Cool tech products that you can buy on  

Cool tech products that you can buy on  
  • Tech enthusiasts are always on the lookout for cool tech products which can ease their life. has much more tech gadgets available on its store that every Pakistani must know. Market competitive prices and incredible service by Farosh will surely attract you to buy these tech products and will be in high favor of you. 

    It is high time to make you aware of the cool tech products. Let’s get ahead. 


    Wireless charger

    Knowingly or unknowingly, wireless chargers have always been the need of every home. When most of the time all family members don’t have the common charging cable types. For instance, a few of your family members use iPhones and other few use android phones. Obviously, both phones use different charging cables. 

    Every phone needs to have a dedicated charger but most of the time it is not available. There comes a need for a wireless charger for such difficult times. The wireless charger that Farosh is going to offer to its customers comes equipped with the capability to charge any of your phones.

    Either it uses type-c cable or an iPhone, it will charge any of your phone you want.

    Grab a wireless charger 


    How to use the wireless charger?

    It is as easy to charge a phone with a wireless charger as putting a phone on charging. Till now you kept putting your phone on charging. Now, this charger will use an android charging cable from the power adapter. Now you are set to charge your phone and you will just place it on the rounded charger. It will start charging your phone wirelessly. 


    Ring Light

    A ring light is equally popular for all those who want to grab quality photos even in the darkness. Either it is a selfie or a back-camera photo, the ring light is among the must-have tech products for everyone. The social media stars and videographers are always in dire need of this product who wants to enjoy quality photography. 

    Grab a Ring light 

    How to use the ring light?

    The ring light is just like a ring with a bit higher diameter we mostly wear. It needs to be stuck around the camera as its backside is sticky. After sticking it around the camera, it starts throwing extra light at the camera focus point which ultimately escapes you from the use of a flashlight.

    Normally, the photos captured with the help of the flashlight have much noise. But this ring light gives you a very beautiful photo quality. 


    Final Word

    Tech products have ever been the interest of Pakistani tech-enthusiasts. This blog aims to cater to the needs of the people looking for valued products that will help them out in the real-time problems they face. Looking into the problems of the people of Pakistan, these two well-picked products can be the best option to resolve the problems accordingly. 

    Apart from these two hot products by Farosh, we do have a list of products that may help you out in many perspectives.