How to Earn Money Online for Free (A Friendly Guide)

  How to Earn Money Online for Free (A Friendly Guide)
  • If you are someone who is looking for an opportunity to earn money online, then you need to stop right here. Because this is not one of your typical how-to-guides. In fact, this is one of that LIFE CHANGING GUIDES, that will show you how to grow your income, without putting in the extra effort. To gain success, you must have search websites to make money that is reliable and not dubious in any way. Looking for simple websites that make money in 2 hours can be deceiving as such platforms are nothing but a scam. 

    And if you do land on a reliable website, it costs you a full day to understand their complicated registration process, which is frustrating. But what if we tell you about a website that allows you to create a shop within 5 minutes and increase your revenue 5x faster than any other platform out there?  Yes, it is a reality indeed. Opening an online store for free, on websites like Farosh can allow you to earn what you truly deserve. That too with minimum effort. Here is a friendly and detailed guide on how to open a store on this platform and start your happy journey as a solopreneur.

     How to create a Free online store on Farosh 

    First things first, you need to announce to your audience, that you are available to offer your products. To do that you need to create your online store and here is how you do it:

    • Click on the Create Free Shop button
    • Once you click on the Create Free Shop Button, it will take you to a signup form
    • To register, you need to enter a valid email id or a phone number
    • After entering your phone no. or email, you will receive a pin code no. on your selected contact method
    • When your PIN code is verified, you need to create a password for your account
    • Soon, you will receive a confirmation of your verification and it will lead you to the Shop Creation Page.

        Here is what you need to do next 

    • Enter an attractive shop name
    • Next, add a tagline that gives a hint at what you sell
    • Choose your type of shop and the country you are working from
    • Add the physical address of your shop
    • Enter your personal details, such as email, and national id no., phone no. etc.
    • Choose product categories such as Home & Living
    • Feed in further details about your shop
    • Upload the logo of your shop and the front side of your National ID
    • Click on Save and Continue to go to the next step of the process

    Choose from the following shop plans to sell on Farosh:

    • Free
    • Prime

    Make payment (only applicable for Prime subscribers) through the following methods:

    •  Bank Transfer
    •  Jazz Cash/ Easy Paisa
    •  Credit/debit Card
    •  Cash on Delivery

    How to upload products to Sell on Farosh 

    • Upload products to earn money online
    • Log on to your Shop's page
    • On the sidebar, click on Product Manager
    • Then click on Add New Product
    • After landing on the Product page, add an SEO-friendly Tittle
    • Select 1st level of Product categories such as Computer and Gaming
    • Select 2nd level of Product categories such as Computer Accessories
    • Select 3rd-level of Product categories such as Other computer accessories
    • Choose the brand of your product
    • Right after, add other essentials such as material, weight, dimensions, and condition
    • Add key features of your product
    • And other important product detail
    • Lastly, it is crucial to add a search keyword to enhance your product ranking on the SERPS


    Why should you open a store on Farosh? 

    One of the prime reasons, you should consider opening an online store with us, is because you get to be your own boss. Apart from that, you have the privilege of flexible timings and free weekends. Last, but not the least, you get to work from home and save money from paying hefty rent and electricity bills. If this wasn’t convincing enough, then the fact that your brand gains more benefits must be able to change your mind. Here are some of the top ones:

    • It gains awareness instantly
    • Its products are promoted on social media and in a daily and prime section
    • It grows stronger through an automated process and accurate operations
    • It becomes capable of bringing in 5x higher revenue
    • It receives dedicated and repeated customers

     Some of the Best Money-Making Online Products

    Once you have your shop ready, you must be wondering, what kind of products you should sell. Many sellers tend to go towards generic products such as clothing or home decor. We personally suggest you should try to offer something unique to your audience, in order to gain sales. Even if you decide to go ahead with a clothing line, try to sell something that isn’t available online yet. Or if you plan to take on the home decor category, that ensures, that products are one of a kind or custom-made to add more value to your brand. Acquiring sales online is a tough task, as there are thousands of e-sellers offering the same kind of products. You need to get the attention of your customer, and it will only be possible if you are thinking out of the box. Here are some of the best products that make you good amount of money:

    • Hand-crafted cushions
    • Bohemian jewelry sets
    • Smartwatches
    • Artistically designed Coffee mugs
    • Personalized Jewelry

    We hope you find this information motivational and unique. As we wrap up the guide today, we expect you to see on the other side of the bridge- which is running your own personalized shop.