Flaws in E-Commerce Stores in Pakistan and why Farosh is better!

Flaws in E-Commerce Stores in Pakistan and why Farosh is better!
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    Jan 28, 2020

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  • Despite the rising statistics on online shopping, many people, particularly in the context of Pakistan, still have some reservations about shopping online. The idea of shopping online still feels like an alien to these people. The fault is not entirely of these people. It is also because of the terrible experiences that some of the online shopping portals in Pakistan have given them that completely shattered their level of trust from e-commerce transactions. They have either had these terrible experiences themselves or saw those of others and hence refrain from shopping online under all circumstances.

    Some of the common problems and flaws that we witness in E-commerce stores in Pakistan include:

    Fake Pictures

    Most of the online shopping portals display fake pictures of the products. You order one thing from the website and receive an entirely different, and an absolutely third class, version of it. This is one of the most common complains that people have when it comes to online shopping. Instead of displaying the actual pictures of the product that they have in stock, some other high-class similar version of it is shown to dodge the customers. 

    Poor Customer Support Services

    Importance of customer support services is something that most of the businesses in Pakistan do not understand, be it an online business or the one operating in brick-and-mortar. Since customers are the reason your business survives and so do you, it is a necessity to treat them good. For the online shopping portals, it is even more important because of the certain element of uncertainty and doubt in online shopping. No matter how many questions does a customer ask, you must respond them and respond them promptly and properly to make sure that you as a customer are enjoying a great shopping experience and will recommend your portal among his or her peers as well.

    Rigid Return and Exchange Policies

    Online shopping websites must not have rigid return and exchange policies. Since there is always an element of doubt, as the customers have not seen the product in person that they are ordering, they should have the liberty to at least exchange it. Keeping these policies is one of the most proven ways to delight your customers and retain them for future. Remember, one happy customer can bring other customers as well through the power of word of mouth marketing, so treating them well should be the first priority, but unfortunately that is not the case with most of the online shopping portals. 

    Not Giving Complete Information of the Listed Products

    Not giving complete information about the listed product can potentially lose an interested customer, but many online shopping websites still have this problem. The customer may not always take the paint to find out the prices and other details of the products through sending messages or emails, hence all relevant details must be listed. 

    Poor Layout

    A bad layout is also one of the biggest blunders to have on an online shopping website.  There are so many of them as the examples, where the pages are terribly cluttered with images and text and sliders that it takes away the focus and attention from the targeted elements. 

    Difficult to Understand

    If your online shopping website is too cluttered and is difficult to understand, no one is going to shop from here. The competition in the online world is endless and people look for this mode of shopping for the ease and convenience. If this convenience is not provided to them, they will simply shift to the alternative options available. So it is important for online shopping websites to write down everything clearly. The steps to place an order should be clear and straight forward. 

    Farosh.pk- The new online shopping portal and the solution to all your online shopping worries

    These flaws might have created a certain outlook towards the idea of online shopping but there is this new online shopping portal in Pakistan that is going to change your perception. Yes, it is called farosh.pk which has come recently and has completely won the hearts of people who have already had the shopping experience here. This online retailer has everything that you may need, from men and women’s clothing and fashion accessories to the computing, games, mobiles, tablets and other electronics. You can do home shopping as well as the book shopping here. There are also toys and stationery items for kids as well so can also get your kids to make their well-thought choices from here. 
    Yes, almost all online shopping portals have that all, but there are many other reasons that make farosh.pk stand out among the rest. The flaws and drawbacks that we just reviewed above are not there at farosh.pk. Placing an order here is extremely simple. All you need to do is to create a login and you are good to go. The policies are all defined keeping in view the mind and preferences of the buyers. The user interface and the layout is extremely easy to understand. Both the aesthetic as well as the convenience aspects have been kept in mind in designing the layout of the websites. It also features an information-loaded blog where you can read tips, advice and recent updates on various topics including Fashion, Beauty and Health, Sports, Home and Living, Travel and Lifestyle and a lot more. So shed away all your fears and shop right now at farosh.pk to experience a new definition and standard of real quality in products as well as services.