How to Run a Cosmetics Business in Pakistan 2023

How to Run a Cosmetics Business in Pakistan 2023
  • The beauty industry has been ruling the world since the time of the Egyptian Queen Nefertari as she was known for her flawless beauty and was the first one to use eye makeup.

    Although her reason to use eye makeup was a little different than making her eyes look pretty. Egyptians back in the day used to believe that eye makeup holds healing power and wards off illness. Trillion years later, we women still believe that makeup does hold power, not the healing kind but the power of us to look flawless and confident.

    To be honest Pakistani cosmetic companies are doing wonders by creating new products on a larger scale with good quality imported materials. The cosmetics industry overview of Pakistan suggests it has the potential to generate revenue of up to US$ 68.42m by the end of 2023. It is quite easy these days to launch a cosmetic company in Pakistan.

    Let me share a quick guide with you on how to start your beauty brand in Pakistan and throw in some of the success stories of Beauty Makers of Pakistan who have created high-end beauty products from scratch, too at reasonable prices. If you want to run a cosmetic brand in Pakistan then you don’t need to worry and follow these easy steps to instant success.

    Find your Niche in the Marketplace

    Try to land your mind on the kind of product you want to bring into the market. Conduct surveys and research online to see what kind of product is in demand and missing from the market. You don’t need to create unnecessary pressure on yourself to pick up a makeup product only. You can also choose from a wide range of personal care products in Pakistan. Your first step is the most crucial one, so take your time and decide carefully.

    Be a Trendsetter

    Once you have decided on the product you need to see how you are going to make it tempting to your target audience. In order to win your consumer’s attention, you need to find answers to the following questions.

    • What kind of trends is going around in the market around that product?
    • What kind of variation can you offer to the audience?
    • What kind of trend can add more value to your product? 

    Try to also follow popular Influencers, Bloggers, and Youtubers that can help you understand the latest trends in the market.  Once you manage to find the desired answers then your product can make your cosmetics business plan in Pakistan the most successful one.

    Make your Brand Talk

    This is quite a simple rule to follow. The beauty industry is all about keeping up with the image. Let it be an image of a person’s face or an image of the brand. Your brand should be able to communicate well with your targeted audience. In short, make everything look cute and attractive. Dress up your lipsticks with small rhinestones on the sticks, and add bold colors to the end of the mascara caps. Give your products some catchy names, so that the consumer is tempted to show these off as their prized possessions. Apart from this, try to make your company logo unique and fonts readable. The whole idea is to beautify your brand as glamorous and relatable as possible to modern women.

    Last but not least,

    Sell on an Online Store

    We are sure the caption didn’t come as a surprise to you. Of course with Corona hanging over our heads every day, our consumers have shifted online and prefer to shop for their basic needs on a website rather than going to a mall. Having an online store is a must post the pandemic 2020. The cosmetic industry overview of Pakistan suggests boosts in revenue due to having an online presence which is helping the beauty industry to grow. You need to create a website with an attractive outlay that attracts your potential customers. Since you are a new start-up try to educate yourself about digital marketing strategies rather than hiring employees whose expenses your small start-up cannot bear. Try to educate yourself on free marketing tools provided by Google to increase traffic to your website. Such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Keyword Planner, and much more. Most importantly, create a communicative landing page that encourages consumers to make a purchase and receives well-written information about your product. Within no time you will be able to secure sales and generate leads like a pro.

    The Incredible Success Stories You Should Know About

    Luscious Cosmetics by Meharbano Sethi

    Luscious Cosmetics is Meharbano’s first baby venture that took off in 2007 and was one of the immediate successful Pakistani cosmetic companies. It has a huge product range, which includes from eye to blush palettes to its vivacious colors lipstick. The brand is shaping up to be the favorite among modern working women as its mind-blowing innovations such as Camera Powder and Camera Foundation Stick which blend into the skin without leaving any unwanted residue, making the end-result Instagram-worthy. I think this makes Luscious cosmetics to be one of the most groundbreaking cosmetics business plans in Pakistan.

    ZERO Make-up by Nabila

    Who doesn’t know of Nabila? The magical hairdresser who can make Rapunzel love her hair more than Flynn Rider with her talent for flawless hairdressing and styling. A few years ago, Nabila decided to launch a make-up palette that could be light on the pocket and easy to carry around. She launched her most celebrated product known as No make-up Palette and it turned out to be the most successful product and landed in everyone’s kitty bag within a few weeks of its launch. The product was everything that a make-up product should be. It was vegan, gluten, and animal testing free. Available in all shades of complexion, the product made huge profits which led to the launch of another flawless make-up product called Zero Makeup Palette. The Zero Makeup Palette followed the success of its predecessor and it involved new additions like Kajal Liner and a Blending Brush. We hope Nabila also decides to launch some personal care products in Pakistan such as sunscreens, hair dyes, shampoos, and so on under her wing. It will make beautifying ourselves more worthy of our precious time.

    MM Make-up by Masarrat Misbah

    MM makeup by Masarrat Misbah has been one of the trusted names in Pakistani households for a long time. The brand was launched in 2014. Its wide range of products is said to be designed and formulated to extract colors from halal sources. It is the only cosmetic company in Pakistan that offers halal-certified makeup. It is produced from halal sources and still manages to create a dreamlike look and a guilt-free experience for those who have delicate skin.

    Coming Back to the Point

    As promised we threw in some success stories of some of our most respected beauticians in the beauty industry who played a major role in the boost of the incoming profits into the Pakistani cosmetic industry. We think it is safe to say that products like makeup, skincare, and personal care have a major market demand these days. This industry holds more potential to grow stronger than the garment industry these days. As these products are not only used by women but by young teenage girls too who are more indulged in exploring the creativity of makeup compared to adults.