Gender Pay Gap Can Hurt Your Business

 Gender Pay Gap Can Hurt Your Business
  • Gender inequality exists in the world since the start of time. Unfortunately, even today, we are suffering from things such as the gender pay gap. Our society is unable to erase the difference between men and women personally and professionally. Regardless of whatever the situation is in the personal aspect, the professional area is no different. Even though Pakistan has seen a huge growth in women employees, companies tend to pay more to male employees. The funny thing is, both genders put the same effort and time into their designated work but yet one of them earns more than the other. For a country to grow economically it is important to eliminate the gender pay gap entirely from the corporate industry.

    Many companies have the audacity to debate that this is really not the case when in reality, they are literally paying 50% less to their female employees. They don’t realize that such actions can hurt their business as well as the country’s stability. The thing is, both genders bring different skill sets to the table. For instance, women are known to be ethically stronger than men. And isn’t someone who is bringing strong ethics into the workplace deserves similar pay? Here are some of the reasons why businesses should consider paying women equally:

    • If You don't pay HER better, She Will Leave
    • She is as strong as your other employees
    • Women deserve mutual respect and acknowledgment
    • Equal Pay will motivate her to work more productively
    • They are more focused and enthusiastic than men

    If You Don’t Pay HER better, She Will Leave

    Similar to any employee, a woman is willing to work to earn better for her livelihood. Believe it or not, it’s not her hobby neither she is working for the sake of having fun. She also has a family to support and other kinds of responsibilities on her fragile shoulders. No, this is not some emotional cry for help but reality. If you plan to pay her less than what she deserves then she will gladly opt for other options. Remember, she is as visible in the market as any other male employee. A male employee is most likely to quit if he finds a better offer. Similarly, a woman needs a respectable amount that not only pays her bill off but provides a stable lifestyle.

    She is as Strong as Your Other Male Employees

    Like your male employees, she is confident and fierce. The last thing you want to do is hurt her confidence. Because that will not only hurt your business but also take away the special skills that she brings to the table. A lot of companies doesn’t realize the importance of ethically strong and condiment female employee until they lose one. The gender wage gap can break her confidence and an employee with an inferior complex cannot be a good asset for the company. Women who are paid equally gain higher self-esteem which brings a positive attitude to the work environment as well. Needless to say, a healthy working environment along with healthy employees promotes healthy growth for the company.

    Women Deserve Mutual Respect and Acknowledgement

    Each human deserves respect and acknowledgment in the professional space. Giving women unequal pay signifies disrespect to them. Since they are putting in the same amount of effort and time as men to complete their designated tasks. Furthermore, a balanced pay also acts as an acknowledgment of their hard work and dedication. Paying them what they are worthy of will make them stay with more passion and dedication in the company.

    Equal Pay Will Motivate Her to Work More Productively

    As mentioned above, women tend to work with more passion when a company believes in gender equality. People in Pakistan often overlook the efforts of female employees and underpay them. What they don’t realize is that rightful pay will make her work more productively in the office, which will enhance the performance of the company overall. Unequal pay doesn’t only lead up to self-doubt and low self-esteem but also decreases respect and dedication for the company.

    They Are More Focused and Enthusiastic than Men

    Some may not agree with the bitter truth but it is a reality. Women, for ages, are known to be more responsible than men. This means they are more focused and keen when it comes to performing an assigned task. Whether it is at home or on professional grounds, they have a strong hold on getting things right with a concise mind. While having so much cultural diversity in Pakistan, you can come across a lot of women from different backgrounds with such strong features. Sadly, they don’t earn much compared to their efforts.

    How to Overcome the Gender Pay Gap?

    Gender Pay Gap Statistics in Pakistan are disturbing. According to the latest research, Pakistan has a wage gap of up to 34% which is double the global percentage. However, here are some ways through which we can overcome this as a nation:

    Re-visit the hiring, bonus, and promotion packages

    With an aim to increase women’s earnings in Pakistan, we should plan the hiring process in a way that eradicates the differences in the first place. Moreover, we should modify the bonus and promotion packages based on an individual’s hard work rather than their gender.

    Promote the Work from Home Culture

    We know how a lot of women are unable to make earnings for themselves due to various restrictions in our society. Companies should offer more job roles that are ideal to operate from home. Such an advantage will allow women to grow independently without compromising on important responsibilities such as childcare.

    Encourage to Negotiate

    This is sort of an important step to be taken by the companies in Pakistan. Regardless the gender, employees should be welcome to negotiate their salary without any restriction. Especially, if they are offered a promotion within the company.

    The Last Words

    Lastly, a wage is something that is paid to an employee for their time and firm efforts towards the company. It should not be based on gender. It is unethical and incorrect. We at Farosh, ensure that our employees are given a salary for their dedicated input to the company, regardless the gender because we believe a company can secure its position in the market, only if it believes in EQUALITY!