Handmade Artwork in Pakistan

Handmade Artwork in Pakistan
  • Handmade Artwork in Pakistan is famous worldwide and has huge potential for a massive amount of exports. With the modern era on the rise, you can buy various attractive fall craft ideas, activities, and items in 2022 in Pakistan.There are numerous reasons why handicrafts are popular. Firstly it represents the culture and tradition of Pakistan.

    It narrates the heritage of our country and serves as an ideal choice for a gift. Handicrafts are good for eco-friendly and are known for their uniqueness. It supports our economy and is a timeless classic.One of the benefits of buying a handicraft is that you can purchase it directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer can answer all your queries correctly as they know their products inside out.

    Every handicraft available in the market has a story to tell. Because it is made with a lot of hard work. Each type of stone, thread, or piece of wood dictates a story of why it was chosen for a certain product in the first place.

    Online Handicrafts Buy in Pakistan

    With E-commerce stores boosting all over the internet, you can now easily buy handicrafts online too. You can easily find them when you type handmade artwork sale in Farosh.pk. Farosh strongly believes in increasing sales of handmade products with keeping minimum profits which leads to benefits for the manufacturer. Many craftswomen have their shops on Farosh which is allowing them to increase their number of incoming orders and as well as a good flow of sales.

    There are multiple hand-crafted products that are exclusively available on Farosh. Such as a handmade red velvet cushion with an elephant neatly embroidered on it along with some multi beads.There is a huge collection of hand-made baskets as well which are well decorated with flowers and different colors of the net. Other products included are Decorative Resin trays and traditional table runners.

    Most of the manufacturers of handicrafts are hard-working women who belong to rural areas and are talented enough to create a generous amount of income for their households independently. Farosh believes in supporting such hard-working individuals and has created a platform where they can create their own personalized shop online within a few minutes.

    Handmade Things for Sale in Pakistan

    There are a large variety of handicrafts that are insanely popular in Pakistan for their creativity and are unique in their own way such as handmade embroidery & crosia design.These handicrafts have high demand in exports and contribute to our local economy.

    The craftsmen’s passion leads to exclusive pieces of handmade artwork for sale at their desired prices, as they invest a lot of sweat and effort while producing a single piece. With that being said, let’s take a look at the list of the most popular handmade things for sale in Pakistan.


    Carpets are without a doubt the biggest handicraft industry in Pakistan. It owns a large part of the foreign exchange market. The art of weaving in Pakistan is influenced by popular Muslim countries such as Iran, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. Carpet weaving originated from the time of the Mughals, this is the reason why Lahore is still a key center for carpet manufacturing.

    The Blue Pottery

    The art of Blue Pottery is found in the city of Multan. The Blue pottery is also known as Kashi Kari was introduced long ago by the local craftsmen. They were said to be heavily influenced by China and Iran.

    The famous pottery is made from a mixture of white and red clay that is said to be taken from the Indus River. Kashi Kari is not limited to pottery but is also used for home furnishings.


    This is another incredible handmade artwork that holds a special place in the list of quirky handmade products in Pakistan. It was born out of poverty and improvised by nomadic women.

    The patchwork quilts are a shred of evidence of their resilience and their skills in need. It is quite common for them to give each other these patchwork quilts as a gift to each other. They also like to give it as a gift to their newly married daughters to carry their legacies.

    Handmade Embroidery & Crosia Designs

    The centuries-old technique is quite popular and is used to make products like sweaters, socks, and much more. It is a process of creating textiles by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn thread or strands of any other material.

    It is quite similar to knitting and it is a quite popular hobby among the elderly. The reason it is common among elders and now youngsters too is it is said to be effective enough to release stress, anxiety and fight depression. Back in the time, it was one of the most purchased handicrafts as imported or ready-made sweaters were not easily accessible in the modern age. It might have affected the demand for the product but still, women in Pakistan enjoy making one for their loved ones.

    It is also one of the many handicrafts that you can find by typing popular online handicrafts buy in Pakistan in Google’s Search Bar.

    Attractive fall craft ideas, activities, and items 2022 in Pakistan

    As you know, Pakistan's Independence Day was here almost a week ago. Many kids and parents spend quality time together by creating some of the most creative craft ideas, activities, and items.

    The madness started with the most fun and loved activity among kids known as cooking. Kids love to learn the basics of cooking when they are at home. Regardless of whatever the gender is. They prepared some yummilicious treats as a tribute to their beloved country. Some made yummy mint French macarons which without a doubt is a mouth-watering snack along with a hot cup of coffee. While some struggle to make green-colored zarda, mind you, it is the creativity that deserves the applause, no matter what the result looked like and some took the easy road by making yummy cute little cucumber sandwiches.

    Many women who are experts in handmade items, crafted jewelry such as green glitter bangles, emerald stone coin earrings to green stoned headbands for little girls. This independence saw creativity at its peak as there were unique ideas such as decorating an empty soda can with green and white washi tapes, representing Pakistan’s flag.

    The most attractive crafted items have to be the adorable little green and white lanterns that indicated Pakistan’s independence along with photo props to take cool pictures for social media. Many used paper craft 3d templates to create origami and cute Independence Day cards. There was a special handmade artwork sale in Farosh.pk that allowed hard-working craftsmen and women to create good profits over the independence weekend.


    Knowing the Value of Craftsmen Ship

    There is no hidden factor that Pakistan holds a huge market for handicraft items. Often people find them to be overpriced but they fail to see the quality and the sweat invested in them.

    Our handmade products are popular worldwide and as mentioned earlier play an important role in boosting our country’s economy. Most of the craftsmen and women originate from small villages due to the increasing poverty in the country.

    We should support our local crafts in order to increase sales of these hard-working craftsmen.