Hidden Tricks of Google Trends Revealed in 2023

  Hidden Tricks of Google Trends Revealed in 2023
  • Are you an entrepreneur who is struggling to gain a steady pace in the digital realm? You can take a breath of relief, as we are going to talk about the important Google Trends tricks revealed in 2023. If you are a digital marketer or someone who has been in the e-commerce industry for a while, you must be familiar with SEO. Yes, the great marketing strategy of all time. People are often familiar with various tools, that help in achieving satisfactory results when it comes to SEO. However, many of us are unaware of the majestic powers that Google Trends holds. It is nothing like the website, SEO small tools, where you can access important tools such as Alexa Rank. It is much more powerful than that. Before we get into the benefits it can provide to entrepreneurs through its talent, let’s dive into a bit of a generic definition of it first.

    What are Google Trends?

    The obvious question is, what is Google Trends? Well, in simple words it is a search tool created by Google, that allows you to monitor the latest trending searches. It informs the users about popular topics, such as the latest business trends that people are looking up on Google, making it easy for them to choose a topic to focus on. For instance, many aspiring entrepreneurs often don’t know which niche to work in or which product to sell. To gain a clear sight, you can input the related terms and have your confusion solved in nanoseconds. Interesting right? To understand the underrated tool's superpowers, read the complete blog, you will be surprised to know about the Google Trends Tricks Revealed in 2023.

    Find the Profitable Niche

    Whether you want to study small business trends or find out an area of expertise, that will add growth to your career, Google trends have all the answers for you. Let’s suppose, you are mulling over starting a business of Cosmetics, but you are not sure how stable it is in the current market. All you need to do is simply type in a related term, such as Make up and analyze the results when they pop up. For better results, it is suggested to set filters for at least the past 2 years to understand the highs and lows of a trend. Also, if you can choose the exact category, that would narrow it down more precisely. To give you a clear picture, we have attached a screenshot of the search results for makeup in Pakistan. If you look at the graph, it clearly depicts that the searched niche was one of the trending searches in Pakistan, in October of 2022, whereas now a dip is seen in 2023. This clearly indicates, that going into a niche of makeup products, might be a tricky idea.


    Study Your Competitor Closely

    For any business to be successful, it is important that they keep a close eye on its competitors. It is sort of an unspoken rule of the commerce world. When you monitor their actions or activities, you are able to learn where are you lacking. Using Google Trends for your business is an excellent strategy that you should take advantage of. Let’s suppose we enter Mcdonald’s and KFC in the search bar, with the same timeline. The graph, clearly shows that KFC has been doing much better than its old fast-food competitor. Even in the time of Corona, KFC had the upper hand. Using the comparison feature, you can analyze how is your competitor performing, giving you an opportunity to improve and grow better.


    Explore the Right Keywords

    One of the best ideas, for a business to grow, is to use Google trends for marketing. Keywords play a major role, to get your SEO strategy right. People often use popular tools such as Uber Suggest or Moz Keyword Explorer to get find the right ones. Suppose you sell watches and want to write an interactive blog or website content, on it. To search the keywords, simply enter the term in the search bar of Google Trends. Then scroll down to the Related Queries section to note down the highest-ranking keywords. It not only makes your work quicker but easier too, allowing you to gain more traffic to your website.


    Curate Content According to Trends

    Content marketing is another essential part of advertising your brand online. Often, people have no idea what to write about. They struggle with choosing a topic that has people’s attention. The infamous trends searcher discloses the insights, making it easier for you to choose the right topic to create content on. For example, we searched “watches” with the time frame of the past 30 days. The graph clearly suggests, it is one of the popular Google top searches currently in Pakistan and we should write about it for our official blog. 


    Refresh Content with Trending Keywords

    This is one of the smartest Google Trends Tricks Revealed in 2023 so far. You must be familiar with the term “Content Freshness”. It means updating your content from time to time to maintain your rank in Google. This could be challenging for some, as people often forget to replace the keywords or simply think it’s not that important. But here is the catch, it is extremely important. If you have written a post on top perfumes for women and choose the keyword “Perfumes for her”, type in the existing keyword and the trend searcher will tell you if it is still worth adding to your blog. If it isn’t, then it clearly means you need to replace it with keywords presented under the Related Queries section. Which will not only refresh your content but also make it SEO-efficient.


    The Last Line

    We hope today’s blog was engaging and informative for you. The goal was to disclose the tricks of Google Trends, which a lot of people are still unaware of. Starting up a business is easy but running it, is certainly not. In the modern world today, where technology has outdone humans, it is wise to rely on it to achieve smarter solutions. Google Trends, has a lot of other tips and tricks that one can discover by exploring it to the fullest. In the end, what matters is that your business grows without investing too much energy and time.