses also have an online presence, with an aim to create their brand’s personality. However, people have a huge misconception that B2B business owners cannot track or quantify the results of the SMM, which is absolutely not true. The thing is likes and followers don’t make much of a difference as it can’t be proved if they can turn into a conversion. But, if you use automated marketing tools, then you are most likely to have a detailed report on how your social accounts are performing. With results in hand, you can easily enhance your content and try a different B2B marketing strategy that will work with your target audience. To find out interesting ideas to boost your social network, check out Farosh's Instagram growing account.

    Myth: B2B Marketing Cannot Be Fun

    Reality: Since people are working in a formal environment, they automatically assume, the right way to market their brand is to do it in the plain old boring method. That is absolutely wrong. Similar to B2C, B2B can be equally fun and creative. You don’t need to rely on brochures or white papers to convey your message to the target businesses. The ideal way to do this is to show them how everything unfolds behind the scenes. Showcase your production process or a healthy working environment, encouraging them to invest in your brand happily. In today’s time, you will find many B2B models applying unique and fun strategies to their Ads and promotions.

    Myth: B2B marketing is All About Focusing on Businesses Only

    Reality: We never thought bursting the myths about B2B marketing would be difficult. The misconceptions people actually carry are mind-boggling. The most common mistake made by B2B models is that they drive their full focus on businesses only. They will keep their communication dedicated to enterprises, missing the essential point. That these enterprises are actually run by people and for people. It is wise to create essential B2B strategies based on what the consumer of your target business likes or has an interest in. If you are successful in understanding their demand, then you can market your business by providing a particular solution to the other business.

    Myths: Conventional B2B Marketing Isn’t Fruitful Anymore

    Reality: Even though businesses have new ways to promote their brand, whether it’s through SMM or SEO, it certainly doesn’t mean that conventional strategies have expired. Even if you have one of the best strategies of 2023 in your pocket, you still need to apply the basic marketing ideology to encourage your business to grow. In recent research, it was proven that old marketing tactics still bring in sales and leads. However, it is better if you can upgrade them according to the new era and work with both kinds smartly. Even today, in-person events are still taking place, where businesses connect with each other for a better future.

    Myth: B2B Models Don’t Make Money Through Website

    Reality: Really? Whom are we kidding? Yes, initially, there were many steps involved when it came to B2B marketing. But since the modern era has taken over, it has been quite easy to make sales digitally. Before the company had to place a salesman who would educate the potential lead about the process and other details. But with E-commerce taking a boost worldwide, websites are the most convenient way to feed information about yourselves to the target businesses. You can easily walk them through the process, including the pros of choosing your product or service. In fact, in today’s challenging time, it is sort of mandatory for the sake of business growth, to have an interactive website.

    The Ultimate Guide to B2B Marketing

    We hope the points above have erased the misconceptions you had about B2B marketing and would consider taking over a B2B model with a smile. Here are some of the interesting B2B facts for you:

    •       More than 70% of people go online for their B2B purchase
    •       A lot of SMEs are putting their money into enhancing Data analysis
    •       Online Video content has proven to be beneficial for B2B
    •       Globally, the B2B e-commerce market will reach up to 30,317.37 Billion in the next seven years
    •       Email marketing is the most effective B2B strategy in 2023

    The Bottom Line

    It has been a challenging time for all kinds of businesses Post-Covid. According to recent research B2B models tend to be more successful compared to B2C in Pakistan. It was essential to debunk the not-so-true myths about B2B marketing as it is one of the popular ways of earning in today’s tough times. Remember, while following the old tactics, all you need to do is add an e-commerce website such as Farosh, so you can enhance productivity and gain sales like never before.