How to Start Drop Shipping in Pakistan?

How to Start Drop Shipping in Pakistan?

    Opening up drop shipping stores in Pakistan is a new reality that allows you to earn what you truly deserve. Gone are the days, when you are bound to run a business in a traditional way. As technology is taking over the world, the art of running a business has been simplified to new opportunities such as drop shipping. If you are someone who wants to start a new venture but doesn’t want to maintain an inventory, then this exclusive idea is designed for you only. By running businesses online, we have received the benefit of saving money by not paying humungous electricity bills or hefty rents. Luckily, now you can easily bring an idea to life without worrying about where to stock your products. When Covid happened, everyone was curious about how to start an online business from home, and after a long time, people have mastered the skill. So, you must be wondering what dropping shipping is and how you can earn from it. To know the answers to these questions, read the blog till the end.

    What is Dropshipping and Is it good for First-time Entrepreneurs?

    If you have a business-oriented mind and want to get in the race in becoming one of the most successful CEO in the world, then Dropshipping is the safest option to bet your money on. Before getting into benefits, allow us to quickly define what it is actually. It is a retail business where sellers can sell products without having them stocked up. Meaning, when the customer places an order, the seller conveniently passes the order to the third-party supplier and he takes care of the entire operation and logistics management. It is a good choice for a first-time entrepreneur as it doesn’t include much risk and is entirely flexible. There are multiple famous platforms that allow you to build and design a website in order to run your business. If you are thinking about how to start drop-shipping for free then don’t worry, as we will guide you through the process. Also, did you know running an online shop on Farosh is super easy? Here is a quick video tutorial on how to run your shop on Farosh:

    How to Start Drop Shipping Business in Pakistan?

    Know your Product and Niche

    Before jumping in the boat, make a clear idea about what your product and niche are. To start any business, you should be familiar with what are you going to sell to the public. Needless to say, it has to be something that solves their problems. As it is a general rule of the business world to create a problem solver to win the corporate race. It is also smart to work in your area of expertise, rather than experimenting with something, that you have zero clue about.

    Choose a Domain Name

    This one is a must. When you are planning how to start an online business, it goes without saying how important a domain name is. A domain name is an address that people type in the web address bar to reach a certain site. Creating one is easy but choosing one can be tricky. Mostly, people who are wondering how to start an eCommerce business tend to choose a domain name that isn’t relevant to their business or niche. That is a mistake that you would like to avoid before moving ahead with your plan.

    Run a Competitor Analysis

    Before you start dropshipping in Pakistan, it is wise to do a detailed survey of what your competitors in the market are selling. Notice their strategies and try to alter them according to what your product is. Such practices will make you stand out from them and generate better revenue.

    Find a Supplier You Can Trust

    Since the supplier would be responsible for core important things such as operations and deliveries, choose those that are trustworthy. If you end up with a dishonest one, it will not only tarnish your reputation but also lessen your profit margin. Often while wondering how to start an eCommerce business, people don’t realize how communication plays an important role between a drop shipper and the supplier. Keeping in mind, that you will be communicating with merchants abroad, you should definitely not take the trust bit, lightly.

    Discover Potential Customers

    Once you have set up your online store, it is essential you have customers who are interested in buying your product. Without customers, you don’t have a business but just a pretty website. Clearly, you need an audience that wants to invest their hard-earned money into your products. The quickest way to attract customers would be to run Ad campaigns on social media handles. It will not only gain you leads but also, sales and that is exactly what you need to grow your online store.

    Here is a Sneak Peek at the Perks and Flaws of Dropshipping Stores in Pakistan


    •       Smaller Investment
    •       Flexible
    •       Easy-to-operate
    •       No Inventory to manage


    •       Unstable Shipping costs
    •       Low Customization
    •       Low-Profit Margin

    The Conclusion

    Whether you run an online store or a brick and mortar, you should be familiar with the strategies that make a business successful. Many people dive into the sea of sharks, thinking they can make profits overnight. The bitter reality is, even in drop-shipping, margins don’t grow wide until you have given it a year to flourish. It might sound frustrating but it is a practical answer. To have your boat sailing smoothly, you need to focus on the steps given above. Understand your audience and read the marketing carefully. Try to create a website on a platform that is user-friendly. Use plug-ins to smooth out the experience. Connect with a supplier that doesn’t has dubious intentions and has good communication skills. Whatever you do, just don’t rush into something, just because it looks cool. Always remember, a business needs time and patience in order to grow.