Most Online Selling Products in Pakistan 2022

Most Online Selling Products in Pakistan 2022
  • You must be living under a rock if you already don’t know how much the E-commerce industry has boosted in the past two years. Grocery, footwear, electronics, and so on are sold online like hot cakes.

    Ecommerce platforms like Farosh, offer a huge collection of products to their consumers, and that too at affordable rates. Believe it or not, mobile accessories are the most selling product on Farosh currently. One must wonder what kind of products sell most online and are the highest in demand in Pakistan.

    I bring you a list of top 10 selling products that are selling online and making healthy profits for resellers and ending their month with a big fat cheque.

    Pakistan is NOW Buying Electronics Online

    Back in the day, when people wanted to buy a nice laptop or a smartphone, they would visit a store and mull over their decision for hours while writing down the pros and cons of their purchase.

     Fast forward to 2022 you will be surprised to see how over time resellers have managed to build customers’ trust that they are willing to buy valuable electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, and home appliances online in the blink of an eye.

    Whether it’s mobile phones or home appliances, believe it or not, these are one of the most selling products in Pakistan.

    Pakistan now actually prefers these expensive electronics from an E-commerce store rather than a physical store.  Needless to say, people prefer their shopping carts delivered to their comfort of home, without stressing over the possibility of catching Covid.

    A Charming face needs the Best Beauty Treats

    “Diamonds are a woman's best friend,” said a wise man once but I find this to be the most overrated statement because, for women their best friend comes in pretty little boxes or sticks, you all may know them as “Beauty Products”.

    To be honest, Face serums, Hair masks, scrubs, lipsticks, foundation, and so on are closer to a woman compared to her actual best friend which makes them the most online selling products in Pakistan.

    When lockdown struck in 2020 many women actually feared stepping out of their homes during Eid, not because of Covid but due to the unavailability of their favorite beauty treats that helped them glow up in a few minutes.

    Heck, I was one of those too. So, imagine the relief when you find out your little magic portions are available online and the fact they get delivered to your doorstep in 2 days or in some cases only in a day. This one simple fact actually made this product one of the top 10 selling products in Pakistan.

    Mirror Mirror on the wall, Men can be Fairest of them All

    This is no secret that now even men have their own beauty tricks and treats. The market has a fair share of variations of the grooming kits produced for men by men. I believe in our culture men also suffer from the complex of having darker skin tone.

    Even though it’s the saddest truth yet our men are conscious of their skincare routine and spa treatments.

    See, the thing is buying products online is all about convenience and having a hassle-free experience.

    But in this case, it allows men to be saved from the embarrassment of being seen choosing skin care for themselves, which should be a basic human right but unfortunately in our judgmental society, it’s not.

    This is exactly the reason why the convenience of having a guilt-free shopping experience makes Men grooming kits the most online selling products.

    Grocery is the Diva of the E-commerce Clan

    Convenience Convenience Convenience! I cannot stress this word enough over and over again, till it means nothing to you.

    The ONLY good thing that Covid brought with it was an opportunity for all of us to avoid long, boring, and unproductive queues at the supermarket. The time we wasted standing in the mind-numbing lines with toddlers kicking around or throwing a tantrum at some knick-knack that clearly parents don’t want to buy. I would say this change was much needed and I am glad it became a necessity. People love ordering groceries for exactly those reasons and it goes without saying it is the most sold product in Pakistan.

    Cinderella in Distress?

    If Cinderella had taken place in 2022, there would have been no drama over a lost glass slipper. You must be wondering why that is so. Well, we have seen other products taking over the E-commerce industry, same goes for Footwear as well.

    Before 2020 happened people would go shoe-shopping and spend hours trying on different shapes of shoes, ultimately spending too much time than required on this task. Now that E-commerce is here, people are well-informed about the shape of the shoes that suits their feet and they save time, which is a win-win situation.

    Tik Tik tock…..

    If diamonds are a woman's best friend then I believe watches are for men. To be honest, Watches are a unisex accessory but it’s more popular with men compared to women. It is their best buddy when it helps them plan ahead of their busy schedules when they cannot afford a minute to lift their heads up from those heavy files in the office.

    Watches also add a sense of style to a man’s personality, since it is one of the most beloved accessories not only among men but by women as well, they definitely sell well online and do better than other accessories.

    Home is Where the Heart is

    As the caption suggests, home décor is one of the most sold products in Pakistan on E-commerce platforms right now. Women love updating their homes from time to time, with new and affordable trends in the market.

    The best feature about this is they get all the options available under one roof or under one IP address to be exact. As they say, a happy woman means a happy home.

    Fashion is Just a Click Away

    Fashion is a must these days for men and women but its biggest audience in Pakistan is Women.

    Women love Fashion, it is a part of who they are. To be honest it is a fabric of their lives that represents them from head to toe. These days’ women are well aware of all that’s trending in the fashion world and like to keep themselves up to date.

    Keeping up with the trend can cost a fortune but regardless of that women order apparel like there is no tomorrow if they have their focus on that one piece of eye candy, they must order right away, which they do.


    Toys Zone Ahead

    Another product that has been selling like hot cakes in Pakistan is Toys! I think it has to be the most demanded product so far in 2022 as children themselves these days are well aware of how to navigate through a website and place an order successfully.

    They no longer need to seek permission from their parents as they have a good grip on how to use debit/credit cards and make hassle-free payments within no time. This could be a threat for the parents but for the E-commerce industry it is a big plus point.

    Books are Still Your Best Friend

    Even though it’s 2022, still books are one of the most sold products online. Lockdown was the happiest time for all the bookworms out there.

    They can browse online for endless hours without any restrictions and they can read a preview without the pressure of there are others waiting in line.

    A website that contains books can hold thousands of variations and categories to the reader’s delight and I feel in Pakistan we need more websites like these that promote education.

    So, here are the top 10 selling products in Pakistan that are boosting sales like crazy on E-commerce platforms for resellers and giving consumers the quality they want and that too at their desired price. If you feel like we left out a product, let us know in the comments.