How to Strengthen Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan?

  How to Strengthen Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan?
  • Even in 2023, women entrepreneurs in Pakistan struggle to promote their businesses or gain a respectable position in society. It’s a shame, with the country’s economy going down, we are unable to recognize how important women’s entrepreneurship is for our country’s frugality. In fact, in today’s modern times, women’s business ideas have more potential to be successful. But unfortunately in our country, women are bounded to cutting vegetables and adorning homes only. Being an Islamic country, people have taken advantage of discouraging women to earn from themselves. Even though, religion permits women to work under certain conditions.

    Luckily, over time, women have managed to discover opportunities to earn from home. And thousands of them opt to work from home. Although it allows them to earn well. However, it doesn’t give them the educational experience or exposure that a successful entrepreneur should have. We do see female employees in the office, but it’s the percentage of female entrepreneurs in Pakistan that is minimal. Behind a powerful country, stands a strong nation. And a strong nation is built with gender equality. Companies like Farosh, understand the importance of it and works towards enhancing it for the betterment of the homeland. Here are some effective strategies through which we can strengthen women’s entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

    Create a Healthy and Sustainable Environment

    Our government needs to play a major role in enhancing women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Such changes can only be applicable if the leaders of the country understand that these concerns are as real as any other problems. They need to create justified rules and eliminate gender gaps to encourage females to run their own businesses. Even working from home, needs a mentoring and educational guide to accomplish satisfactory growth. With the government’s support, women can engage in networking events and learn how to market their identities and businesses as well. Starting up a women’s entrepreneurship program can be one way of promoting women-based businesses in our nation.

    Show Trust in Their Products and Services

    One of the common challenges faced by females in our country is the lack of sales. Although thousands run small businesses from home, many have zero clue about how to market their products or services. Marketing is a crucial part of any business model. Whether it is home-based, online, or a brick and mortar. It is essential for them to promote their offerings. Many women are unable to generate sales, despite having a brilliant business idea. We as a nation should encourage everyone around us to show trust in their products/services and buy from them exclusively. Often people hesitate to buy from a home-based business, as they doubt the quality. But the thing is you will never know if you won’t give it a try. We should even provide them a chance to market their businesses on social media.

    Invest in Female-Owned Businesses

    The good part is, Post-Covid there have been many opportunities for female entrepreneurs in Pakistan. But they are not enough to allow them to grow. A lot of the unique businesses are halted or left in between, due to a lack of finance. The business community of our country can contribute and make a difference for a better future. Popular companies that earn millions monthly, should invest in struggling businesses owned by women. Such changes will not only strengthen the women entrepreneurs in Pakistan but also help them earn their deserving part of the profit. Big tycoons can certainly postpone a trip to Paris and help out the entrepreneurs in need.

    Educate Them About Technology and the Digital World

    Needless to say, in 2023, each business has gone online. It is not an option but a mandatory step that needs to be taken. E-commerce is booming like anything in Pakistan, after the dreadful pandemic of 2020. But sadly, women in our country are unaware of the power of selling goods online. For the growth of women entrepreneurs in Pakistan, we should arrange workshops and campaigns which can educate them about the digital world and its importance. Most importantly, we need to provide them with lessons that make them tech-friendly and increase the computer literacy rate in our homeland.

    Host an Annual Event to Encourage Applause for Their Hard Work

    Living in a patriarchal society, it is not easy for a woman to get recognized in the corporate world. Unfortunately, in our surroundings, their hard work is under-mimed or not given the appreciation it deserves. We as a nation should come forward to promote their ventures, by hosting annual events, where they display their achievements and gain a recognizable spot in the market. Living in a male-dominant society, it is challenging to define your own brand’s personality or gain attention to it. Hosting such events will allow women entrepreneurs in Pakistan to flourish.

    Why do We need to Promote Female Entrepreneurship in Pakistan?

    It all comes back to one essential point. Why do we need to encourage women-based businesses? It is essential to achieve a healthy economy and grow strong as a nation. If we look at the statistics of other countries, one of the core reasons why they have a stable economy is due to an increase in the number of female entrepreneurs. According to recent research, roughly around 47% of women in the US, have started a business compared to men in the last year. Whereas in Pakistan, there is only 1% of recognized women entrepreneurs currently. Having successful businesses led by women brings positive social changes. It also promotes research and industrial development. In the end, what matters is to have a strong corporate market, but without unfair gender inequality.