E-payments- Things no one told you ever before

E-payments- Things no one told you ever before
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    Oct 19, 2020

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  • The ecommerce trend has escaped to such a level that more than 2-billion people in the world are engaged in online commerce every week. This practice always requires you to pay online when you are going to buy a service or buying your inventory through an e-tailer like Amazon. Irrespective of these two, there can many more scenarios that mandatorily require you to make e-payments. 

    It is high time to know how to check the authenticity of a platform where you are going to check in with your credit/debit card’s sensitive information. 

    Make sure the website’s security 

    The websites which care about the sensitive information of their customer’s data, happen to be operating through the secure channels. In this regard, you are obliged to check the URL of the website with which you intend to make e-payments. It must be followed by a lock sign that technically tells that your data is being processed through the secure channels.

    The website’s URL must be followed by https instead of Http. In simple words, when the website is followed by the https protocol, your data is protected from the man-in-middle attacks. It means you are secure to go with making online platforms over there. 

    You can check it on the current Farosh.pk URL, it is locked and secured by https protocol. Any website you should proceed for online payment, should be compliant with such a practice.

    Valid Certificate 

    After you have confirmed that the URL of a particular platform is secured by the https protocol. Please click on the padlock in which that URL is followed by. You will find the related information regarding the validity of the certificate like it will show that your information is secure here on this platform. 

    Do a bit of research about the brand 

    Before you purchase something online, do make sure to check the validity of the brand which you are shopping with. If it is an online retail business, you can easily evaluate its authenticity on its platform. You can check the people’s reviews on different products, that will ultimately give you the basic information either to proceed with the particular brand or not. 

    Here is another idea to check the review of a particular brand on Google. Once you put the brand’s name in the Google search engine, you will find the review rating. Once you click on that, you will find the related review about that brand or a company. This section will also help you evaluate the thing which you are looking for. 

    Arrange a separate credit/debit card for e-payments 

    Every e-buying must require you to provide the essential credit/debit card information like credit card numbers and passwords. Isn’t it a good idea to get a separate account opened just for online shopping? This step will help you to escape from the fear of stealth of your money. 

    Whenever you need something to purchase online, you should simply transfer the specified amount to the dedicated account for e-shopping, and proceed with it. 

    Never disclose your pin or online banking password over the internet  

    The e-payment experience where you are asked to disclose your online banking password or ATM card pin, it is absolutely a scam business. And you are openly advised never to disclose such information.

    The only information that you will be asked to provide is the 3 or 4-digit card number written on the backside of your credit/debit card. 

    Never use a public Wifi for e-payments 

    You are advised not to make e-payments over the public wifi. The admin issued access to some wifi declares this connection insecure for the e-payments. You must have noticed where you access an https secured website through an administered network other than your own device, it shows, it is followed by insecure at. 

    Final Thoughts 

    This is all the valuable information that every person should be well-aware of who makes online payments. So that he/she may keep his/her very sensitive information secure from the black-hat businesses operating online.  

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Should I share my ATM pin or online banking password for buying online?

    You should never disclose your ATM or online banking password while buying online. Even you can mark such a platform to be a scam and make others aware of such businesses. 

    Why should I not make an e-payment through public wifi?

    Public wifi is most often administered by the third parties and your device is at a risk to be penetrated by the intermediary. That’s why e-payment is not considered secure by using public wifi. 

    Why should I research a particular brand before making an e-payment? 

    It is just for your satisfaction; you can find people’s reviews about the particular services and products so that your money doesn’t go wasted for a stupid service/product that is not among your exact requirements for that product.