How You Can Level Up Your E-commerce Store With These Strategies

How You Can Level Up Your E-commerce Store With These Strategies
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    Mar 10, 2020

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  • Online shopping in Pakistan has taken a boom and ever since there can be an increase seen in e-commerce sites in Pakistan that sells different products and services. The market is quite saturated now and it is justified to say that any business would need a unique selling point, quality products, and a solid marketing strategy to beat the other players present in the space. Selecting a marketing strategy is quite easy, but you need a lot of background search and execution tactics to make it work for you.

    There are the basics i.e. email marketing or SEO, but the biggest challenge that most of the people face is how to execute these strategies. Moreover, the type of marketing tactics not only work but also drive the highest level of growth. There are great examples that can be seen when it comes to online stores in Pakistan or just take a look at the model of that has implemented the right product strategy along with the execution to drive the high growth.

    Here are some of the best marketing strategies that can level up the game for your online shopping site in Pakistan:

    Social Media

    If you think that managing social media is as easy as posting the content once a day over it, then you are wrong. When it comes to social media, the marketing strategy shouldn’t be there for the sake of it, but you would have to come up with a plan that works, in accordance to the business model.

    Like every social platform, yours would also have a specific target audience. If you are an online fashion retailer, then most certainly you wouldn’t get the sales from LinkedIn, which is more for the B2B audience. You would have to focus on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest like many of the e-commerce sites in Pakistan. You can get a lot of traffic from Pinterest that you can retarget with Facebook ads.


    1. You can go for user-generated content that your customers post on their social media, obviously with their permission. You will be able to build loyalty can use the various hashtags to increase your brand visibility
    2. Start evaluating your demographics and see how the need changes from one age bracket to another. They will look at different social networks too.
    3. You can create a social calendar to know how much you are posting each day and what is the type of content you are sharing that is getting most views or engagement.


    The next thing that you need and it is more powerful than social media is SEO. It would not bring you the results on day one, but the SEO is a plan for your future growth. There are many retailers who focus on immediate gratification, so they will run ads on Facebook and would call it a day. However, if you really want to keep your acquisition cost low, SEO is the choice for you to go.

    The main catch in SEO is not to pick keywords for the specific niche but to go a bit broader. SEO is all about acquiring new traffic and not just sticking to your exact target audience. You would be able to reach to a broader audience that might be interested in your products.


    1. Content freshness is known to be the powerhouse for SEO. You wouldn’t want to go to a website that has content from 2012. You need to update your content and make it more relevant. Google rewards on those specifics and you would see a sudden boost in the traffic
    2. You can go for creating more web pages. It can be done by adding the new products in the online store or even writing daily blog posts. You can create tools, landing pages, ebooks or any other web pages that will increase your chances to get more traffic. Each of the web pages needs to have at least 2,000 words on average in order to appear in the results.

    Content Marketing

    One of the most popular strategy in this day and age is content marketing. It doesn’t just lower the acquisition cost but it is also great for warming up the leads. It is clear that not everyone will be ready to buy from you from the first visit on your website, but your content is definitely a relationship builder. The more the user sees your content, the more familiar it will become with the brand. It is a long play, like SEO but it pays off.

    It doesn’t only provide acquisition, but it educates the customers. Content marketing improves customer retention too. It can be in many forms like blogs, ebooks, videos, infographics, webinars, podcasts, polls or even quizzes.


    1. Blogging tends to have the highest impact on growth. You should first focus on writing blogs based on your niche, after building the audience around the niche, you can go for a wider audience.
    2. You should always focus your content based on who the audience is and what is the main goal. There are different e-commerce sites in Pakistan that have blogs on different niches and it triggers them to invite traffic on their website. If you want more audience, then you should go for a blog daily.

    Public Relations

    Realm of public relations will cover everything from the media coverage, branding to even content marketing. PR is all about having a positive public image along with increasing brand awareness. PR is all about preventing bad images and putting out fires that can harm the reputation of a brand.


    1. Try out for different customer service ideas that can help to strengthen the relationships with the customers. You can also have different deals for the appreciation days for your customers or you can offer a small gift with each purchase.
    2. Look out for what others are saying about your brand. It is the most important thing that you can do to see what is the brand perception of people.


    Brand collaboration and partnerships can help your business and e-commerce site to grow. Marketing strategies will allow the brand to elevate your business by tapping into the interest of your audience.


    1. Influencer marketing can allow you to leverage the growth of your brand. It will definitely work for you if you have a small audience and want to make a big splash. You should always go for an influencer who will match best with your brand and the products
    2. You can get shared or tagged by a social fan page. Instead of leveraging from the person, you will leverage from the fan page as many of the online stores in Pakistan does.
    3. Feature other brands in your content niche that will help you to get noticed too.

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing drives one of the fastest results when it comes to webpage traffic or even sales. You will be building your email list after taking permission from the customers so it doesn’t become interruptive marketing.


    1. The easiest way you can make an impact is to increase the email marketing impact by building a bigger email.
    2. You can create email funnels, which is a set of sequenced emails. An email newsletter will have your best selling products, along with the blog posts that will help the customers to increase brand familiarity. You might even send them emails showing your best products or the weekly deals. You can even build funnels for your abandoned cart emails.
    3. As your email lists keep on growing, personalization and segmentation is something so essential. You will have customers who have ordered different products from your store and by personalizing, you can show them the products that they might be interested in according to their previous browsing history.


    Advertising is one of the main marketing strategies for customer growth. You would have to pay to drive sales, yet it is one of the effective methods for growing the business financially. The way customers are targeted and the methods that are used to target them are evolving over the years for many of the online shopping sites in Pakistan.


    1. You can run retargeting ads that will generate sales from the store visitors. A retargeting ad should always be running in the background of your website.


    Giveaways and contests wouldn’t be a daily activity in your marketing strategy, however, it should be included in it. You can go for giveaways and contests that can be held on a large scope or on a smaller scope to allow big returns for your brand. Social sharing and following will allow your e-commerce site to get brand exposure among a broader audience.

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    Final Word 

    All of these strategies overlap with each other, and the ultimate strategy isn’t just about picking one channel, tactic or method. It is more about combining various strategies to drive the highest level of growth. You can check out different e-commerce sites in Pakistan or browse through to help you learn how you can place your products while integrating these strategies to maximize traffic and revenue on your website.