Most Common Misconceptions About Customer's Behavior & Loyalty

Most Common Misconceptions About Customer's Behavior & Loyalty
  • Today’s blog is focused on the most common misconceptions about consumer behavior and loyalty. There are more than a hundred books written on what customers really want. From funny suggested theories to mind-boggling assumptions., no one really has managed to discover the actual truth. There are still a lot of misguided concepts in the market, which are simply just floating around. For instance, many companies are delusional to think that customers actually care about their company. Here is the bitter truth, they actually don’t unless you give them a reason to do so.  Similarly, customers don’t need your assistance while purchasing a product. This is also a clear indication, that companies should not set their salesmen loose all over the store. Stalking them won’t quicken the process. Most likely, it will encourage them to flee from your store and that is the last thing you want. With that being said, we have cleared the most common erroneous concepts, making it easier for companies to target their audience more proficiently.

    Misconception #1: Customers Purchasing Decisions Are Rational

    This is one of the most popular misconceptions about customers that brands believe while trying to sell their products. If customers were making rational shopping decisions, then you would find the make-up and the fashion industry at a complete loss. Although consumers like to think that they are capable of making a logical pick when it comes to spending money they tend to get carried away easily. While it is true, that a product should capture the pain point of your customer, most of the time, consumers are shopping to make themselves happy and nothing more.

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    Misconceptions #2: Customers Are Attracted by The Features of the Product

    Here is another customer myth and reality cleared out for you. No, they don’t. They are out in the market, to buy something that catches their eye. If it isn’t visually pleasing in the first place, they won’t stop to inquire about its features. Customers are not marketers, who work hard and pay close attention to the detail while thinking it will capture the consumer's attention. The reality is, the product needs to be attractive enough, to halt their footsteps and encourage them to inquire about its best-selling features. Once, you are successful to get their attention, then you can make them wonder, if the product is worth their hard-earned money, and even then, it all depends on the magical words you use in the conversation.

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    Misconceptions #3: They Care About the Company

    See, the thing about retail business is, it’s all very professional. You offer a product/service and customers ponder over whether it fits the description, for the thing they were looking for. It’s nothing personal, which clearly means they don’t care about your company or brand. What they really care about is the quality and price. That’s all it matters. And these are the two prime reasons, through which you can attract them to your store repeatedly. On the other hand, if you want customers to connect with your brand emotionally, then you have to give them a reason for that. For instance, showcase yourself as an eco-friendly company, making them feel proud enough to invest in your product/service.

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    Misconceptions #4: Customers Need Your Advice

    One of the biggest sales myths that need to be cleared effectively is that customers need our advice. They definitely don’t. Customers are pretty familiar with what they want. They enter the store with a clear vision. So, surrounding them with salesmen isn’t a good idea. This can actually turn out to be an annoyance, encouraging them to leave your store immediately. You need them to come to a decision on their own. Sure, they will have questions but it is wiser, for you to wait and let them come to you when required.

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    Misconceptions #5: Customers Want a Reminder About Their Abandoned Carts

    Customer behavior in e-commerce is no more different than an in-store one They don’t need to be nagged with unnecessary phone calls and messages. Most importantly, following up with them about their abandoned cart is a kind of creepy and unjustified act. They left the item in the cart for a reason, clearly indicating, they don’t find the product purchase-worthy enough. But e-commerce store owners often take this as a sign to reach out to them at awkward hours and inquire about the rejected purchase. Such behavior not only makes you lose a customer but creates a lousy impression of your brand. And you certainly don’t want that.

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    How to Enhance Customer’s Attention and Loyalty for Your Venture?

    Whether it's misconceptions about online selling or targeted consumers, you need to clear these to have a strong hold on your audience. In tough times, many companies struggle to become their customer’s favorite. If anything, the challenging times, have made brands lose their regular customers. With the passage of time, the corporate world is seen to be struggling, whether it's online business growth or offline sales goals. But here are a few tips and tricks to follow to gain back your customer’s attention and loyalty:

    Converse Your Values- Show them your human side, allowing them to trust you as an excellent option to spend on. Whether it’s being eco-friendly or a company that supports animal love, either way, you can gain customers’ loyalty and love.

    Provide Them with Exclusive Customer Service- Make them feel like the most powerful human in the world. Built a strong customer service strategy, by giving them value by listening to their complaints effectively.

    Offer Discounts and Loyalty Programs- Ensure, your customer is getting at least half of the money, by offering them various discounts and loyalty programs. With such actions, you win their confidence which makes them come back to you again and again.

    Applying such smart thoughts, will not only make your brand stand out but will make your customer fall in love with you all over again. Did you know, opening a shop online on Farosh, can allow you to earn more than PKR 40,000 in 2 weeks only? If not, then give this one a try, as you won’t no longer, need to read a blog on “Common Misconceptions about customer behavior and loyalty” and can easily upskill the art of selling. Yes, it’s that simple indeed.