How to Use Tiktok Advertising to Grow Your Business

 How to Use Tiktok Advertising to Grow Your Business
  • TikTok advertising is the new tool in the market, that each business should use to grow their business proficiently. Even though Facebook and Instagram Ads have been providing benefits for a long time, but it seems like TikTok Ads are here to replace them completely. Whether you are a small business owner or someone who owns a large enterprise, ANYONE can create an AD on the video-hosting app. Sure, there are some guidelines such as creating a TikTok Ads Manager account however, once you follow the guidelines, you can increase brand awareness promptly. Are you now wondering how to run an AD and why is it better than other options? Read ahead and find out.

    Why Should You Consider Tiktok for Your Business?

    One of the reasons you should consider TikTok for business is that it is one of the world's most popular social media apps. Compared to other popular ones such as Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, TikTok has the largest following. In fact, recent research suggested that in 2023, the Chinese app is most likely to have 834.3 million monthly users, making it the third-largest social media network globally. If this reason was not enough to convince you, then the next reason will definitely change your mind.

     As we know, the famous app hosts short-form videos only. Short videos are one of the key points why it has gained a lot of popularity in the passing years. So, when a business runs a short duration Ad, it motivates the audience to watch the complete commercial without skipping it. On other platforms such as YouTube, people skip Ads as the duration can vary from 1 minute to longer.  Having a short duration, allows brands to be seen and heard which accomplishes their marketing goal. Such benefits make TikTok one of the most beneficial platforms to use for advertising. As far as the TikTok Ads cost is concerned, it can vary according to different kinds of Ads.

    Most Effective Kinds of Tiktok Ads

    Infeed Ads

    Suitable for most SMEs, the Infeed ads are simple and budget-friendly Ads that run on the ForYou pages of the users. What makes them an ideal choice for small or middle-sized businesses is the lower cost, generating more effective results than the other types.

    Source: Statusphere

    Brand Takeover

    These Ads are mostly hosted by big brands as they are not cost-effective as Infeed Ads. They take over the screen of ForYou Pages as soon as the user opens the App. Brand Takeover Ads stay no longer than 5 seconds after guiding users to a landing page or whatever the objective of the brand is. These Ads are ideal for digital growth for those who want to create hype for an event or for a hashtag challenge.

    Source: Statusphere

    Branded Hashtag Challenges

    Once again, Big brands such as Mcdonalds, Khaadi, etc are likely to run these Ads as they are not budget-friendly. However, the way it works is, that a brand sponsors a TikTok hashtag challenge encouraging tiktokers to create content by following the guidelines. Once they create the content, they post it along with the brand’s hashtag which brings in more traffic and recognition. You can spot branded hashtag challenges on the Discover page.

    Source: Statusphere

    Branded Effects

    Needless to say, TikTok is incomplete without filters and stickers. That’s where the brands play smartly. They create flashy stickers or filters to attract their targeted audience. It is given that such tactics work well with the TikTok audience since 90% of them are Gen Z and millennials. Such Ads help the brand to create an identity and drive engagement.

    Source: Statusphere

    Instagram Ads Vs Tiktok Ads Vs Google Ads

    Since now you have all the essential information, you can put the question, “How do TikTok Ads work?” to rest. However, a lot of businesses tend to get confused when it comes to choosing the right platform for advertisement. A lot wonder if Instagram can bring in better results compared to TikTok, while others mull over if Google Ads is a better choice. The thing is, each platform is different and has a unique audience. Before you start running Ads, you need to see where will you find your brand’s audience.

    For instance, if you have a make-up brand, then clearly TikTok or Instagram is a better choice. Google Ads, allows you to increase revenue through ads when your audience is right at the end of the funnel. And planning to make a purchase right away. Whereas Tiktok and Instagram Ads focus on raising brand awareness along with engagement. When it comes to affordability, Instagram takes away the crown. Because most of the TikTok Ads are expensive, especially for a new start-up.

    More Reasons Why Running Ads On Tiktok is SMART

    If you are not convinced why you should use TikTok Advertising to grow your brand, here are some of the most convincing reasons:

    •  The process of advertising is not complex at all
    •  Once you go viral, you definitely increase sales for your venture
    •  By joining hands with other influencers, you promote your brand promptly
    •  Various Tiktok trends give huge exposure to your brand
    •  It holds the attention of your audience easily and for a longer period.

    Market Your Brand on Tiktok with Inspiring Content

    You must be convinced by now, why Tiktok is an ideal way to sell your product or service. However, there is a certain point that you should not ignore. Regardless of which type of AD you choose to grow your business; it is essential the content is inspiring. Considering that the app has a young audience, it is wiser if the content is catchy and conveys a strong inspiration to the viewers. With its contagious popularity, the content on the app is also used by children. This makes it the social responsibility of the brand to curate content that is not toxic and unhealthy for naive minds. It is essential to consider these factors because the Ads are designed for the viewers who are going to be your next potential customer. And customers are a value, that your business cannot afford to lose.