How Retail Therapy Can Brighten Up Your Mood?

How Retail Therapy Can Brighten Up Your Mood?
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    Feb 21, 2020

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  • Online shopping has been the game changer for the retail market. It has changed everything from how a retailer used to sell their product/service to how consumers used to buy the products or services. The business models have revolutionized and have shifted to a more digitalized approach. Online shopping in Pakistan has seen its boom over the last few years and there has been no stopping ever since. Majority of the people in Pakistan ranging from men, women to children love to shop and when they are given the benefit of sitting conveniently at home and getting all the products they need, it has been extremely beneficial in the daily lives of consumers.

    From festivities to just a casual day out with friends, people just love to shop. In fact, many people shop when they are feeling low or experiencing some stress in life, this phenomenon is known as Retail Therapy. Retail shopping has proven to boost the mood of both men and women when they are feeling low or experiencing bad moods. It is proven from studies that when retail therapy is done in a moderate way, it has the effect of boosting the mood of the person and making them much happier.

    With different e-commerce sites in Pakistan, retail therapy can work as a stress remover or reliever for many of the consumers in the country. Keep on reading to know how it can be a buster in your day-to-day life. Here’s how it helps:

    Brightens Your Mood

    A study from the Journal of Consumer Psychology has revealed that people who are upset or going through some moods tend to be more impulsive when it comes to shopping and they enjoy retail therapy. Sad people feel that they have no control over their external environment, however, with retail therapy, they have the control to purchase whatever they want to which makes them really happy and fights the sadness.

    Easing the Transitions

    Shopping has proven to be a very rich source of mental preparation and it also helps to provide an easy transition from a bad mood to a good and new mood. Naturally, when people are doing shopping and they are picking different products, they start to visualize the future that how will they look in it and how people would react to it, despite the fact that they are presently not in a very happy place or a good mood. It is the one instance, which very perfectly illustrates how shopping will help you to divert your attention from all the negativity and allow yourself to feel good through your purchases.

    Increasing Dopamine Level

    Other researches have demonstrated that when people are going shopping, they start to get very excited about it. The time a person starts to getting excited and feels thrilled, it is when the brain gets filled with the hormone known as dopamine. When the person is doing retail therapy and shopping for the things that they want to buy, it increases the dopamine in their brain, eventually leading to a person feeling happy and content.

    Online shopping can also become an addiction for some people, which is the reason why it is very important for the person to use retail therapy to make themselves happy without going broke. Here are some of the tips that can help you to successfully do retail therapy and not spend all your money doing so, after all, everyone has a limited supply of money and it could hurt your budget.

    Shop for Things You Need

    There are a lot of times when we have already planned out for something that we have to get a dress or a pair of shoes for an upcoming event or meeting. You can always go for things that you have already planned to get in the future when you are doing your retail therapy. That way, you will have the experience of making a decision and you will not be overspending too and hurting your pocket. It would require a little bit of self-control, but at least you will not be overspending your money on something you don’t need.

    Window Shopping

    A study by the Journal of Consumer Psychology has shown that hypothetical shopping can also have a positive effect on improving the mood of a person. It means that you wouldn’t always have to spend your money on shopping while doing retail therapy but you could also go on an online shopping site and look out for different products or even put the things on your wish list if you want to buy them in the future.

    Using Gift Cards or Coupons

    There are a lot of e-commerce sites in Pakistan that offers their consumers different gift cards or coupons that they can avail later and get good discounts on it. If you have different gift cards or coupons then you can always use them while going for retail therapy. You can even buy gift cards rather than products, which will also make you feel good and would save you from spending too much. You will be able to use the gift card on something that you need in the future or even gift it to your family member or loved one in the future instead of buying them an expensive gift.

    Retail therapy has proven to have a very positive and in fact, therapeutic effect on the mind of the consumer, which is the reason why more and more people cope with their stress or moods through it. However, if retail therapy isn’t done in the right and strategic way, it could hurt your budget and also you could end up overspending on products.  So, if you are also planning for retail therapy then browse through that serves as the best online shopping destination for buyers all over the country. It has the perfect combination of premium quality products available to consumers at affordable and easy on the pocket prices.